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Re: No Subject
Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:18pm

Eri almost felt like crying not out of sorry but because she was so very touched by what Tria was saying. She nodded as Tria put her hand on her shoulder telling her she should never feel like a burden and brought her own hand up to touch Tria's there. "Thank you Tria." she said softly. Her heart felt a bit lighter when Tria said she shouldn't have to do this all alone….was that part of what had her down all the time without her even realizing it? The feeling of being alone….She didn't know but she felt touched by Tria's kind offer. She wasn't sure Aspen would agree to it though so she wasn't about to get just jump on board he might have different ideas. She didn't know. But Tria was so sweet.

Yuuri made a cute ohh look as she nodded. "Yeah…" She said shaking her head and Millie just smiled bid them both good day since Garand was free to talk and turning his attention to her now. Yuuri nodded as Millie walked off and Looked at Senn. "Sorry about that Senn." She said smiling as bit sheepishly. (yay lol soo many characters))

Averie smiled. "I think so." he said gently as he looked at her. "We were already talking about meeting to become friends." He looked at Nikki letting her know Ivy wasn't opposed at all to meeting them and would no doubt understand if Averie spoke with her the risk to the pup now that Raiser knew there were extended family members if she searched further could she hurt Kiva….force Averie to obey for the sake of saving his daughter.

Solan smiled as he leaned down and kissed her gently while catching his breathe. "I love you too." he said warmly as he looked at her. She was amazing to him absolutely amazing and yet for the life of him he could not imagine life before she came into even with all of there ups and downs he would not trade it for anything.

Jarral was thankful that Solan at least for the moment went quiet in his mind but he continued his attentions there seeing the lights dancing the way she was breathing and his own body was excited at the responses he was getting from touching her….in such a private place….and yet….some thing in his mind told him to keep his mouth shut and not say anything to Solan out loud wither that was Solan telling him or some instinct that knew that would just be absolutely awkward he didn't know but all he wanted to focus on at the moment was her.

Fauve gave him a happy moan as she tipped her head letting him travel along her neck her breathing deepening out as she played with his ear hearing that playful growl and loving the way the sound seemed to make her tingle all over the rush of feelings form one response and then whined a heated sound a happy one when he found the base of her tail her ears tipping back.

Trilander smiled as she covered his hand touching her above her heart with her hand and the other on her belly he almost blushed at that response. "I love you Thalassa." he said warmly as he leaned in and kissed her before he began rocking setting a pace he knew would feel good for them both.

Braska looked at her and moved so that his arm was resting on the other side of the bed beside her he himself hovering over her and leaned down to kiss her once laying down he'd let her arm rest there for now, Until she relaxed again she was so cute but so self aware and shy.

Fii chuckled and nuzzled her a bit when she said she loved every moment with him too. He knew it but it still felt good to hear. She was the sort that if she truly didn't want something she'd let you know not shy away from telling you. But he paused and smiled. "MMm if your talking about our play time….we can as long as you take the Nocturina tonic the baby will be fine." He said warmly as he held her. "However….sparring with Yuuri is another story." He sighed softly knowing she enjoyed that 'play time' with her best friend.

Kirie nodded as she watched Zai move off to get the things for Sable she knew Naiya had gone up to get them but paused and frowned looking up….she had not meant to if she had did she hurt Nai. She felt a hand land on her head and Aiyan shook his head no. "She just needs a few minutes with Breece and Kei….all this talk about families…." he said which wasn't a lie she needed that time with them and it was because of the talk about families just not why. It was his way of gently saying let it go. Kirie nodded.

"I love you." He answered to her Thank you his way of saying he never needed thanks for being there for her. "Perhaps Sable won't mind watching her for a little bit? Sable and Bayla are here….." He said not sure if Naiya would be okay with Sable babysitting having no idea at all that the young priestess could and would be able to. She often sat with little ones early in the mornings for parents and despite her seemingly rough and standoffish nature she really was a sweet Gatan. "I'm not sure why he said we should see the spiritus….but…he talks to the spirits around here not me."

Kahiri moved after putting their pup in the float and got undressed himself but stayed close to Celly uncase her legs didn't want to support her weight for long. Once undressed he reached out and gently caught her arm. "Here I'll help you in so we don't together make too many waves for Inara." he said gently as he coaxed Celly to him and then lifted her back into his arms Once holding her and cradling her again he carefully slipped in careful to not disturb the water too much so as to not worry himself or Celly but getting water in the float.

Sean nodded as she walked. "I little…" She said in agreement looking at him. "Perhaps some sort of fruit salad." She said hungry but clearly not wanting anything heavy the idea of eating anything heavy was like blah to her right now but she figured the hunger might be better served answering the taste for fruit something sweet or tart…

Rumi looked at her as she said she loved him to running his fingers through her golden hair and smiled. "They are and it's still amazing." he said in agreement then tipped his head. "It's very special to you isn't it? That tree?" He asked not fully understanding it's importance yet she had tried to explain it before but he had just been happy when her eyes lit up seeing it when she looked as if something that had been perhaps believed long lost was alive and well here in La'shrie. Kept safe from those who would hurt it. "I know you said it has very special meaning to your people. But Fiore has it here…." He said but it was clear by his tone he enjoyed learning about her people about her kind anything about her really.

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