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Shiloh (Garand thru Twilight)
Re: No Subject
Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:43pm

“Well, you weren’t,“ Garand said, shaking his head. “Why didn’t you ask me?“ he asked. Aspen was running around this place with his hands full enough as it was… why had she asked him to come with her instead of calling Garand? They’d always been so close and told each other everything… how was it so different today?

Senn smiled and nodded, moving to give Yuuri’s cheek a kiss. “She won’t get it,“ he said confidently. He then paused and his ears perked up as Torin said he and Juno were going to head out and call it a night. He couldn’t really blame them. He wasn’t sure what their day had consisted of, but he was sure it was probably just as busy as his and Yuuri’s. He had a feeling Yuuri would be calling it a night soon enough, too. She’d literally died and come back today and he wanted her in his arms all night…

Nikki could actually feel like, even in this crowded dining room with all of this extended family, that it was just her and Averie. She was looking forward to getting back to Kiva, to just be like this with him all night, cuddled up close.

Keelin smiled and her tail wagged under the sheets. She cuddled up to Solan, nuzzling in under his chin before moving up to kiss him softly. “I love you so much,“ she whined happily. There was no denying it when he looked into her eyes. They simply shined with that pure, deep love for him, with the happiness she felt with him. She closed her eyes and cuddled in close once more, hugging his waist as she did, wanting to be snug against her soon-to-be- husband.

Wynter looked up at Jarral as he said her name again. She was still struggling to catch her breath, to come down from that feeling, but her body was still aching and tingling, wanting to feel more of his touches, but… her head was making her too shy to admit it. “I… “ she blushed, unable to verbalize how he’d just made her feel, likely just as inexplicable as how she’d made him feel in the tub. “I love you…“ she said, knowing that would convey it more than enough and would reassure the dragon.

“You can stop that at any time,“ Maks whispered with a playful little growl as he continued nuzzling her neck. He dipped his head lower, kissing along her collarbone and then down the middle of her chest and ip again to her lips. He rolled a bit with her so he was on top, bracing himself over her as they kissed.

Lassa felt the howl ripple through her and her body tensed up even more on Trilander as she let out her own adorable cry. She could feel the heat inside her once more, a familiar feeling today with him, considering all of their activity. The fact the selkie seemed poised to be embraced by him all through the day and night was impressive, considering how fearful he’d always been that he might be too much for her until today.

Gypsy blushed deeper than a rose when she felt him pull that last piece of clothing off of her. She had little time to be shy as he took her in and resumed his travels down. She gasped and let out a few adorable moans that clearly expressed her mixed emotions at the moment. She was nervous and shy and yet the pleasure that she felt from the moment his attentions began there was obvious. She brought one hand up to cover her eyes a bit as though she was somehow hiding as he pleasured her. Her other hand remained in his hair, brushing against his ears. Her mind was swimming. How was it possible that this was really happening right now?!

“Any time,“ Eko said with a smile. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze as they walked back through the village, the streets lit up with tall lanterns that burned with some pale blue flame that seemed to almost mimic the light of Spiritus. He always found the quiet evening village as lovely as when it was bustling with life in the day. “I bet you’re looking forward to just getting back and relaxing…“ he said quietly. “I am too…“

Naiya nodded. “Thank you, Aiyan.. Zai,“ she said as, like expected, they’d clearly already discussed staying since there was no doubt in Nai’s mind that Aiyan was always attentively ‘twinning’. She looked at Kei and smiled a little, nodding to him. “Let’s go,“ she said, heading out with him, her hand still in his.

Zai looked at Aiyan and smiled. “I’ll go up and keep an eye on Breece. How about you let Sable know everything she’ll need is on the sofa in the living room, and then you can come up with me,” she suggested, knowing Aiyan, being a big brother type to Bayla too, might want to be the one to give Sable the last word for the night.

Luna had almost nodded off in his arms, but jerked awake quickly and looked around to make sure Inara was still here, still okay. Her ears tipped every which way, but Ri was still singing, and she slowly relaxed. Ryn wasn’t here. He hadn’t come. Part of her wondered how he could ever succeed in his threats, but there was another part of her that worried deeply… about if he followed through. She knew better than to underestimate others… and although she couldn’t fully remember him in the mixed up timeline, she remembered enough to know… he made her deeply unsettled, and for good reason.

“Whatever you’re most comfortable to sleep in,“ Quinn said as he moved to get out of his clothes and into some pj pants and a tshirt. He smiled over at her as he put his clothes into the hamper. “That’s all that matters, after all.“ He felt more relaxed after that good encounter with Rumi, and having had the day for the news of fatherhood to sink in. He was still nervous, but hid it well. He’d always make it work for her. For them.

Ashe smiled and sighed happily, her eyes closing completely. She shifted in the bed a bit, cuddling up to Rumi, then paused. “Mmm… don’t you want to change?“ she asked, able to feel he was still in his day clothes… while he’d taken care to help her get washed up and in her comfiest, softest nightshirt. She was ready to cuddle up to him and get some real rest, but she wanted them both to be comfy.


Twilight woke suddenly, but she barely moved, not enough to wake Jupiter. She looked around the room. It was dark now, with the faintest glow behind the curtains from the lanterns outside. She slowly shifted on the bed a bit until she managed to get to the edge without rousing her husband, not wanting to disturb his sleep. She rubbed her eyes and slid off the bed, moving out of the bedroom and into the kitchenette just off of the sitting room and the small dining alcove near their balcony. She got the pitcher of water from the fridge and poured herself a glass. It wasn’t really the place to cook anything large, which was why most of that was done in the royal kitchen, but it was enough for small things. She sipped her water and looked towards the balcony doors, approaching them and drawing back the curtain to look out at the colorful lanterns. She opened the door and stepped outside, padding over to the railing and leaning against it as she breathed in the cool spring air. Her head didn’t feel right. She just couldn’t sleep, despite the fact she was tired from today’s intense visions… she just couldn’t understand why. And then there was Jupiter… he was so certain he could sense something amiss out there… but what? And how?

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