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Re: No Subject
Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:46pm

Dimael glanced over as he felt the energies of the Oracle settling down that was something he was used to having spent many a night like this in the past keeping guard while both she and Phereniece got there rest. But it gave him time to think to try to figure out what was happening on this side and why the darkness had gained such a foot hold. He had no idea Phere was a mere shell of herself. Twilight being innocent of being an Oracle was fine. It was that innocence he was certain that would change everything that love she would approach everything with instead of cold logic can calculation. Twilia had been that way too….waking into the powers of the Oracle late without knowing her gift before hand. It made her probably one of the best Oracles to ever walk D'joran because she didn't make her choices ruled by cold thoughts but warm emotions. It lead to a long time of peace now….he hoped that Twilight had that time to be a normal girl, to never know the weight of being an Oracle until later it may seem to make it harder but as far as Dimael was concerned…it was better. Because…..she'd never view herself or anyone else as a tool or weapon to be used to further a goal. Her heart would be aimed at saving as many as they could. At finding the best path once she realized that although she saw so many vision's of the futures even Twilia talked them out with everyone to figure out the best course. It was not her burden alone. She just had the ability to see the paths before them and let them know….it was up to all of them to follow and understand them. He didn't know about Zlo though although he did know that there were those after here. Raiser of course to end her before she could become a threat and to use her to get to Phereniece. Choas he did not realize or know at the moment because he wished to use her power….to win everything.

Millie finished eating and glanced up seeing Aspen playing with Kahiri and Tria over talking with Eri. But she let it go her brother seemed so content and happy holding Kahiri and the pup himself was happy and settled down which was rare for Ri who was usually full of so much playful energy. She got up and walked around the table over to where Garand was not realizing her brother was a little bothered by the fact her appearance had changed and she was so busy taking in the sight of all the family together that she forgot about it….that and although it should feel awkward it felt….completely natural to be like this as if she woke up form a long slumber.

Averie could not lie to her, never could not only was he not good at it the guilt of it would eat away at him endlessly. He looked at Nikki and took a deep breath. "My blood." He said softly. "She attacked me through my heritage….my father is her son….but he cast off the darkness and none of us….ever thought she'd get to me….not even me." He said shaking his head. "I've never embraced the darkness a day in my life….so….we never thought it would be an issue." it was the truth but he didn't realize where Nikki's train of thought would go. That she'd draw the line between him and Kiva and realize the danger that Kiva was in. Or that she would herself ask him to seek Ivy's help to keep Kiva safe but it would just show everyone even Nikki herself how far she had come how much…she had grown that she was no longer so afraid to speak her mind. And that she was an incredible mother.

Solan panted and moaned a bit his wings staying arched behind him as he finally after a bit managed to slow down and settle down again his head bowed having heard her moan his name like that…..that alone had sent a few pleasant shivers right through him. "K…Keelin.." he breathed in return her name coming out of him breathlessly. His wings moving a bit up and down as if to relax from being so far outstretched it hadn't been painful at all but it was all he could do to catch his breath at the moment.

Jarral blushed for her as she so innocently took his hand and moved it….to not so innocent places after repeating touches. He went a bit wide eyed as he blushed his eyes traveling down and his heart skipping a beat. It was such an innocent move and then he swore he heard Solan's voice calling him an idiot breathlessly mind you very breathlessly and then telling him what to do not to just lay there like his brain went on vacation without him or she'd feel horrible and shouldn't. He took a deep nervous breathe not sure he was doing this right but after another second moved his hand playing gently there his breath catching a bit how could he do any less for her when she helped him in the bath before? She didn't seem opposed to them trying to figure this out either so he had to trust in them both.

Fauve hummed a bit smiling as he set her down in the bed then climbed in after fussing with the covers she curled into him kissing him back as her own hands came to move up and down his own toned back loving the feel of his closeness right now without the water distorting the feel of him being so close this was why she loved being in the bedroom with him more. To feel him…his warmth everything about him pressed against her without the water distorting that feeling at all.

Rhysaire hummed into the kiss she could answer him easily but figured the heat in which she returned the kiss would speak better about what she was feeling then words could. He even if he stumbled with his words spoke so perfectly clearly with his actions. She brought a few of her nine tails up to curl about him as she laid there cuddled up close to him. This night was just absolutely perfect.

Vani looked at her a moment then nodded as she seemed to stammer it was cute. She swore Shasta was showing her how many different shades of blush one could achieve in one night. She did turn though shifting in the tub to give her back to Shasta as she settled down in the water again. Vani although she hid it well swore her heart skipped a few beats once and or held a beat here or there at how much Shasta took her breathe way with such simple little gestures.

Trilander shifted up a bit as she let out those adorable little moans but then spoke his ears twitched a bit when she asked that and smiled. "I do." He said softly. "But if I did…it only brought out the light you already had….made it shine more." He said warmly as he rocked a little gentle motions that would eventually have them fully together but taking his time with her making sure she was ready for him each time he moved in just a bit more. Lassa was such a beautiful girl and her cute innocent adorable nature of finding the oddest moments to be curious like a kitten….was actually endearing to him. Perhaps because in it's own right it meant she knew…even during this she had his attention even past his own desires he always paid attention to her.

