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Re: No Subject
Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:04pm

Rio moved an arm around Vera as they sat there, "So, pretty good for a first date?" He asked, "Or should I have gone for the more dinner and a show?" Of course there weren't really any shows going on right now.

Serg nodded, "I do think about it a lot." He answered her honestly. Recalling all they went through. And here they are ready to move to the next adventure in their lives. How he almost lost her but got her back and now never wants to lose her ever again.

Lana looked up, "Hello Millie, it has been awhile." She noted. The last time the even spoke to one another she thought she over heard her and Garand were more than what they were. Of course she didn't know they were brother and sister so the egg was on her face.

Mela looking that the plate, "Is there a way to open portals with out going?" She asked finishing off the question. "There is, but though I am getting better I would still need some research some spells." She noted, "Which means while you are watching Horace tomorrow I might need to sneak into the library."

Torin taking Juno's hand, "I am feeling much more relaxed." He told her. It was very true it was like he was finally fitting in.

Tria smiled a little and brought her self in to hug Eri a bit. "Stay here, I'll bring him over." She noted turning her head towards Aspen and waved him over to come to table. "Let's hope he is as open to the idea as you are."

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    MIllie walked up to Garand and looked at him quietly he had this unreadable look to him. "Garand?" She asked looking at him not realizing he was feeling like...she was keeping something intentionally ... more
    • Re: No Subject — Acerbus, Sun Mar 11 7:04pm
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