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Re: No Subject
Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:03pm

Eri nodded as Tria said that but looked down at the baby bump honestly if she answered her she'd have to say the truth she hadn't gone at all. But she did glance up. "I was thinking of heading back now." she said honestly she was tired. The food looked wonderful but she just could not get an appetite up to eat and had no idea Tae was busying herself readying thing that could be made light and quick for Eri should her appetite return. Eri stood up hand on her belly as she did it did take a lot out of her right now and she flinched a bit as that sharp low pain went through her, she had lower stress at least right now but she hadn't had long with it being lower. And her little worries now were much smaller perhaps because Tria was trying to shorten the distance between all of them and make them a family a full family as unique as there dynamic was.

She looked at him. "Garand I would have but I had been upset about something and went out to the gardens to cool my head a bit. Dad was worried so he asked Aspen to come check on me and he offered to stay and wait for Sarah to come….I didn't go seek him out he was already there." She said honestly. "It wasn't that I was trying to exclude you at all. I'd never do that to you on purpose Garand." She said looking at him.

Yuuri looked about and then glanced over as Eri was standing up but she was with Aspen and Tria. She smiled and kissed his cheek in return seeing as how Aspen seemed to be looking for Millie she got up and walked over Yuuri only picked up on it because he glanced at the pup in his arms and then around she walked over. "Aspen, if you're looking for Millie she's out in the towards the balacony's with Garand….I believe he looked upset about something and she went to talk to him." Yuuri wouldn't have but in but it looked like Eri was ready to call it a night and it looked like Aspen and Tria wanted to get her back to the room.

Averie finished up the dish he was eating and it seemed to be holding for now. He glanced over at his mom and smiled. "I think we're going to call it a night. It's….been a bit more exciting then we had counted on." he said and Silivi smiled nodding she could not blame him for wanting to get back to there kitten and just have his family close after that.

"Of course make sure to say good night to Blake and Mela as well as your Dad Averie he's no doubt very worried….but he doesn't want to make a scene by coming over here…." She said smiling and chuckling Trait kept casting worried glances at Averie since his return knowing that he was better but still.

Averie nodded. "We will." He said as he stood easily collecting Nikki into his arms as he did knowing in his own way she'd feel better with what happened earlier being able to stay close to him and he'd feel better to holding her in his arms as he was.

Solan wrapped his arms around her. "I love you too." he said warmly as he tucked his wings in around her but also brought his long fur covered tail to wrap around her adding into the warmth he was warm as it was, and her warmth was keeping him warm but he didn't want her catching a chill tonight and knew well enough how arm being bundled up in his wings and tail was it was perhaps one of the reasons he didn't leave them out but for her….he would as much as she liked.

Jarral looked at her as she said just three simple words and his heart skipped a beat. "I love you too." He whispered back with the same feelings it was true and he did he looked at her and she took his breathe away right now. Smiling he reached up and traced her cheek as she caught her breathe he didn't know what to do form here but did lean up and nuzzle her a bit affectionately. Just following that impulse at the moment.

Fauve looked at him. "And if I don't want to?" she whispered back playfully as he teased her about stopping at any time humming a bit as he rolled them over and brought her arms up around him her tail wagging and bouncing against the bed. She let out a sensual playful growl of her own that let him know he had her right where he wanted her…..

Trilander felt the howl work it's way out as his body road out the sensations he finally was able to stop his head bowing as bit as he panted trying to catch his breathe it always took it but for reasons that thrilled him to no end. His tail wagged and the room was awash in a rainbow of colors reflecting what he was feeling inside one of the things he found amazing was that she didn't mind she knew the walls and the castle resonated with his feelings and his light knew that when it was doing this….here in this room others knew he was making love to one of his mates this time being here and they were excited and happy about it. And yet….Lassa loved seeing the lights dancing in this fashion right now because like even the howl it was different then with Marin these colors these lights the difference in the feelings was all hers. "I….love….you…" he said between breathes.

Braska continued to lavish her with attention he would not go further then this….further was full out mating before they were ready even he knew that but he could lavish her with undo attention making sure to allow her to feel all of the pleasure she could from this. He could feel her fingers in his hair and that was enough the way they moved to let him know she was alright with it.

"I am." she said smiling as she looked at Eko. "It'll be a perfect ending to day…." She said despite the ups and downs hearing that he had her heart and she had his….made this awful day turn around in ways she could not being to express and then finishing her fathers work. This day right now to be able to just cuddle and relax and see whereever fate took them was fine with her. Although she didn't say it….finding out that he did love her….was probably the best birthday present she could have ever asked for. Then seeing his mark appear on the Spiritus that the Spiritus accepted him as a child of Ethion.

Kei walked out with Naiya heading towards the Spiritus he wasn't sure but Aiyan was so certain Naiya needed this right now and well he wasn't about to argue and it seemed he was always keeping an eye on Naiya. Not that Naiya ever seemed to mind it was almost like a comfort knowing that her brother was always just a mere feeling or thought away should she need him.

Aiyan nodded. "I'll go speak with her then be up." He said kissing Zai's cheek. "I won't be long." He said as he moved to walk off and let Sable know all of this and Zai was right he was the protective big brother type but he also knew Bayla would be heart broken if he chased Sable off.

Kahiri finished the song after a bit his hand coming up to hug her gently. "You okay?" He asked when he asked that he knew something more was troubling her something she wasn't saying it was in her tension usually when he sang unless something was really troubling her she'd completely relax but this was as if something was worrying her to no end. He could not change it he could not help her if she didn't let him.
But he had no idea her worries were over Ryn….and what he threatened her with.

Sean nodded and walked into the closet she came out again a few minutes later in a soft long robe the sleeves billowed out and was silken. But she loved wearing it to bed. It was comfortable then walked up to him and hugged Quinn leaning in to kiss him gently as she approached. She was happy very happy today.

Rumi nodded. "I should… much as I want to just hold you in my arms tonight…." he said honestly and chuckled. "I'll just be a moment." He said as he kissed her and then climbed out of bed walking over to slip into a pair of comfortable pj pants putting the dirty clothes in the hamper Quinn had looked so relieved when Rumi accepted him but he had seen enough Stallions enough so called mates who would get a mare with child then bolt…..Quinn had not done that he had proved him wrong and had stood firm before him. That….he could respect. Quinn would do right by his sister. Ashe and Sean's believe in him was sound.

Whisper separated from Dimael becoming a lovely large black swallow tail butterfly with 'whispers' of color like stained glass through her wings she didn't look threatening at all. But Dimael's mind was in a bad place right now and he didn't realize Twilight was up so she flew over to the balcony setting down on it near the girl looking at her she could not speak not in the sense others could but drifted up after a moment and landed lightly on her arm. Twilight was so troubled by the look on her face a look that often Dim would talk her through on sleepless nights but tonight he was having his own bad dreams which were affecting Twilight without his realizing it. But now she sat on Twilights arm as she often did Dimael's during the day when he traveled with Twilia and Pherenice.

Dimael sat on the large branch of the tree he had felt Whipser wander off which wasn't a big deal she's go find some berries or fruit and come back. He had no idea she went to go check on Twilight while his head rested on his arm on his knee's. His right arm hanging behind him those memories always made his heart hurt. Why he had that dream now he didn't know. He could not sense any danger to Twilight in the area and had no idea that she was picking up on his dreams at the moment. He'd feel horrible for waking her though.

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