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Shiloh (Nikkala thru Wrath)
Re: No Subject
Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:34pm

Nikki closed her eyes when he kissed her cheek. She then reached out before he could pull away too much and took his hand in both of hers, running her fingers over the skin there, Solace hidden beneath it once more. She looked up at him as he caressed her ear and spoke so gently, with such deep reassurance. “What was it?“ she asked in barely a whisper. If she knew… it had been his blood… she would ask him to bring Ivy to do the same for Kiva… to ensure their daughter, any traces of Raiser there… would be washed away before she grew older. They’d had her, after all, before Averie’s blood was cleansed of the taint of his grandmother’s dark heritage. That blood would be in their daughter too, and if Nikki were to learn it was his blood that let Raiser so close to taking him away completely, she would worry for their daughter too.

Keelin opened her eyes to watch his wings stretch out so beautifully behind him as he came too, but while his mind was seeing stars from that intense climax, she was seeing real ones, dancing around in the night sky above them. No doubt responding to their Luminara and her Guardian, who were engaged in very similar behavior at the moment. Keelin’s eyes closed as she held tightly to Solan and shuddered as his movements made her climax again and again, in short succession, her body just so riled and his movements not letting her body settle in the least. “Soooooolan..“ she howled his name almost breathlessly.

Wynter blushed, still holding his hands on her lap. She looked down and felt his hands tense in hers as Solan’s climax had an obvious affect on Jarral. She looked up at him a bit. “Touches…“ she repeated, likely drawing his attention back. She blushed deeper, her lights radiant in the dark room. She moved his hand under her nightie. She didn’t quite know what to expect, but… when she woke, she’d been all tingles there. It’d felt good. So perhaps this was what Keelin and Solan had been talking about. No doubt Jarral would be a ridiculous mess at the fact she’d even guided his hand there, hidden under the nightie as she sat back on her heels beside him.

Maks moved to place the towels into the hamper before he moved to scoop up the lovely painted wolf into his arms. He kissed her softly as he carried her back out into the bedroom. La’shire had made certain the linens were new and fresh and the room had been cleansed of any other scents. This night was for Maks and Fauve. He moved to lay her on the bed and smiled, letting her go before tugging the blankets down under her so she’d be properly in the bed. He then climbed in with her, pulling them back up a bit, though odds were good those sheets would be kicked to the foot of the bed in the midst of love-making before the night was through. “Fauve,“ he whispered, pulling her in close and kissing her again, his hands roaming her back in gentle exploration.

“I do love the way you say my name,“ Aussie mused softly as he cuddled her close, resting his chin on the top of her head, between those large, adorable ears. He tipped his head down to return her kisses when she moved up to meet him in them. Words really couldn’t express how happy she’d made him tonight when she said yes… but he knew his actions were conveying it just right. In the grand scheme of things, Aussie did seem to be more of a tassie of actions than of his words. He’d burst in to save her without really knowing her, he’d done a lot without words to show Rhys… just what she meant to him.

Shasta turned a bit and looked at Vani. She smiled warmly and nodded, taking the sponge from her. “Y… your turn then, Vani,“ she said, the blush on her cheeks impossible to miss. The tassie wasn’t so bashful as a prisoner, but the circumstances had been very different. As Vani had said, Shasta was still adjusting to her own heart song, but the fact that it was for Vani was something that she made perfectly clear. “Turn around. I’ll wash your back now,“ she said, moving to lather up the sponge again.

One of Lassa’s endearing points seemed to be her innocence and the curiosity that came with it, even in the midst of love-making. Poor Trilander, for as much as he craved being with her, was sweet and patient to focus on her so completely and talk with her as his body continued to tease and ache. She smiled when he said their pups would have his light, her breath catching with a little moan when he joined with her, just enough to start letting her adjust again. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the attentions and soft kissed, her hands tracing up his sides and between them over his chest. “Do you think… you put… some of that light… in me too?“ she asked innocently between breaths as she adjusted to the gentle rocking, her body just naturally inviting him in more and more as the moments passed. He certainly had left his light in her in some regard!

Gypsy’s large ears tipped just a bit as she looked at him when he said her name. She blushed deeply, stopping completely when he assured her he was alright and he’d enjoyed it. She then noticed something out of the corner of her eyes and blushed deeper. “Oh! It’s… it’s…“ She didn’t realize that her cleaning him up light that would make him aroused again, or just how sensitive her attentions had made him either. She stood beside the bed, clutching the washcloth in her hands, unsure what to do now. Her wings came around her a bit to hide her body behind as she suddenly remembered how naked she was, save for that last article of clothing that Braska hadn’t coaxed off her yet.

