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Re: No Subject
Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:28am

Eri chuckled and shook her head as he said he kept the good parts more or less she then glanced at Tria….right now they both looked so happy and content with his as if it was all fine with the idea of her moving in and Tria had even affirmed that before they left when she said lets go back to our room. She fully intended for them to be a fully blended family it was different but could they actually make it work? "Something tells me this boy is going to be a handful…" she said sighing as she felt the dragon unicorn pup moving about stretching and seeming to become more awake and active sleep who needed sleep?

Averie nodded. "Sounds good." He said to his brother, it was funny really although they weren't exactly blood relations they were family it and had been surprisingly easy for him upon his return to accept all of them as family. It had felt almost natural…probably because even if he had been secluded thanks to the ordeals in town none of them out-casted him from the start although it had been just a touch awkward in the beginning. "Good night." He said bowing his head to them both. Smiling as Nikki thanked them as well. This was not the time or place to make them all worry because of Raiser's attack on him Blake he realized was more then aware that something had happened but was letting it go for the sake of entertaining his guests and the danger whatever it was had passed.

Miharu was still resting floating between a fully deep sleep and semi awake keeping part of his awareness tuned to Vespa. He'd more then likely wake and let them in once they got there….even if he was very protective of Vespa and the vulnerable state she was in. She had woken once which meant she was out of the dangerous neck of the woods in the healing process.

Trait had a drink in his hand but turned when he heard Senn speak to him and smiled shaking his head. "Please Sennenhound….tonight there is no need for such formalities…" he said trying to hide the wariness and how tired he was. There just seemed to be no stopping Raiser and she had found away to attack his first born son. If not for Nikki disrupting it when she did and Drak and Ivy/Nour he may have very well lost Averie tonight….honestly Trait was just looking for a small sliver of good news having no idea that Senn was here with perhaps just that. "You’re here with one of my adorable little sisters at a family dinner….we can leave the titles off." Just as long as he didn't worry and back off of asking!

Millie chuckled and leaned in kissing his cheek. "Don't be silly. I would not have come with you if I wasn't worried." She said shaking her head. "I knew something was bothering you your best friend and adorable little brother Garand. You didn't pull me away." She said being herself and letting him know certainly she didn't mind coming with him he needed to talk to her. "We've been so busy lately we haven't had the chance to talk like we used to. I miss it." She smiled. "But your right tonight is the family dinner….I'm sure they're all going to get curious what mischief we're up to now….at those who know us well." She said chuckling meaning Mov, Blake, there dad anyone who they grew up with who knew if these two disappeared for too long…it usually spilled trouble especially together.

Jarral nodded as she said it was perfect and smiled snuggling up to her at least right now his body was settling down which was a relief of sorts they had played a bit….and she looked so happy and warm and sleepy. "Alright." he said he himself feeling a touch lethargic as his body was winding down as well.

Trilander looked at her. "Las….I think we're tied…..again." he said shaking his head twice so far today and now. He shifted a bit and smiled bowing his head. "No let me change that….we are." He said as he braced above her his body seemed determined to have that pup of course he had no idea at all that he already had.

Braska nodded. "I am." He said he was aroused almost achingly so his body craving something more and she wasn't ready. Nor would he demand she would be. He reached up and brushed his fingers along her face. "Don't worry about it." He said reassuringly to her lovingly to let her know that he would not push it with her. Baby steps were fine with him even if his body seemed to be at a counterpoint to him.

Kirie nodded as he said that pointed out all of the facts and then let them into the house. She paused as he asked her the loft or….Kirie looked up at the stairs leading up to the loft and actually cringed more stairs she was so tired and beat mentally and physically. "Would you believe for once in my life….I'm dreading those stairs…" She said lightly almost playfully she could remember when she was little and her father built the loft for her so she could have her own space up there she'd run up and down those steps all the time….now though after going up and the long flight up steps several times today to the alchemy lab and everything else the idea of climbing another set right now was just….dreadful. "Honestly anywhere that I can just cuddle up next to you is fine with me."

