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Re: No Subject
Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:43am

Eri looked at Tria a moment when she said she could talk to Aspen….but…."You two are getting married your going to be looking to start a having a child together…..won't I just be in the in way?" she said not wanting to interfere with what should be with them…."thank you….." She said as well not wanting to seem ungrateful for Tria's caring and concern but she was also concerned about her…..but she wasn't thinking of or looking at things the way Tria was at the moment. "Your sweet."

Millie drew closer and paused waiting quietly not wishing to interrupt as they were talking but unaware that Garand had taken all of this as if a personal insult when she hadn't meant to. She hadn't really told a lot of people at all although everyone here seemed to know or feel comfortable with her change many she had although family had not met…..many probably didn't want to ask. But it drew her level with Yuuri who paused and looked up at her. They were sitting close Lana and Garand although she had not really had the chance to meet them either. "Wow…..I thought I'd heard of every mystrian race….but your's I don't know….your beautiful though…" Yuuri said being open and honest.

Millie glanced and smiled chuckling. "Thank you although it's a bit new to me…..for my own safety my heritage was sealed until tonight….although it feels natural to be like this….like I always have been. I'm a Fae-lycan."

Yuuri looked at her and nodded. "Means whoever put the seal on you loved you a lot….made sure your body always knew the truth and never wanted it to be a burden to you."

Millie smiled. "I know they do." she said thinking about Sarah and Trait. She knew her eldest sister and there dad loved her loved all of them greatly.

Yuuri almost smacked herself. "I'm Yuuri'Lansea, Yuuri is fine though and this is my boyfriend behind me Sennenhund.(And suddenly I can't remember the spelling of his full name. O.o))"

"Mildune Moonchoir. But most call me Millie." Millie said when Yuuri looked at her stared….as if she had suddenly become some hideous color grown several more heads….spouting nonsense and spitting out something vile….

"You're Millie??" Yuuri said flabbergasted. "Oh please don't take it the wrong way…'s just….Aspen keeps telling me I remind him of his adorable little sister Millie and meeting you it's like apples and oranges your beautiful….sweet soft spoken and well I'm not." Yuuri grumbled but Millie's ears standing tall before she started giggling.

"Actually I think he's right…..your a lot like me…." Millie said giggling as the girl was very open and honest.

Dimael finished munching on the bit of bread then sighed and pulled out a book for him the night was like them being in the day he could see and read just fine without the need of lights or anything. Although he discovered much to his annoyance….that he was completely day blind long ago. As there was no way to make a 'flashlight' or lamp for him to see in the day time being born of the abyss so he'd understand Eros's plight with his own eyes being sensitive to the light. So for now he'd enjoy the time he could spend keeping guard and reading a book before the book would become a second thought during the day.

Averie looked at her as she asked how he fixed it. "Lady Ivy of Lemuria came, she and the ancient with her Nour used there gift of purification and healing to remove the taint of the dark blood." He said answering her and then paused when he asked if…it could happen to Kiva. "I want to say no….but if she goes fishing for anyone else related to her by blood….it could affect Kiva." He looked at her as she said it and moving his own train of thought follow hers. "I've already asked Ivy if she and her mate….meet with us again in hopes of becoming friends. I can ask her….to check Kiva make sure the darkness can not take her before she has a chance." he said reaching up to trace Nikki's cheek.

Solan did pull away not that….they could not continue to go at it later but….he pulled away and then moved dropping down on the bed beside her pulling Keelin gently into his arms as he panted and tried to catch his breathe bringing one of his wings down folding it in around her as he did as if to wrap her in a blanket of furry warmth.

Jarral swore he heard an sad sigh in the back of his mind form his twin who seemed to go 'here' and show him or rather lead him as the gently touches became while still gentle more explorative a gentle 'she'll tell you to stop she just needs hold you because of the feelings she'll make it clear Jarral' Solan said more then her body's responses if she said no don't at any time Solan would let him know that was a clear and undeniable signal to stop. But right now that was not clear as Jarral blushed a bit himself his fingers moving against her and yet the sound of her moans was….pretty mixed in with the beautiful way her lights danced.

