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Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:48am

Eri looked a bit thankful when Aspen placed his hand on her belly absorbing the impacts of the dragon pup's kicks and it seemed to have worked as the boy seemed to have worn himself out battling his dad. She looked up though as Aspen seemed just as okay with all of this as Tria was excited to be doing it. She looked at them then at Aspen and blinked a bit. "Chantilly….will be stopping by after dinner….to do a check up." She said letting him know…..but it might really bug Aspen to learn Eri had been dodging the infirmary still very much so. Neither one of them though knew the 'gourmet' meals that Eri had been getting that had helped make her feel….so very unwelcome and like she was doing something terrible only to hear from Tria that Tria had been worried about her and an apology from Tae about the food. Aspen knew the mischievous castle well as they had agreed to it….the castle was playing with different basic set ups figuring Tria would want to help Eri with finalizing the stuff but she could at least make the first part easier for them….of course since they weren't in the room it was easy for La'shire to play around with different concepts…..mostly to amuse herself.

Millie stared at him quiet a moment….."Last….to….know?" She asked blinking her ears twitching and then her tail moving she felt natural in this form but still forgot about it things like tail and… she swung it trying to figure out what it was he was the last to know she was tired….too on top of it not having gotten any sleep after casting the dream arc, the excitement of becoming a grandma….the stress of not knowing what everyone was protecting her from to meeting with Sarah and then probably about twenty minutes ago the seal was finally broken came here and she's been reeling between getting something to eat and then trying to figure out who knew what and people she would not expect to know anything seemed to know something her tail smacked the wall close to her and she yipped before looking back and sighing. Then shook her head no. "I just…found out myself about twenty minutes maybe half an hour ago Garand…" She said as she reached down and rubbed her tail. "I'm still trying to figure out who….knew what…" She looked up at her baby brother letting the sorely abused tail go then closed the distance hugging him as she did….she filled him in on everything since that morning….how much of a whirlwind it had been she was tired…."I’m sorry Garand….I'd never put you in a position like that….I came here tonight to try to figure out who knew what….and to tell anyone who didn't. The way everyone's been acting since I got here…..I guess a part of me thought you knew….Mov was the only one outside of Sarah who said he knew when he spoke to me….but he said I looked like this as a kid once…between this feeling natural and the way….everyone is just sorta accepting it as this is the way I'm supposed to be…..I was beginning to feeling like I was the only one who hadn't known"

Yuuri looked at him when he said that Wars didn't last forever and smiled. "Good thing." She said about that as she lifted her drink. "If I have to be honest….I don't mind sparing….I'll fight in a true battle if I have to…but I'd rather spar….because….then at the end of the day we can laugh have lunch and do it again…..but…." She looked at him. "I don't want to ever see the day….when we as a people any of us…forget what the light looks and feels like. Even if it's no bigger then a candle wick….as long as we hold onto it. There's always a chance make it brighter again." Yuuri smiled. "She can't have the light."

Averie nodded as he smiled down at her. Holding her gently in his lap as he ate. Seeing the smile as she nuzzled him a bit after repeating perfect and it was…..after that whole ordeal to hold her like this in his arms was prefect he had to eat…he had no other choice in that Solace just burned through too much not to. But….this….her..he could hold on because he had her. And Kiva and of course his family but his world was right here in his lap snuggled up. The strength of her heart of her love….was incredible.

Solan nodded as he looked at her and smiled. "So am I." he said in agreement forever. He'd have it all set up sending out everything in the morning oh he was sure Princess Millie would give him a ear full about not letting her do the traditional thing but then smile showing how playful that ear full was and be happy for them. Of course he had no idea that the princess herself was looking a bit different this evening. He did know…that Keelin felt warm and safe around Millie….and would no doubt be tickled pink if Millie agreed to come with Solan was sure she would Millie was fond of Keelin.

Jarral blushed a bit as her voice indicated just how intense and good that felt. He swore that he was going to become tomato at this rate he was so red….but the blushing wasn't a bad sort of blush as his hand rested on her leg. "Wynter…" He whispered not sure…..but the way she was breathing and she didn't sound up….in fact she looked rather flushed.

Fauve smiled as she kissed him back. "Mmm hmm.." She hummed into the kiss her own hand moving down from his ear to travel slowly lightly down his back her hips moving before her fingertips found that elusive tail of his she had not yet touched. "You're….such….a tease…" She said a bit moans of her own the words coming out on a sensual growl. Leaning her head back to allow him access to her neck.

Trilander felt it building swirling he swore in the pit of his stomach it was coiling there even as he felt her fingers playing in the thick fur of his tail his body moving with hers before that heat dropped on him hitting him in that low spot bringing out that low sensual how that belonged to Thalassa. The difference in the howl's was incredible really Marin's hit him so very hard and fast it was loud and powerful where as even this one built up….was more like a long low melody then a sharp cry. He would have never stopped to think about it before but Lassa had been devastated that he'd howl for Marin but her not realizing there was a difference he had known it. Known he'd never hit that 'high' with Lassa because it was a completely different emotion but this one…..his other fiancé would bounce his tail to the floor shortly after it started if he tried to do anything this sensual with her.

Braska moved down his fingers hooking her panties removing them as he glanced up the length of her body she was so very beautiful and she was letting him even as he felt her fingers playing with his fuzzy ear he moved going the rest of the way down to not so innocent places lavishing her with attention wanting to make her feel as good as she made him moments ago. He'd no doubt get wound up again but he'd deal right now his focus was on her.

Kirie looked at him and smiled. "Thank you." She said as she handed the basket to Eko. It was funny any other guy she would have insisted she had it but she never minded with Eko perhaps because he never made her feel like it was because she couldn't do but rather because just liked helping her.

