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Shiloh (Twilight thru Thayne)
Re: No Subject
Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:35am

Twilight’s head slowly hit the pillow again as her eyelids grew heavy and the intense events of the day caught up with her yet again, letting the girl fall fast asleep once more with Jupiter. She drew the blankets up higher and snuggled in with her husband, unaware she could rest easier with another watching over her just beyond the closed curtains and the window.

Nikki listened as he quietly explain, his tones soft so only her keen tufted ears could hear him. She seemed immediately concerned when he said it was Raiser who had been attacking him and that it had been done through his blood. Her eyes widened a little. “How did you fix it?“ she asked, not knowing it’d been purified by Ivy and Nour. “Averie… could that happen to Kiva?“ she asked, revealing where her mind went and why she wanted to know what helped him… what stopped the darkness in his blood from being an issue anymore.

When Solan finally stopped, Keelin’s body relented and began to calm down as well. She panted heavily as she laid under him, still holding to him, though her grip had weakened as all of that pleasure stole what strength she’d had in the heat of the moment. She let out a couple of content little whines as her body started to calm enough that Solan could probably pull away if he wanted to, unlike last time where he was held so snug that it was almost impossible not to go again.

Wynter’s eyes seemed to widen a bit as she watched Jarral and felt his fingers moving between her thighs. Her eyes narrowed slightly as her face took on a confused look, and yet there were traces of pleasure there. The touches were intense at first and her hips shifted around a little, her chest heaving a bit from heavy breathing in response to all of these flustered feelings. She pressed her hand down over the fabric, pushing on his hand a bit, though she didn’t even know if she wanted him to stop or keep going. She closed her eyes and blushed deeply. It was a bit different from the bath tub event. She’d been behind him for that. Here she was in front of him, looking him right in the eyes as he touched her there… and a cute moan escaped her, her lights starting to undulate with as multitude of colors. Just like in the tub, she’d felt without seeing, and now it seemed Jarral was doing the same, though how long he could hold out just like this with Solan in his head was uncertain!

Maks broke the kiss to take a breath and smiled, running a hand down her soft skin on her side and over her hip, letting his glide behind her to rest on her rear playfully as he kissed her again. There was nothing about Fauve he didn’t love, from her spirit and her independence to her beauty and her adorable blush when he did something she wasn’t expecting.

Shasta moved around behind Vani this time, moving to push her hair over her shoulder as well and starting to wash her back for her, the tassie’s tail drifting on the water around the storm dragon’s waist a bit.

Lassa blushed a bit at the compliment, her hands resting on his shoulders, tensing just a little with each bit more she took of him, but the sounds she was making let him know she wasn’t feeling discomfort, only good things. “I… don’t glow… though…“ she said between cute gasps and moans. She let out a shrill little moan when he was all the way in, making her whole body instantly tense up with what felt like a small climax at just that much. She was always so sensitive to him, but likely even more so after all of their playing around today and the lengthy tie that had left her with pup. If Trilander’s ‘hunger’ was any indication, another might be in store for tonight.

“What?“ Gypsy looked at him and then down at herself and shook her head. “I… no… no it’s m-me,“ she said, honestly, looking at him again. She didn’t even realize what it might seem like to him, for her to have seen him become aroused again so quickly and then to hide herself in her wings like that. It hadn’t been him at all. She was just… when her nightie came off, she’d been lost in the heat of a moment, letting him touch and play and suckle at her body, and all of those swirling feelings that also gave her the courage to do that for him. But… in her concern that she’d done something wrong, in trying to fix all of that, the heat of it seemed to subside a bit and the fox-bat became shy all over again. Seemed she just needed a bit of coaxing to let herself go again. She just seemed to feel worse hearing he thought maybe he troubled her.

Topaz brought her hand up to rest over his when he was tracing her tear-streaked cheek. She just silently watched him for a few moments after he said her name again, her name with his. She didn’t even remember her birth name, the one her mother had given to her. Topaz was the name given to her by her first owners, but eventually it became the only one she could remember… so it was her name, and if he liked how it sounded, then so would she. And besides, she did like it when he said it… any time he said her name… he made her like it more. “Thank you,“ she said quietly. It was for more than just the promise of a name… it was everything he’d done today, especially with how well he handled things with her after he suspected she could be pregnant… It wasn’t easy coping with a roo in general, let alone one that was an ex-sklave.

Eko nodded and smiled, following Kirie upstairs. He set the basket down in the living room for the moment so they could grab it on their way out, then headed outside to where Naiya mentioned she‘d left the other parcel for Loki. He left Kirie‘s with it and headed back in. He caught the scent of what was going on upstairs and had a feeling he and Kirie should probably head out soon… as it seemed Kei and Naiya could use some private time, and not for the same reasons they needed it before… at least not yet.

“I’ll go get those things from Naiya’s room for Sable. No reason for her to come back down,“ Zai said quietly to Aiyan. “I won’t be but a moment,“ she added. She could be up and down without even disturbing Kei and Naiya, without them even knowing she’d been there. But they would later, when Naiya would go to get the things for Sable, only to find them already gone. She was certain her friend would put two and two together and realize that she didn’t have to worry about it, that Sable was all set. She nearly ran into Kirie in the living room and smiled. “Oh, Kirie… done already?” she asked, noting the cloth-wrapped bottle in her hand and a bottle of Miravanna in the other.

Naiya took in a deep breath and held it a moment before letting it out slowly at his reassurances, his tender words. She nodded a little, still whimpering a bit, but having calmed some too. She was no longer sobbing, but there were still tears. “I know… but I… I can’t help--“ she took a breath, slowly pulling back, just enough to look up at him. “Today, I was strong for Kirie, confident because it’s what she needed… but I was so scared, Kei. That if Spiritus died… I’d lose you and Breece and everyone and everything… We were so close to that happening. It’s so easy here to forget what’s out there…“ She sniffled and shook her head, pressing her head into his chest again as she hugged tightly to him once more.

Celluna blinked a bit at the adorable cozy float in the tub for Inara to snuggle in. She then looked at Kahiri and smiled, moving to nuzzling into him a bit. “Thank you,“ she said. This way they could all stay together and she and Kahiri could both relax a bit. It’d been a stressful day for him, too, she was sure… “I love you so much,“ she said, nuzzling him a bit more.

Quinn chuckled a bit, “Well, she already has her hands full with me, so I guess it’s fair trade,“ he said. “We should let you two get some sleep and let Ashe have some more quiet time to recover,“ he added. “We’ll head out,“ he said. “Congratulations again. If you need anything, you know how to reach us,“ he added.

“Thank you, Quinn. And thank you, Sean,” Ashe said before stiffling a yawn. She’d been laid up since the twins were born, but she seemed, as always, in a positive and good mood. She was tired, but happy and content. The only thing that would make it better would be for Rumi to be in bed cuddling with her, but he wouldn’t do that until they were alone. She didn’t know that the secrets between her kind and Fii’s kind may hold the key to how Arcadia had possibly survived their presumed annihilation.

Thayne slept peacefully, likely through the night, unaware that his adorable girlfriend was still full of such energy after all of the activity she’d had throughout the day. He didn’t know all that had happened tonight with his sister and Finnoren. Though odds were he would learn of it tomorrow. Even if Nayril wished to have the next few days to just her and Finn, she would undoubtedly send a message to her big brother of what happened and how they were both doing. And when she was ready, odds were that he would join she and Finn in going through all of the items that Nayril had been wanting to go through for months now.

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