Fauve's tail danced and bounced on the bed behind them as they broke the kiss catching her own breathe her hand moving up along the toned contours of his back up into his soft hair and to play with one of his ears. Her other hand rested against his chest not to push away but rather to feel his warmth and as if to feel his heart beating to know it was really real on some level as they kissed and she felt his touch that she would not open her eyes and be hallucinating thanks to her fight with Ravina back in town. She was here the girls all bathed warm bellies fed and sleeping safely in the room across the hall. And she here with Maksim and Shale bouncing about somewhere.

Trilander heard the shrill little moan and paused there letting her adjust as he considered how to put this. She didn't glow…..He brought one hand up and around to rest gently above her heart. He could feel the gentle pulse of it beneath his fingertips as he looked into her eyes. "You do glow Las." he said gently. "Just different then I do. You're light is just as beautiful and warm but it's different then mine. And when it shines it shines brightly and warmly to those around who are able to feel it and see it, it's welcoming and comforting." He told her gently as he reached up and cupped her cheek. "It was that soft gentle light of yours that drew my gaze to you to begin with. I fell in love with the girl whose light caught my attention nearly the moment I saw her. Saw you."

Braska shifted and sat up when said it was her not him and tipped his head the grizzly taking in the sight of his adorable girl all hidden in her wings and reached out gently tugging her closer to him and slipping his arms around her gentle shoulders before bringing his head down and in to nuzzle along her cheek and shoulder. "You didn't hurt me I just don't want to hurt you in some way." He said as he hugged her in such a way. Showing deep love and affection.

Fii smiled as she thanked him he paused as he pondered what he did to be thankful for and realized it was just him being himself and loving her. In doing everything with her today and leaned his head down to nuzzle the top of hers feeling her soft roo ears brush his skin as he did. "You are more then welcome Topaz. You're the girl who stole my heart. I don't need thanks for loving you." He said softly. "Everything since the day we met…has been because I love this feisty girl in my arms…." He spoke softly warmly. "But if you weren't this beautiful feisty Roo you would not have caught my attention you're perfect just the way you are Topaz. I love every moment with you." he had noticed it when he met her although she never said it her disdain at her name it was subtle and he knew why no doubt it was just like Fiore for him. A name given by handlers not parents. But he had been old enough to cling to his name even as he was given the other and Fai….well her handlers appeared to have found 'Fai' a cute enough name to leave alone. As for Topaz it didn't matter to him at all if that was her birth name or not. She made it something more just by being herself.

Kirie nodded as Eko set down the basket and then walked out to put the parcel with Naiya's. She did look at Zai and smiled as she asked if she was done already. "Yes it went quickly with Eko's help." she said and then held out both bottles. "There's about half the Isis water left….it took so much of it." She said glancing at the cloth wrapped bottle then also held out the bottle of liquid light the Miravanna. "And this is my way of saying thank you…." She said holding them out to her.

Kei looked at her. "There is the darkness…." He said affirming that. "and we did….even I was worried about the Spiritus, she watches over and protects all of us." He said letting Naiya know he realized that as well. "But….we would not have become lost to you even then. It would have broken my heart to see the spiritus lost but….I would have called Traitorin would have let him know…" He said and Trait would have done all in his power to help save as many of them as they could. "We may be in Ethion now but we have friends back in La'shire. And we didn’t loose Spiritus today, she's healed and stronger then ever because you never for a moment let Kirie doubt in herself." He ran his fingers through her hair. "You're strong Naiya incredibly so but being strong doesn't mean stuff doesn't hurt and doesn't frighten you it means…that when it does…you know it's okay to let it out and take comfort in those who love you." He regarded her quietly. "When Eko and I saw Lorna today after we learned about the Spiritus she was entirely calm Naiya unworried….she told Eko that he had two paths before him it was as if she knew…he'd choose Kirie and that Kirie would in turn save the Spiritus but she would never have been able to get that far….without you." He looked at her and then thought about something Millie had told Averie….when they found him. "Someone who is truly strong and brave isn't someone who isn't afraid of anything….it's the person who despite there fears faces them head on and helps those before them, and isn't afraid to shed there tears when the storm breaks." He said softly. "And you’re the strongest, bravest woman I know."