Kei looked at the sweeping branches of the beautiful tree as she seemed to take Naiya's hand. "She's beautiful….that…Miravanna that Kirie made gave her back all of this." he looked at the willow branch that touched her hand so lovingly the tree's leaves shimmering as if to extend a hug a warmth or embrace through the leaves at least that was what it reminded him off….that feeling of being safe even as he stood there not touching the leaves like Naiya was of being embraced by generations of druids held and kept warm….as if these lands there loved ones still roamed here protecting and looking after them and that they weren't alone. "It feels like…." He paused not sure how to describe what he was feeling before the tree he hesitated to reach up like she was…although his name appeared on her bark he wasn't of these lands….would the effect be the same? He stepped up next to Naiya and tipped his head looking at the branches that seemed to sway and curl in the air around him.

Ri looked at her. "Luna." he said gently. "He will control us if we worry about making him mad. If we do nothing for fear of what he will do. Or give into his demands." he said shaking his head. "I do not feel him in the mist here. I can feel you, and Inara, dad and mom…..whatever is happening with him he's not connecting with the mist which means he needs help." he said as he ran his fingers gently through her hair. "I'm not worried about making him mad at me. I can't explain it but I'm pretty sure he already is. If he's coming after you and Inara." he said shaking his head. "But we can't change anything that is happening right now if we don’t get the families help he's here now in this time. There has to be a reason the flow of time allowed him back it's not to hurt us that I'm sure Luminos would never allow something like that…it has to be because here and now just as we're helping to save all those we love there may yet be a chance to save him. But not doing anything because he's lashing out isn't going to do it. I'll keep you both safe. You have my word and I will not fall. I will not leave you. I'm not going to face him he's already revealed himself to us, he has to know I'm going to speak with mom and dad regardless of wither or not you've told me about his invading your dreams." He stroked her cheek. "I’m also going to stand guard over your sleep Luna don't worry I won't let him hurt either one of you." he assured her again.

Sean nodded as she munched on her fruit salad and paused to take a drink of her tea smiling as he said that and chuckled he looked so tired. "It has been. I’m looking forward to cuddling up tonight." She said happily just glad everything worked out the way it did especially with Rumi.

Rumi shook his head. "There was no where else I'd rather be." he said when she thanked him but he snuggled up holding her gently in his arms as he yawned although he wasn't the one who had the twins he himself was still tired. "I love you too." he whispered gently. Feeling the edges of sleep creeping up on him as well.
He stood on the branch and held out his right hand as Whisper came back and landed on his clawed fingertips. He smiled and chuckled as the faintest echoes of Twilight's magic were about his familiar. Well now was as good as time as any and he wasn't worried about her panicking over the spell because she'd feel it….it's purpose. He lifted his left hand a ring around his thumb and a separate ring around index finger which he brought together. Then began speaking in the language of the ancients invoking the spell the Loyalty ring on his index finger glowing the runes lighting up followed by the oath ring on his thumb. The ancient words flowing smoothly from his lips as he whispered into the rings using just those faint traces of Twilight's magic to transfer the oath and bond from Twilia who was no longer in this world to her. The magic would appear swirling around her hand to take place and take form.

Dimael finished the spell laying a kiss to seal the oath on the ring a golden chain connecting the two golden bands floating in the air from the rings forming the 'bonding link'. The spell was settling as he whispered to the rings to the air on the magical current the words finalizing it in common. "No matter where life takes you what road you walk I will be there to guide you and help you along the way… long as you need me...I will never betray you" he spoke the final words of the oath to Twilight finishing the transfer of the ancient magical promise his kind made to only one so long as they lived it wasn't forever Twilight could release him from it the moment she no longer needed him that guidance or even just support just someone to talk to Twilia never did. Dimael could release it if she betrayed him and fell freely and fully into the darkness before being drug down but he doubted that would ever happen not someone with as beautiful and pure of an aura as Twilights was. The magic would have settled with the finishing of the spell on Twilight forming a band or ring depending on the her heart….while he had Loyalty, Oath and bonds the three pieces of the promise set of the gatekeeper/guardian of his people a very high honor for him. The magical markings that would now appear on one of her hands somewhere….was 'To whom I swear/or pledge' or the receiver of the promise. Either way depending on how far she walked into the room when it happened and if Jupiter had woken up….would be interesting to see how he'd react to the sight of the spell taking form on his wife's hand……Jupiter had no way of knowing and Dimael wasn't thinking about that part…..that it was a promise to her. To keep her safe one sealed by magic.

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