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Shiloh (Garand thru Twilight)
Re: No Subject
Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:41am

Garand stopped with Millie near the colonnade that would lead to the balconies where summer night feasts were usually held just off the dining room. He looked at her and they both seemed to be in silence for a bit. He was waiting for her to speak about what had happened to her and she seemed to be waiting for him to tell her what had him so upset. “Am I the last to know?” he asked. It wasn’t something he was used to, not from her. Everyone else acted like they’d already known about this or seen it, and he felt like the jerk who no one cared to tell that his sister had gone through this, not even her.

“I know, Yuuri,“ Senn said, rubbing her back, his hand moving under her wings to do so. He wasn’t trying to brush them or rile her, though it tended to be a side-effect of his attempts to comfort his girlfriend. “Wars… don’t last forever. And we’re going to win this one. Not every battle will be ours, but… the fact we’re here and that we’re living our lives in spite of what’s happening out there, that we’re embracing the light and making it brighter in the face of that darkness… it’s literally the best thing we can do to fight back,“ he said. If Raiser wanted to snuff out the light, they’d make sure there was always a light in the world that she couldn’t touch. She’d almost succeeded through Blaise… trying to snuff out Finn… but she’d failed… and Senn was certain Raiser would always lose to the light in the end… even if it took another hundred years or just one more day.

Nikki’s ears lifted and then fell back as he said that. She moved in and nuzzled his neck as she just held to him. “I’m okay,“ she said. Her own appetite had waned with her concern… She’d just have to bring something back to the room with them that would keep well, to enjoy if she woke with hunger pangs tonight. She smiled. “Perfect…“ she agreed in a soft voice, closing her eyes to just cuddle there while Averie ate.

Keelin blushed, unable to help it when he spoke of the forever promise that would happen tomorrow night. Oh, if only Millie knew his plans, she’d have probably been playfully traditional about tonight… keeping them apart until the wedding, but… after all Solan and Keelin had been through getting to this moment… this was the right way for them to do it. To spent their last night before marriage together, in each other’s arms. “I’m so excited to have forever with you, solan…“

Wynter’s voice dissolved into a whine as she reached down to stop his hand, his dancing fingers playing somewhere that was now so intensely sensitive, her hips couldn’t stop bucking under the attentions. She guided his hand to her thigh, panting heavily and needing a moment to recover from the feelings that were flooding through her. She’d been asleep for her first climax… but awake for this one… and her head was swimming, her heart racing, her body tingling all over. She opened her eyes to look at him, the blush on her cheeks a pretty compliment to the colors washing through her fur at the moment. “J… Jarral… that…“ she just couldn’t form words, but he’d know from that sound she’d made at climax… she’d enjoyed it.

“When you… use my full name… I know you’re… eager,“ Maks teased between breaths and moans. Her hips and body shifting so sensually against his was getting a very obvious rise out of the dhole, making her movements all the more effective. He let out a whine followed by a needy growl as he kissed along her neck and up to her lips.

Lassa panted a bit after that last kiss, her body holding him so tightly as he moved, and yet it was getting even more intense as she got closer and closer to climax. She knew it was coming, was anticipating the feeling that was about to wash over her and all through her. The heat from Trilander that always felt so good and that had put at least one pup in her without their knowledge. Her one hand was resting over his long, full tail as it moved over their bodies and in the sheets beside them, her fingers tensing in the deep, thick fur, likely feeling good to Tri, but also a sign she was achingly close already to climax.

Gypsy blushed deeply even when Braska ventured to places he’d visited earlier, but then she paused and blinked a few times as it seemed to take her brain a moment to catch up to what her body was feeling. Braska had started going lower, her tummy tensing as his kisses along it tickled a bit, but then they were still going lower, and she became fully away of his hands brushing over her hips, as though tempted to take the panties down with them. She finally took a breath, nearly forgetting to, and although her tummy was fully of butterflies and her mind wanted to tell him not to go there, her heart seemed to skip beats over the fact this was happening with Braska and she wanted it with him. She wouldn’t tell him to stop… She caressed his ear with her fingers as though to let him know that she was okay with this. Shy as she might be!

Eko walked away from Naiya and Kei’s home, back through the heart of the village with Zai, in order to get back to their home. He held her hand and then gestured, “Can I carry that for you?“ he asked, holding out his other hand in front of them to take the basket. It wasn’t the lightest thing around, mostly the weight of the vials and bottles.

Naiya smiled a bit and nodded, pulling back a little to look at Kei. “Oh… he’s always twinning,” she said, knowingly. She sighed a bit. “Let’s… let’s go see Spiritus… we should anyway. She’s been through a lot today, too,” she said. The tree could be referred to as ‘she’ or ‘he’, whichever felt right to the Druids, as it was a spirit of nature, sprung from the magics of the ancients eons ago, but not the vessel for a specific ancient. She took his hand and moved to head downstairs again to see Aiyan and Zai.

Zai shook her head. “I had a feeling,” she said. “I don’t mind,” she added about them being here a bit longer. “I’m happy to stay with you and Breece for Naiya and Kei, as long as they need,” she assured her husband, then noticed the couple coming back downstairs.

Luna sighed contently and mmm’d a bit as Kahiri continued to sing. It was so easy to forget all of the awful parts of the day and only think of the good parts when Kahiri had her feeling this safe and serene. How she’d ever gotten his attention growing up, she’d never understand it. He’d been friends with her big sister, Misty. They were the same age, and she always thought he’d end up with her sister, and somehow… he’d always been the one to give Misty’s little sister more attention than anyone. In those memories, she could still see timelines shifting, and in moments she could remember him… Ryn… who was her age. She’d never really noticed how he watched, how he always ended up overshadowed by Ri when it came to her. And then… his threats this morning… they started to creep back into her mind… did she tell ri what Ryn had said to her? The threats he’d made? He warned her not to… threatened Inara if she told him, threatened her if she stayed… she just felt so helpless and yet… Ri’s song was soothing all the same.

Quinn smiled and nodded. “Yeah,” he agreed as they reached the room and he moved to open the door for her, letting go of her hand to make a playful sweeping gesture with his arm. “Ladies first,” he said, knowing their food would be here soon enough, perhaps with enough time to let his centauress get herself comfy for bed.

“I know I would be lost without you too, Rumi,“ Ashe said softly, her hand slowly running down to rest on his chest. “Everything it took to get here, to this point… to find you and to fall in love with you… it‘s all been so worth it,” she said quietly, her eyes getting heavier.


Twilight slept soundly with Jupiter, unaware on most levels that Dimael was nearby their royal apartments, and yet there was perhaps some part of her that knew something was close that had a familiar aura to it… but she would be hard-pressed to understand why. That the reason she was so special, even as an Oracle, had a lot to do with her great grandmother, Twilia, and her relationship with Dimael… The line had not always fallen to their family, with many Oracles between Twilia and Twilight, but Twilia had been considered the most influential Oracle, ushering a long time of peace, that is until now. Twilight’s feathers danced along the edges with a fine line of that purple light that seemed to come from within her. in the room, it was very faint, but to someone like Eros, it’d light up the room. She wasn’t having visions this time as she dreamed, but it felt more like… memories… only they weren’t her’s.

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                  Rio just smirked a little bit and leaned in close, "All right lovely eyes." He told her and attempted to kiss Vera lightly one more time. Lana sighed a bit, "I know she does and of course I do too.... more
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                      Recomposing himself quickly as Sarah spoke, Drak gave the adoreable flair a wry smile "Granted, although to be fair in my defense..most of my teasing is done when no one is around to see you flush"... more
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