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Shiloh (Senn thru Ashe)
Re: No Subject
Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:34pm

Senn nodded to Millie and smiled. “I know princess Millie,“ he said to Yuuri gently with a nod to her. He was, after all, one of the knights. He knew of all of them, honestly, from his reports, but… being on a personal basis with them was certainly new. To imagine he was going to some day be part of their family himself… instead of just protecting them… but that all depended on Yuuri. If she would have him. (ooc: Yep, Kari, you got his full name right. Lol)

Nikki didn’t know who Ivy was, but she certainly knew the names of the ancients and the fact Nour was the Goddess of purity, it was enough for Nikki. “Would she… do you think she’d come…?“ she asked quietly, did he think Ivy would come to check on Kiva for them? She would meet them… if it meant protecting their kitten. She didn’t want anything to torment, sadden, hurt or haunt Kiva in any future ever again…

Keelin panted heavily, whining a bit as he pulled away, leaving her body trembling in little aftershocks of pleasure. She happily cuddled up in his arms as he gathered her close, loving the feel of his furry wing around her, immediately taking away any chill she felt, even in the warm gardens. “I love… you…“ she panted softly. He would be her husband soon… soon she would be his wife… it was so exciting. She wasn’t sure this night could get any better than it already was.

Wynter had no idea that Jarral was getting some coaching from his twin brother, as though guiding him in how to take these new steps with Wynter was as normal as breathing. If she knew Solan was aware of all of this, she might be so embarrassed she’d retreat back to her own room, but fortunately she didn’t know. As his fingers began getting a little more explorative, she panted a bit and closed her eyes, slowly laying back beside him with a few cute whines. Because he’d already gotten her to climax once in her sleep, she was so much more sensitive to his touches, and to feel it so directly there, it was so intense and yet it felt good. The lights dancing in her tail were more than enough to let him know she was accepting of his attentions and enjoying them.

Maks let out a playful little growl when she touched one of his ears, his head dipping down to lick and kiss along her elegant neck, following the gentle slope of it down to her shoulder. His hand on her rear moved up and traced around the base of her tail, making small circles over her spine at the sensitive spot just before it turned into her tail. His other hand continued to caress her back higher up as he held her close.

Lassa’s body was adjusting to Trilander as he spoke to her with just gentleness and love. She smiled as he spoke of how her light was what drew his gaze immediately upon seeing her. She brought her hand up to rest over his on her chest. “I love you, Trilander…“ she said with a smile. She slid her other hand over her abdomen, feeling so full with him and yet it felt good. She looked up at him and smiled again, her eyes showing it was okay for him to move. She wanted to be embraced completely by him again, and if he tied with her again, she’d happily welcome it, and to hear his howls again… howls for her, because of her.

Gypsy blushed deeper seeing his muscles tense and flex as he sat up, in no way reducing the obvious state he’d found himself back in. She shook her head a little as he drew her in closer to the bed to nuzzle her a bit. “I know you wouldn’t,“ she said. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her… and she was relieved she hadn’t hurt him, that his body’s reaction had been appropriate. It just startled her. She’d never been with anyone before, so she didn’t know his body would react quite like that. She knew about mating, just… not every part of it, it seemed. She slowly let her wings close up on her back once more, pushing up to get back onto the bed with him, crawling over Braska to do so, before falling onto the bed beside him. Her arms came up over her chest shyly as she looked up at him, her wings tucked comfortably under her. He kept worrying he’d go all ‘grizzly bear’ on her, but he hadn’t done anything, even in the slightest, to make her ever worry about that.

“I… I love every moment with you too,“ Topaz returned quietly, but honestly. Even in those games of hers where she was playing hard-to-get and requiring the fox to be more domineering with her, she wouldn’t let it even happen if she didn’t enjoy it and love being with him. It was just her heritage, her feisty roo way, and Fii got that -- even if others didn’t understand it. She could feel her ears brushing against his face as he nuzzled the top of her hear, knowing he enjoyed feeling that. She tipped her head back a bit to look up at him and then placed a soft kiss on his chin. “We can’t… play anymore… can we?“ she asked, tipping her head down. She was scared that mating would make her lose the baby, although Riggs had told Fii it wouldn’t hurt anything, as long as Topaz took the Nocturina, the blossom for which her kind got their name, despite its current rarity in her homelands -- the Blue Nocturne Roos. The only ‘strenuous activity’ he wanted her to avoid was her rough and tumble sparring with Yuuri, and for Fii to keep her away from any battlefields, which she might stubbornly run out onto even with child, as was her nature as a Roo and a Sklave.

Zai smiled and took both bottles. “Thank you, Kirie… I’ll have to look into a means of getting more of it. If it took this much to make what you have already, it will take the rest of the bottle to create your next batch,“ she said. She moved to set the items aside for the moment for her and Aiyan to take with them when they head out. “Excuse me, though, I need to go get some things for Sable,“ she said with a smile, heading quietly upstairs.

Naiya hugged him tighter as he spoke, calling her strong and brave, even in these moments where she felt everything but. She drew back a little bit and wiped her eyes and cheeks dry, feeling his arms still holding her and his tail still wrapped around her. “Thank you…“ she whispered before sighing and looking over at Breece, who was still sleeping peacefully. She then looked at Kei again. “Aiyan thinks we should go to see Spiritus…“ she said quietly, “but… we can’t leave Breece alone and she’s sound asleep. She had a long day… I don’t want to risk waking her.“

Celluna nodded a bit, moving off of Kahiri’s lap carefully, her legs still feeling a bit weak. She let him take Inara to place her in the float, not wanting to risk accidentally dropping her when leaning over the water. She watched him put their newborn pup, sleeping quite soundly, into the float before removed the robe and then pulled the long nightgown up and over her head that she’d been wearing in the maternity room, letting it also fall to the floor with the robe.

Quinn looked out the windows as he walked, hand in hand, with Sean back towards their room. “It’s later than I realized,“ he said quietly. “Are you hungry? We can order something once we’re back to the room,“ he said. She was with child now… and he wanted to make sure she was well taken care of, not that he didn’t already do that. He also wasn’t sure if she wanted to eat this close to when they’d probably turn in for the night… but he didn’t want to assume. He wanted Seanan to tell him how she was feeling and what she wanted.

Ashe smiled and traced Rumi’s cheek as he got into bed with her and pulled her in close. “I love you, too, Rumiheir,“ she said, giving him a soft kiss. She laid her head on the pillow again, watching him lovingly. “I can’t believe they’re here…“ she admitted with a smile. Orrin and Fionnula were actually here and although Ashalia had gone through the labor pains and birth, it was still somewhat surreal to imagine they were sound asleep in the crib just near the bed. “I’ll have to thank Fiore… for that tree…” she said. Sharing that golden apple with Rumi, being that close to the pure magics of her kind, it had all sort of helped hasten along that last leg of her pregnancy, inviting these two little angels into the world.

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