Topaz’d ears widened a little as they heard the full name from his lips. It… sounded amazing to the roo. Suddenly, and much to her own surprise, she felt her eyes well up with tears, a few slipping down her cheeks. She wasn’t even sure why she was crying, but it was only because she was happy. She didn’t realize what a name meant to her… to have a real name… and more to the point, that it would be his name. she wouldn’t just be ‘Topaz the Sklave’ anymore… she would soon be topaz Arcadiana… and that realization brought happy tears. Not the scared tears she’d had upon learning she was pregnant, or the sad tears when she thought she was about to lose Fii today when his spirit had been so close to breaking… Fii would know they were happy.

Eko paused a moment, his ears perking up at how easily those words tumbled out of her mouth. The rest would ‘come home with them.’ It wasn’t just her home anymore… she’d made it his home too. Their home… together.. He smiled and nodded, moving to take the parcel from her and then the basket. “I’ll carry them up and put the parcel with Naiya’s outside the door. How about you take the bottle for Zai to her,” he suggested, knowing the bottle for Naiya would stay down here with all of her other ingredients, potions and alchemy equipment.

Zai nodded a bit when Aiyan said Naiya would be okay, especially with Kei up there tending to her. She handed him the last dish before wringing out the cloth and draping it over the sink to dry. “Have you two ever, you know, talked about it?“ she asked, though she had a feeling Aiyan, who could so easily feel his twin’s distress over the topic, probably opted to leave the painful past where it was unless she approached it first. She then looked back to Sable and smiled as well. “Yeah, I know,“ Zai mused when he said Sable over thought things too much. There were plenty of men in the village who would have loved to date and even tried to woo the pretty priestess with the lovely rosetted tail -- as Priestesses of Ethion were permitted to marry and have families -- but none seemed to appeal to her. It appeared a little Gildean wolf had to come around smitten to get close to Sable -- even from afar -- without the girl even knowing she was doing it.

“I can’t… Kirie’s still here… I don’t want her to hear me…“ Naiya said, desperate not to let her cousin feel bad about bringing it all up. She’d only done so to show she was okay today, for the first time in a long time… and Naiya refused to dampen that with her own tears. She held her breath, as though to physically keep from ‘letting it out’ as Kei urged from her, but soon she was sobbing into his chest, hugging him tightly. She felt somehow weak as a Druid, because the ceremonies after they passed didn’t heal her heart any the way the others here thought it should… She’d just started to come to terms with her mother after years of missing her desperately, and then her father left for the Vale… and she’d felt utterly broken and alone. Her parents were gone and her brother exiled for most of her life… and then Kei came along and he filled her with so much joy for a while, before he disappeared too. She’d been so lost. She’d made so many mistakes before he returned and put that light back into her heart. Moments like these, though, it wasn’t just the sadness of losing them, it was a fear… of losing anyone else. She held so tightly to him, her hands clenching the back of his shirt, like life itself depending on not letting go.

Celluna breathed in deeply and smield. “Lavender…” she said, regarding the calming, pleasant scent. She wanted to ask him to stay with her, but she knew Inara was too little for the bath yet and they had nothing to put her in to keep her from falling into the water yet… not baby float or anything, so they couldn’t join her in the bath… but… “Would you stay?” she asked. If he could just stay and sit with her in the washroom with Inara… it would help her relax.

Quinn’s ears lifted curiously and he smiled, nodding to Rumi with conviction. “I will,“ he assured him. He released his hand and smiled to Seanan, moving to take her hand again. One step at a time with the jag wolf. He was welcoming to the idea of fatherhood with her, and he didn’t intend on leaving his family, but a proposal was still something he’d be working up to. There wasn’t a rush, though, for him… bcause he never intended to leave her. They had plenty of time.

Wrath nodded. “I’ll do that then, first thing in the morning. And then I’ll work with those with the most knowledge to identify relics we should be focusing on finding,” he said, unaware that many were in the possession of those in the light, and a few perhaps were without their knowledge. Within thayne and Nayril’s collections alone from Ruin hunting, there was a treasure trove of powerful items. “But tonight… would you like me to unburden your mind some, my queen?” he asked her, moving his hand down her side before gripping her hip firmly and pulling her hips against his so she’d feel the Flare dragon’s might.

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