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Shiloh (Nikkala thru Wrath)
Re: No Subject
Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:14pm

Nikki watched as Averie came back into the room and Silvi spoke to reaffirm that it was him and he was coming back. Her ears fell back as she would have whine if she were a wolf instead of a lynx. She just wanted him next to her again and to hear him say everything was okay. She knew something had been wrong… something really bad…

Tilly had no idea that out in the dining room, Tera was talking with Eri, likely making things so much different for the unicorn. “She will. I’m sure she’d rather feel comfortable than to have a sour stomach, especially as pregnant as she is. It’s uncomfortable enough without her tummy acting up.”

Keelin’s body gave in to everything she was feeling. Her back arched as her body tensed up on solan tightly, her moaned turning into a blissful howl that echoed around the gardens. If possible, this one felt so much more intense, perhaps because everything felt heightened after the first climax.

“To start…“ Wynter said, blushing deeply. She nodded a little bit. They’d kissed a lot since they came out with their feelings… so did that mean they were heading for this ‘making love’ that Jarral kept mentioning? “Keelin said… there were other things… if we weren’t ready for… that yet…“ she said, thought it was hard to know quite what ‘that’ was. The scents were getting strong again from Jarral. Despite what happened when they were sleeping, it seemed Solan and Keelin’s activities, especially as they reached another climax, were having an affect on him.

Maks smiled at her words, but more specifically her tones. She had those flirty and feisty tones. “We won’t…“ he assured her as he finished drying off, making sure his tail was completely dry with the magical towels before he moved over to her to help her finish up with her drying process. He opted to help with her tail while she finished with her hair, mostly because he knew he could rile his beloved panted wolf up a bit more with his attentions to her silky tail.

“And then we can pick up where we left off,“ Aussie returned playfully as he ate another bite, leaving the last for her. Once she’d eaten it, he took the spoons and the plate, moving them aside. He returned to the bed with her and got in, pulling her close. He kissed her softly, licking the corner of her mouth, likely to leave her blushing as crimson as her breed. “You missed a bit,“ he teased.

Shasta smiled back and nodded before letting Vani wash her back. She blushed a bit as she felt her hands and the soft sponge moving over her skin. It gave the tassie butterflies in her tummy.

Lassa made one of those hiccupping little gasps again as Trilander resumed rocking against her, nearly going in a few times, which seemed to get the cutest little sounds out of Lassa. She knew he’d never just go in. He was always careful to ease himself forwards with her. He knew now just how well she could handle him, even in a tie, but getting to that point still required some gentle finessing for the hungry wolf. She looked up at him and reached up, running her fingers down his cheek and then moving up to touch one of his ears that had been glowing with that vibrant blue light moments ago. “If we have pups… will they have l-light too?“ she asked, her voice hitching cutely as he’d pushed against her again in a way that got a stronger reaction out of the small selkie. The fact alone that she thought about pups would likely make him very happy, since it was something he wanted too. Something neither of them know that they already were having.

Gypsy listenes to him speak through his heavy panting and all of the pleasured rumbles and moans. She slowly moved her hand away from him and looked over her shoulder at the grizzly bear that she was on top of, then slowly moved off of him, heading to the washroom quickly and getting a warm wet washcloth. She came back in, still dressed in nothing but her panties that matched the nightie that was on the floor. She moved to help clean him up, still not sure whether or not to feel guilty for the mess, unaware just how sensitive he probably still was to the motions she was not doing along his body with the soft cloth.

Once on her own two feet, Zyna made short work of shedding what clothes she’d been wearing, the ocelot’s tail swishing around behind her for balance. She let her hair down and turned to look at Syao, watching as he did the same. She moved to reach in and feel the temperature of the water, making an approving little mrowl before getting in first, knowing the bird of paradise would be right behind her.

“Do you think my name could go with such a name?” Topaz asked quietly. Topaz… just didn‘t sound like it was nice enough to go with something as beautiful and regal as Arcadiana. It sounded like music when Kiten said her name… but when it was yelled at her in a cage or in the arena, it sounded so harsh… there were moments she hated it. Since coming here, though, those feelings had changed. But still… it was just sinking in what today meant. She’d become his wife, she’d have their baby… and yet she wasn’t sure she was enough. Were his kingdom to still be standing, what would they think of her… or them? Would they be offended by him wanting to give her his name?