Braska looked at her as she suddenly hide behind her wings and shifted a bit sitting up and reaching forward to trace her cheek. "Do I….really trouble you that much?" he asked as she suddenly felt the need to curl up and hide herself behind them….

Fii could scent them the emotions behind them as well as he reached up and traced her cheek. "Then it's settled." he said softly as he traced her cheek. "When we share our vows….it will be Arcadiana I give to you." He said warmly. He would not give her the name he was given as a slave as that would not have nearly as much meaning. "Besides…Topaz Arcadiana is pretty." He said gently as he held her letting her know he did like the way her name sounded with his true last name even if Topaz wasn't her birth name it didn't matter to him.

"Sounds good." She said and smiled. "thank you Eko." She said warmly as she lifted the bottle and the remainder of the Isis water to return to Zai. She turned to go up the stairs with him leaving the bottle for Naiya down here where she'd know to find it. To her just saying come home with them….felt so natural so at ease and when he didn't counter her….it put her heart at ease too more then it already was with it. It was there home.

Aiyan shook his head as he dried the last dish. "No." he said softly as he put it away. "It's a sad…feeling for me but for her….it's beyond painful….there are so many feelings mixed up with it. I figure when she'd ready to talk about it with me…she'll come to me. But until then I leave it alone." he looked at Zai as he hung the towel open to dry. "She tried burying that pain at dinner because Kiki wasn't trying to hurt her…she was trying to let us know she…a small reason to be happy today and was holding onto it but I think…she realized it hurt Nai because she changed the subject fast."

Sable sighed as she looked out the window at the beautiful sight of the tree. The idea that there were many in the village who would have loved a chance to woe her never even crossed her mind. She paid them hardly any mind or attention at all. However that Gildean wolf was consuming her thoughts lately so much so was it part of the reason she missed the taint damage that had nearly taken the Spiritus from them? Was she at fault for being so distracted?

Kei held her as she cried letting it out sobbing into him as he ran his fingers through her hair. "You're not going to loose me….or Breece. Aiyan is too stubborn." he said gently as he held her the way she was shaking the way she was clinging to him….as if she let go he'd disappear he had wished over and over again he'd just had a moment to let her know he'd been asked to go on a journey he was not abandoning her. That left a wound one Trait had not meant to leave in asking him. "Not any of us, we're not going anywhere." he assured her knowing that she missed them but if the white knuckled grip on his shirt let him know anything as she clung to him desperately….it was what was eating at her deeper inside.

Kahiri smiled. "Lavender." he agreed as he looked at her hearing her ask that and nodded. "I'll stay." He said and paused chuckling as he thought about what his mom told him when he first arrived back here…."La'shire…a little help?" He asked looking up at the room and then down at Inara and the tub. Within moments there was a subtle splash in the water as La'shrie gave them something to let her float safely in showing a bit of her whimsical magic….but the way the floating device was made it would keep her safely and securely out of the water and let some of warmth in so that there pup would stay snuggled and safe. "Mom told me once….La'shire will help…if she knows what you're looking for. She's a whimsical spirit this castle but a loving one." it looked like an adorable little bath boat. And the lavender scent would be soothing for there pup as well.

Rumi smiled as he looked at them both nodding and walked over to sit down beside Ashe on the stool while she rested on the bed. "Congratulations again you two." he said truly happy for them and looked at Quinn. "You'll have your hands full with Sean….she's spirited."

Sean rose an eyebrow and snorted. "This coming from you Rumi? I'm sure Ashe has had to tame that brassy Stubborn stallion you are more times." She countered as she took Quinn's hand. "And I feel for her….she's gonna have two more stubborn little ones in Orrin and Fiounnula. But….they are really adorable." She said all silver and gold and lovely to look at.

Raiser nodded. "First thing in the morning." She said agreement then chuckled as he pulled her close showing off his impressive nature as she brought her own hand down pressed it into his lower back holding him there. "Until then…I intend to make full use of you tonight." She said darkly amused by him. She had no idea at all that Nayril Payne…..had already been doing what she just now would be having Wraith work on….that between Thayne and herself….many of the relics left behind by the ancients were sleeping in there collections. Finn had not with everything going on had a chance to go through them with her and find them….

Baillie had woken after much playtime with Thayne all day, she for once wasn't getting her little nose into trouble having found a neat trick with the playful metal ball that Nayril had given her upon meeting her she was sitting on the bed beside him with the ball floating above one hand and spinning when she tapped it making a pretty chiming sound as she did sounding much akin to twinkling of tiny bells. Not very loud she had quieted it when it started to carry too much sound worry about waking Thayne who was tired and napping but now it was just a soft pretty sound and had her ears twitching. She was doing that because those in the infirmary had been slowly for her timid nature working with healing the damage down to her deaf ear. She could just barely make out hints of sound now….but it would fade and be gone again. Right now though she was picking up those sounds and her left ear which normally didn't twitch at the slightest sound was twitching slightly as if trying to pick up on what she was hearing with the right.

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