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Shiloh (Senn thru Ashe)
Re: No Subject
Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:25pm

“Hey, no sorry needed. This is why we’re here, right? For you to get to know your family,” Senn said with a smiled. It didn’t bother him that she innocently assumed he didn’t know them, and the fact of it was that he only knew them as royals… he didn’t know them so much as individuals.

Nikki nodded a bit, starting to slowly relax a bit more before she looked around and then moved out of her chair and into his, on his lap, hugging to Averie. She just needed to be close. She understood… how close she could have come to losing him tonight… Despite being chronically shy around others, she didn’t really care if anyone looked at them funny for it in the moment. No one but a small number in the room know what had just nearly happened…

Spartan sat down again beside Silvi and reached over, taking her hand gently as she was clearly watching Nikki and Averie. “He’s okay,” he reassured his love.

Keelin looked into his eyes, her own shining with love. She smiled and moved in, kissing him softly, her tail wagging a bit against his wing that was around her. “Tonight… it’s like… real magic, Solan…“ she said softly, still catching her breath a bit as her body calmed.

“J-jarral…“ Wynter moaned on a single breath before it turned into a cute whining moan. She shifted her body in closer to him. She had her knees bent and yet together, but it didn’t hinder his attentions any, and her body was quick to respond to him, her lights letting him know it, as they’d danced like that in her sleep when he riled her up not all that long ago. She blushed deeply as she opened her eyes to look up at him, the fact she was looking him right in the eyes as he did these things probably having its own affect on the poor dragon.

“That’s a cute sound,“ Maks said, moving up to whisper into her ear, nuzzling along it a bit. He loved the happy little whine she made when his fingers found the base of her tail. He smiled and moved his hand around over her hip again, following the curve of her thigh down to her knee before he pulled her leg up over his waist, letting his hand run teasingly up and down the back of her thigh, knowing he was getting to his girlfriend. His own tail was thumping happily against the bed. He had different ways with each girl, for obvious reasons. They each brought out different sides of him and they were both so different that he responded differently to them and they liked different things… but right now, it was all about Fauve.

Lassa’s heart noticeably skipped a beat under his hand when he said her full name. She closed her eyes, returning the kiss, her hands moving away and up to hug Trilander’s neck as he started to move, promptly stirring up more of those cute, muffled moans from her as they shared deep, loving kisses.

Gypsy blushed as Braska moved over her as she laid there, feeling so small in the grizzly bear’s large bed. She looked up at him and then returned the kiss as he moved in. She felt all fluttery in her tummy and her heart was suddenly racing, but not because she was scared of what might happen, but because he excited her and made her so happy. Slowly her arms fell away from her chest, no longer hiding, coming up to rest against his arms as he braced himself over her.

Topaz blushed a bit as he was very clear about the differences. Mating was okay, sparring was not. She sighed a bit, clearly not really thrilled that her sparring matches with Yuuri would be off limits until their baby was born. It wasn’t a long wait in the broad scheme of things, but to the feisty, active roo, it was an eternity. But… “I guess… at least we can still play…“ she said innocently, meaning she and Fii, the roo blushing a bit as she realized just what she’d said.

Eko stood by as aiyan spoke with Kirie. He watched as Zai came back down with some pjs, spare blankets and a pillow for Sable. She set them on the sofa for her to take into the guest room with her once she felt ready to go in with Bayla again.

“I love you too,” Naiya said softly. She‘d barely noticed as Zai came and went with an obvious knowledge of where things were. She had taken care of the house while Naiya was away for those months, after all. She then looked to Breece again and nodded a bit. “I guess she could…” she agreed. She sighed and looked up at Kei again. “I think he just wants me to visit… to feel her strength…to see my parents marks,” she said, shaking her head a little. They were still on the tree, just like all those they‘ve lost… because on some level, they were never really gone.

Celly blushed a little as Kahiri scooped her up again and moved to get into the tub with her in his arms. She smiled at him, gratefully, as her legs had indeed felt like they might go out if she tried to climb in on her own. She watched Inara carefully as Kahiri got them into the tub, to ensure no water got into her little boat-shaped float.

Quinn nodded, “Then how about we order on our way, that was it’ll be there shortly after we get back to the room,“ he suggested, pulling out one of the palace crystals from his pocket with his free hand. He continued to walk with her, ordering a fruit salad for his girlfriend and a simple turkey sandwich for himself, along with the raspberry iced teas that he knew they’d both like.

Ashe smiled and nodded a bit as she watched him with nothing but love in her eyes. “It is,“ she agreed quietly. “It’s… those trees are special to all hinds, but… I don’t even know how many of us are left,“ she admitted. “Every spring, what’s left of my kind supposedly meet at the First Tree, on top of a mountain overlook what was once our valley. By the time I was born, our valley was gone… when it was there, though, it was known as Ceryneia and it was full of the apple trees. My mother died before she could show me the way there and to the mountain… so I’ve never met another like me. I don’t even know… if I went there, if I’d end up being the only one,“ she admitted. “So, to see another here, it’s incredibly special. The trees fruit is precious and is eaten for so many things. To bless unions between mates, to enhance fertility to start a family, to ensure the safe and happy entry into life for unborn fawns… like what I ate the fruit for this morning… and it worked,” she said with a smile, looking over at the crib for a moment. She only knew so much about them… because she’d lost her mom years ago and she’d never met another Hind… and all she knew of were stories.