Eko helped as best he could to get everything bottled and packaged up for Loki when he arrived tonight to retrieve Naiya‘s parcel as well. “Well… that didn‘t take as long as I thought it would,” he said as they finished bundling what would be taken to La’Shire.

“Think Naiya’s okay?“ Zai asked Aiyan quietly, not wanting to speak too loudly. She knew by the way Aiyan had hugged his sister that something was up with her. She’d known Naiya all their lives and Zai knew how hard she’d taken the passing of both of her parents. Her mother’s had been slow and hard to watch. Her father’s had been fast and unexpected. She’d been so closed off after that, until she met Kei. That day she cried in front of him had been the first time in months, where she let all of her emotions come up, and he had a chance to leave, to escape… and instead, he’d chosen to stay and comfort her. Something that Kei seemed to be able to do instinctively, as he was upstairs doing right now. Zai then glanced at Sable, who was still sitting there in her own little world. She smiled, “Do you think sable is okay, too?” she asked softer, so the leopard-druid wouldn’t hear her.

Bayla had nodded off, snuggled up in the bed, unaware that Sable was just in the kitchen and planning to come back to stay the night with her in the room.

Naiya took a deep breath, trying to settle her emotions a bit. She held tighter to Kei, feeling guilty in a way that things had taken such a turn. They’d been having such fun with each other, being so playful, counting the moments until they had an empty house… and so quickly, that had all changed, because of her. She knew Kei would never, for even a moment, be upset about it. He seemed more upset that her heart was hurting so much. Kirie hadn’t meant to stir it up, Naiya knew, and Naiya had done a good job of hiding it from her cousin, who didn’t need anymore negative feelings today. But here, alone with Kei, Naiya could be upset.

Celluna looked at him as he carried her right into the washroom with him, without putting Inara down either. She smield a bit, realizing what he was doing. “Thank you…“ she said softly, looking up at him. He was keeping them all together for the moment, if only to keep her comfortable, able to sense how unsettled she was. She nestled her head against his shoulder as he ran the bath water, her arms hugging the pup a bit more securely to her.

Quinn looked at Rumi as he approached them and then he seemed a little surprised when Rumi held out his hand. Quinn moved to take his hand in a respectful handshake. “Thank you, Rumi,“ he returned. After months of Rumi showing little more than a mild approval of the wolf, it caught him off guard that Rumi was suddenly this welcoming and accepting. The stallion always worried about the worst in Quinn’s nature, his desire to move around all the time, but… clearly some things were more important to the jag wolf. Like Sean and, now, their baby.

Ashe smiled where she laid snuggled in bed, watching the exchange. “It’s about time,“ she mused softly.

Wrath didn’t take Raiser’s attentions or affections for more than what they were. They’d made a child together all to use her as a pawn in their battle against the light, forced her to grow up rapidly from newborn to young woman in the course of a single day. They indulged in the carnal pleasures of each other’s company, but both were driven by the same motivation. The desire for power, and through Raiser, Wrath had a taste of the sort of power he’d nearly murdered Sarah to obtain. If he could have hands on his eldest daughter again, he would finish the ritual he’d begun when she was small, just for the power. “Then I will hand-pick those who I’ll send,“ he assured her. “We’ll collect all of the relics we can.“

