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Shiloh (Vera thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:34pm

Vera could tell he’d noticed, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t question if it was him or say anything to make her feel bad about her own inexperience with all of this, but showed patience with her, with this wole new scenario they found themselves in. She smiled a bit and nodded before looking down at their hands again, hers still contently held in his. She leaned into him a bit and just rested her head on his hsoulder as they sat there, looking out at the lanterns.

Nascha smiled brightly as he turned the compliment back around on her. “Do you ever think about how far we’ve come to get here?“ she asked curiously. From the moment they’d met in the dungeons beneath the city and he, Mela and Blake had taken her back to the castle with them, to how her relationship with Serg just seemed to take a natural course in flourishing and becoming what it was today. She thought him wanting to marry her was the most amazing and wonderful thing to happen to her, but him wanting a family with her, too, that was just as wonderful for the little snow owl.

Garand was about to say something to Mela when she pointed out Millie was clearly wanting to talk with him. He nodded to Mela and watched her go over to where Blake was to get their dinner. He looked at Lana and then turned to look at Millie.

Blake looked at Mela as she came up beside him and he smiled. “Got you started,” he said, handing her the plate he’d been putting together for her. He looked back at Garand and Lana and back to Mela. “Do you think… never mind,” he shook his head a bit and continued putting his plate together. Perhaps a relic, a focus, in correlation with Mela’s magic could allow her to open portals to even locations she had never been, but others had.

Juno sighed a bit and smiled as Torin. “A little tired still, I guess. But I’m okay. I think the excitement of all of this sort of gave me a burst, you know?“ she noted. “But definitely still feeling better than I was. How about you?“ she asked. Though not tired, he’d been a bit distraught earlier over some of the things that had happened… she hoped maybe he was feeling better too now.


Sarah paused a moment at his lighthearted, teasing remark. She smiled and laughed a little, nodding her head. "Yeah... always room for dessert," she assured him as she worked on finishing her dinner. He certainly seemed a bit more hungry than when he left, uanware just how much effort he'd had to use to help fend off Averie's attacker. She was sure she'd get the details on all of it later, when they were alone in their room, but for now she'd just do as he was doing -- enjoy the dinner and everyone being so happy.

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