Kahiri nuzzled her a bit in return as he held her seeing her smile and how happy the cozy float for Inara made her. It was worth bugging La'shire over although he was certain the castle would scold him for classifying it as bugging. "I love you too." he said warmly as he looked at her and then smiled. "Here want me to set Inara in the float so we can get ready to get in….I think we could all use some time relaxing together." He said softly warmly of course this would start Inara's lack of fear of water at a very early age….getting to float around in the cute little boat. She'd love it….long into her life.

Sean nodded as she looked at them. "You're welcome good night." She said softly warmly to them both and then moved walking out with Quinn happily to have Rumiheir finally accept Quinn fully made her so happy. Because Rumi realized Sean was beyond happy with Quinn she loved him deeply to be happy about carrying his baby or babies. That she wasn't about to let Rumi drive him off. But for Rumi it was more then that….it was just how much his sister meant to Quinn for him to stand there before Rumi who had been so hard on him form the start knowing that he got his sister pregnant and yet had the courage to stay beside her and face him and his possible anger….Rumi respected him for it. For how clearly how much he really did love Sean.

Rumi got up and smiled after they left he moved about getting out of the clothes he was in and into a pair of light pajama pants before climbing into the bed beside his beloved doe and pulling the blankets up around them both a bit more snuggly. "I love you ashe." He whispered to her. He didn't know….at all about the secrets that her race shared with the Arcadian silver Foxes. That that was an long standing ancient friendship and trust a bond between them as her ancestors had entrusted the Silver leaved golden apple tree to Fii's people to keep safe. There were several hear like a grove in that silver garden and it was beautiful the Apple tree being like the crown jewel of the garden. But the tree's safe existence here in La'shire meant that the royal family of Arcadia even if Fii didn't know that there lands were perhaps safe….safer then he could ever imagine….was keeping there promise to keep the scared trees safe for them.

Baillie set down the ball on the dresser and looked back at Thayne who was sleeping soundly. Sometimes she found it hard to believe that things turned around and she ended up with him…she had been such a terrible mess….her arm broken badly covered in mud and who knows what else. He had seen her and grabbed her by that broken arm getting a pained shriek out of her and she had bite him….before trying to scramble away….and yet he never hurt her. Not intentional. Brought her back to his place set her arm cleaned her up and got her arm to heal….even when she got into mischief he never punished her. And in the end brought her here. He had hidden her away in closet to keep her out of Severin's sight everything….and here….he took so much verbal taunts and abuse form some Mystrian's without fighting back….because here she was safe he said as much here she could be safe and happy. When they first came here he told her she was free now and she could choose her own fate….could leave him….if she wanted to. Baillie-roux looked at him as he laid there and tipped her head….how could she leave him ever when she loved him so much? Some Mystrian's said it wasn't love….but Baillie knew in her heart it was. It ached at the idea that he would not be there if she left. She crawled lightly up the bed moving so lay her head down on his chest and curl up a bit watching him sleep she had napped….gotten full of energy with her nap. It just seemed she wore out beloved quiet a bit…..she heard a hissing sound like steam escaping from something in the room and lifted her head looking about before something made a panging and popping sound and she let out a little growl moving over Thayne who was sleeping and moving as if to protect him and keep him safe….she was a margay a tiny Gatan not much of a threat to anything that would attack….but boy would she try one the low bouncing sound settled though she laid down over him looking in the direction of the trunk and laid there half on him half off her eyes focused as her tail swished she showed it….whatever that low panging was her low warning growl was enough to tell it not to threaten Thayne…

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                  Eri almost felt like crying not out of sorry but because she was so very touched by what Tria was saying. She nodded as Tria put her hand on her shoulder telling her she should never feel like a... more
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                    MIllie walked up to Garand and looked at him quietly he had this unreadable look to him. "Garand?" She asked looking at him not realizing he was feeling like...she was keeping something intentionally ... more
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