Kei laughed as Naiya said he was always twinning. "Good to know." he said as he walked with her. "Agreed." He said as he walked with her down the steps. Aiyan smiled as he looked at the duo as they approached the bottom step.

"Headed out?" Aiyan asked and Kei snorted chuckling.

"Yeah Aiyan….we'll be back shortly if you don't mind….watching Breece a bit?" He said and Aiyan chuckled and waved by to them. Letting Kei know yes indeed he did 'twin' as Kei liked to call it and they were more then fine with it.

Ri had no idea at all he could not remember Ryn….didn't remember him at all what this other was what he was doing or what threats he made. He had no idea at all that he was threatening Inara. That he had tormented Luna….or even that if Ryn kept it up what choice's he was giving her…..But he if he did remember he'd have cause for concern….Ryn had tried endlessly in his own time line to kill his brother and father….to get rid of those who he felt 'took everything from him' He wanted Celluna and he was furious that Millie always, always looked so disapprovingly at him…..Millie even sealed his magic…his form sealed it in a way that he believed only the Lunar Crest could undo….it couldn't. The only thing that could break the seal on Ryn….was him finding what it was he was missing. What it was….he didn't have. Love for others compassion. Things Kahiri had in troves Ryn seemed to almost completely lack.

Sean giggled as she looked at him and walked in turning around in a circle in the room before letting herself drop playfully back on the bed staring up at the ceiling as she did. "Mmm nightie or bathrobe?" She mused playfully trying to figure just how much she wanted to actually wear as sometimes it was just more comfortable for her to snuggle up in a bathrobe the centauress being half horse….well it wasn't like she could put clothes on the horse half….although that would be a funny sight she mused as she glanced over at Quinn smiling he looked so relaxed.

Rumi hugged her and brought a hand up to gently brush through her hair. "I love you too." He whispered to her as he kissed the top of her head knowing she had been through a lot before coming here but there were probably things she didn't want to talk about they all had those though. Those moments.
Dimael's dreams bounced about one night holding Twilia in his arms under the bows of a willow tree and several others never dreaming about the act itself but of holding her of there talking even Twilia teasing him asking him what would he do if he gave her a baby his answer had been simple he'd marry her regardless. She had blushed so prettily. His dreams shifted to the day though…..all of that changed without warning a week after he had told her he'd marry her…..and she had asked him to wait a bit before proposing she wanted to do it right with him the marriage…because what they had….they could not tell anyone not yet not with all Raiser was doing no one would understand. So it came….as a cold blow when it happened. They had returned to Aeon a week that night, and the Priestess's had been there with a young man dressed in ceremonial robes. They spoke of her marrying him of carrying on a strong proud line and heritage and Twilia had smiled warmly brightly and nodded walking up to the man and looking at the Priestess asking them to please proceed quickly she didn't wish to wait and was so happy they found her someone to love her…..

Dimael hated having this dream she never looked back at him he was unable to move forwards the night they promised there hearts that he would marry her she placed the amber around his neck with two leaves Aeon's tree and few small berries from the tree it was a lovely stone. 'a promise that I will always love you' she had said. That night they had sworn so many things he remembered her placing the agate around his neck but as she rested against him she blushed head bowed so he missed something as simple as her pretty blush….and her hand resting on her belly over the blankets they were curled up with. But that day could not move he could not take a step forward she had stepped away from him without even looking at him and moved off with the priestesses to marry…that man. As if her rush….to marry that man had ripped him apart whole inside.The dream skipped even as Dimael's heart ached and he saw her first born after they were born the 'boy' who had become her husband stopping him from approaching telling him that 'no monster' would ever hold his children. The look on Twilia's face had been absolutely unreadable she seemed to almost be imploring with him to understand but understand what? He wished her well and congratulated her on having her baby……but he turned and left walking out. It hurt….it always did and yet he endless when she'd send word while he traveled that she needed to speak with him warn him he'd return and the dream bounced around he swore he was just a glutton for punishment. No matter how much he should shut down his feelings for her they simply would not stop.

He stood before her at this point as she tipped her head looking at him much older now….yet just as beautiful her children were off dating and doing things no longer little babies. She tipped her head and spoke to him asking him if he remembered yelling at her the first time they met for being so…..intensely selfish. He snorted and looked out at the distance. Replying that she was the only woman he knew who believed that just because she could guide people to the right path doesn't mean there going to take it and that makes it her fault. People are responsible for there own choices in life good or bad, her visions don't make her response for them….all she can do is guide them. It's up to them to choose to follow or do something else but either way her burden began and ended….with telling people of the choices before them. Because even then…the moment she told them something about it was bound to change the future was always in flux. She smiled at him commenting that was what she always loved about him….and he flinched stiffening asking her to please…..not say anything….she did not truly mean, but he didn't look at her perhaps if he had in that moment he would have seen her tears then seen her reach out a trembling hand as if to say something her lips moving before dropping and looking away apologizing to him for saying to much for hurting him. He turned to walk away and she gasped as if to say something he lifted his right hand waving…..saying he be around should she need him to take care of something……

Dimael jerked awake though as time had passed and yet not nearly enough for this night to be over the snippets of the others had been brief moments little things but that one…..why now? Why remember that part of the past, the part he swore just enjoyed ripping his heart out of his chest. He lowered his left hand to his knees and looked at his right….before tsking and sighing. To keep a promise to Twilia….that was why he was here….he swore he enjoyed being tormented by that woman even now… even be reminded her walking away so suddenly without warning. He didn't even know why….why she chose what she did and she always smiled so forlornly after she married that man to. Swore she was content and happy….but….always seemed sad.

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