  • No SubjectShiloh (Twilight thru Sarah), Sat Mar 10 5:14pm
    Twilight smiled a little as Jupiter seemed to relax. She paused and looked at her hand, a purple light dancing along her arms and over the back of her hand before disappearing under her palm. She... more
    • Re: No Subject — Shiloh (Nikkala thru Wrath), Sat Mar 10 5:14pm
      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Mar 10 9:07pm
        Jupiter's mind though settled into his dream against Twilight, but the one shadow started to come into focused. It was that of Zlo, the one raven that been after Twilight. Every time they think they... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Mar 10 9:11pm
          Eri listened to Tria speak about her actions had been meant to help Aspen and now she was with a child that Tria knew it wasn't meant to hurt her and what made her blinked was when she said that they ... more
          • Re: No SubjectAcerbus (Tria), Sat Mar 10 9:29pm
            Tria smirked, "Speaking of which you are inviting you know that right." She told her and then moved in a little closer when she went to hold her unborn child. "Sounds like he is getting pretty... more
            • Re: No SubjectKari (Eri), Sat Mar 10 9:41pm
              Eri nodded as she looked at Tria. "Yeah, he gets fiesty." She said smiling then looked at Tria and smiled when she said she was invited. "I'll be there if I can. I'd like to see you two get married." ... more
              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Twilight thru Juno), Sat Mar 10 10:33pm
                Twilight hadn’t thought about Zlo in a while. Maybe she settled into a sense of security being home in Unkindness and with Jupiter always close by, her mother, father and brother right there, and... more
                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nikkala thru Wrath), Sat Mar 10 10:34pm
                  Nikki closed her eyes when he kissed her cheek. She then reached out before he could pull away too much and took his hand in both of hers, running her fingers over the skin there, Solace hidden... more
                  • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Mar 10 11:46pm
                    Dimael glanced over as he felt the energies of the Oracle settling down that was something he was used to having spent many a night like this in the past keeping guard while both she and Phereniece... more
                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Mar 11 12:31am
                      Rio moving the chair a little closer, "I am happy." He told her, "Happy that we will try this, happy to see you smile, and happy you didn't punch me off the porch." He added with the smirk. Serg... more
                      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Juno), Sun Mar 11 1:34am
                        Vera laughed a bit at the last remark. “In that order, I’m sure,“ she noted. She studied him a bit as he moved his chair closer, so they were practically next to each other. She smiled and looked... more
                        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Twilight thru Thayne), Sun Mar 11 1:35am
                          Twilight’s head slowly hit the pillow again as her eyelids grew heavy and the intense events of the day caught up with her yet again, letting the girl fall fast asleep once more with Jupiter. She... more
                          • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Mar 11 11:43am
                            Eri looked at Tria a moment when she said she could talk to Aspen….but…."You two are getting married your going to be looking to start a having a child together…..won't I just be in the in way?" she... more
                            • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Mar 11 2:17pm
                              Rio noted Vera moving in and then backing off a little bit. Seemed she was still unsure how to proceed and now they have a new dance to work with. He didn't mind though, he let her take her time.... more
                              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus (Tria), Sun Mar 11 2:36pm
                                Tria nodded, "Yes we are, but you are a part of the family now too." She noted, "If Aspen agrees yes we will have to adjust a little bit. But, it is no fair for you to try and do this all alone."... more
                                • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sun Mar 11 3:10pm
                                  Picking up on what wasn't being mentioned Drak offered a warm reassuring smile as she understood the situation before giving her a teasing smirk "With all this delightful food here I hope your saving ... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Sarah), Sun Mar 11 4:34pm
                                    Vera could tell he’d noticed, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t question if it was him or say anything to make her feel bad about her own inexperience with all of this, but showed patience with... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Senn thru Ashe), Sun Mar 11 4:34pm
                                      Senn nodded to Millie and smiled. “I know princess Millie,“ he said to Yuuri gently with a nod to her. He was, after all, one of the knights. He knew of all of them, honestly, from his reports, but…... more
                                      • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Mar 11 5:18pm
                                        Eri almost felt like crying not out of sorry but because she was so very touched by what Tria was saying. She nodded as Tria put her hand on her shoulder telling her she should never feel like a... more
                                        • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Mar 11 5:19pm
                                          MIllie walked up to Garand and looked at him quietly he had this unreadable look to him. "Garand?" She asked looking at him not realizing he was feeling like...she was keeping something intentionally ... more
                                          • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Mar 11 7:04pm
                                            Rio moved an arm around Vera as they sat there, "So, pretty good for a first date?" He asked, "Or should I have gone for the more dinner and a show?" Of course there weren't really any shows going on ... more
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