  • No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Aspen), Sun Mar 11 8:25pm
    Vera shook her head a little against his shoulder. “No… this was just right,“ she said, smiling a bit. “I have to ask, though… how long were you planning this?“ she asked curiously. In the end, it... more
    • Re: No Subject — Shiloh (Senn thru Ashe), Sun Mar 11 8:25pm
      • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Mar 11 9:14pm
        Millie smiled as she nodded to Lana. "Hello Lana it has been but it's nice to see you again.." She said warmly and then paused her ears pivoting on her head a bit at Garand's tone….before falling... more
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          Drak looked like he was about to say something in agreement bout the dessert comment, but halted himself as he still had some meat he was chewing on, finishing that particular bite he grinned "One... more
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            Rio leaning back, "A few days now, had to get the right drinks in, though should have thought of some food so good on you for that." He told her, "Though our little adventure today I wondered if I... more
            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Sarah), Wed Mar 14 9:48pm
              “A few days…“ Vera repeated quietly as it sank in and she smiled to herself, feeling him sitting back, taking her with him a bit as her head had been resting on his hsoulder. She lifted her head a... more
              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Senn thru Ashe), Wed Mar 14 9:48pm
                “Just kept growing as these wars carried on,“ Senn noted. The family had flourished because of these horrible times… it drove them all to one place, seeking sanctuary, allowing them the chance to... more
                • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Wed Mar 14 10:40pm
                  Rio looking up, "A good result needs a good plan." He told her and smiled. Vera might tell that was a motto he might used for other things. "Well, hopefully then we can make this exciting for the... more
                  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Aspen), Wed Mar 14 11:13pm
                    Vera paused a moment and felt the ridiculous heat in her face again when he suggested this could be exciting for both of them... exploring this new relationship between them. She slowly sat up,... more
                  • Re: No SubjectKari, Wed Mar 14 11:12pm
                    Millie looked at Garand as he took her hand and then lead her off from everyone else she followed him her ears turned back not realizing….mostly because it felt natural and she was busy trying to put ... more
                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Wed Mar 14 11:42pm
                      Rio blinked a few times, "Right, next few days." And now Vera gets to learn Rio is good at making some plans, but struggles to keep them going. Lucky for the both of them Crys can help a little bit... more
                      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Aspen), Thu Mar 15 12:40am
                        Vera laughed a little. “I was just kidding, Rio. I… I don’t expect this all the time,“ she assured him. She wasn’t used to it, so it’d been a nice surprise, but… she was still trying to shake herself ... more
                        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Garand thru Twilight), Thu Mar 15 12:41am
                          Garand stopped with Millie near the colonnade that would lead to the balconies where summer night feasts were usually held just off the dining room. He looked at her and they both seemed to be in... more
                          • Re: No SubjectKari, Thu Mar 15 3:48am
                            Eri looked a bit thankful when Aspen placed his hand on her belly absorbing the impacts of the dragon pup's kicks and it seemed to have worked as the boy seemed to have worn himself out battling his... more
                            • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Thu Mar 15 1:57pm
                              Drak's frame jerked once letting out a muffled cough in response to Sarah's daddy joke, he took a sip of his wine to make it look like he had merely been eating his meal too quickly and needed... more
                              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Thu Mar 15 2:43pm
                                Rio took a breath hearing that part, but it didn't mean he wouldn't try of course. He looked back to Vera. "You been raining me with compliments tonight, normally isn't that my job to you?" He asked... more
                                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Sarah), Thu Mar 15 9:41pm
                                  “Have I?“ Vera asked and then smiled a little and shook her head a bit when he asked if it shouldn’t be the other way around, with him giving her compliments. “Well… you could start any time,“ she... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Garand thru Twilight), Thu Mar 15 9:43pm
                                    “Well, you weren’t,“ Garand said, shaking his head. “Why didn’t you ask me?“ he asked. Aspen was running around this place with his hands full enough as it was… why had she asked him to come with her ... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Thu Mar 15 11:04pm
                                      Rio just smirked a little bit and leaned in close, "All right lovely eyes." He told her and attempted to kiss Vera lightly one more time. Lana sighed a bit, "I know she does and of course I do too.... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectKari, Thu Mar 15 11:03pm
                                      Eri nodded as Tria said that but looked down at the baby bump honestly if she answered her she'd have to say the truth she hadn't gone at all. But she did glance up. "I was thinking of heading back... more
                                      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus (Tria), Fri Mar 16 1:04am
                                        Tria looked to Eri as she noted about heading back right now. Looking to Aspen who still ha the little Pup and the Yuuri walking over telling him where Mille was at. "So, Aspen if you want go and... more
                                        • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Fri Mar 16 4:14pm
                                          Recomposing himself quickly as Sarah spoke, Drak gave the adoreable flair a wry smile "Granted, although to be fair in my defense..most of my teasing is done when no one is around to see you flush"... more
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