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Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:31pm

Nikki felt a little more at ease as they left the dining room and were heading back to the room. She caught the scent of strong magic in the hallway and looked up at Averie a bit warily. Had that been for him? Just how close had she come to losing him to all of that darkness and yet he was staying so calm and reassuring about it, that he was fine… that he was always going to be fine thanks to her catching it when she did…

Vespa was curled up against Miharu, holding to him as she slept, bundled in the blankets. She still had the chill of the later stages of the cleansing, but she was resting much more comfortably and peacefully now that the fevered, more critical process of burning away the corruptions and trace darkness in her blood was over.

Senn smiled and nodded a bit. “Thank you, L-- Traitorin..“ he said, “and if we’re dropping the formalities… then, please, it’s just Senn,“ he said. He could feel his heart wanting to plummet into his stomach and burst out and run away from nerves when Trait mentioned Yuuri. “Speaking of… Yuuri… there was something I was hoping to ask you.“

Garand smiled when she said she missed their talks. He nodded. “Me too…” he said. “We’ll have to make a point to have more of them, even if it’s just over crystal sometimes… like the middle of the night if neither of us can sleep,” he said, which was a habit of their’s. As Lana learned early on in their relationship when she heard Millie in Garand’s room, because when they couldn’t sleep, they usually just went to the other’s room and talked the rest of the night until they fell asleep… but with mates, that wasn’t an option anymore… so they could talk through viewing screens or crystals without waking anyone if they couldn’t sleep.

Wynter drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly as she seemed to relax deeper, her body sinking against his a bit more as she was feeling sleep creeping back up on her. Tomorrow morning would be interesting when they woke to realize that nothing from tonight had been a dream. Right now they were frazzled with new, flourishing emotions, physical reactions they weren’t accustomed to, and they were both obviously tired from the day… so it would be easy to wake first thing and wonder if it’d all been in their heads! La’shire and their current sleeping clothes would certainly help remind them it was real tomorrow.

Lassa looked at Tri and blushed deeply when he said the words… they were tied… again. “It’s… okay… right?“ she asked, her breathing steadying out a bit, though her body was not quite as ready to settle, and clearly neither was his thanks to the tie that stimulated them both. She was just worried… was it a bad thing to be in a tie more than once in a day? She didn’t understand that it was in fact a pretty big compliment that she could get him to tie with her multiple times without her even trying to get that reaction. They’d missed the hints La’Shire tried to give them that Lassa was pregnant… first the way the lights undulated when it happened during the last tie… and again when he’d had her touch the wall and the light had danced in such a playful way around her hand as though trying to show there was more than just the selkie’s light in her touch… but another light from within her.

Gypsy’s large ears seemed to widen as she listened to his reassurances. “But…“ she fell quiet, though, knowing Braska would rather she not do anything she wasn’t feeling ready for just because he was clearly aroused. She nodded a bit and moved to lay her head on his strong chest, closing her eyes, feeling the intense heat of his skin against hers, able to tell from that alone how needy the grizzly bear had to be right now. She knew he’d be off to the washroom again in time, but… he’d always come back. She then paused and blushed deeply, realizing she was cuddling up to him and, despite being slightly wrapped in the blanket, she was still completely naked!

“You can do that wherever you’re most comfortable,“ Eko said with a smile. “If you want to be in your bed, I can carry you up, Kirie,“ he said. “If you want to sleep in mine… we can stay down here,“ he said. One of the welcome gifts given to him to show him he was accepted here was a comfortable sleigh bed hand-made by the same carpenters who made most of the furniture Kirie had helped him pick out earlier in the market. It was his first real piece of furniture that made it feel like he…. Lived here. She’d never slept in it, though… so if she wanted to, he at least knew it’d be comfortable.

Naiya closed her eyes and felt a tear slip down her cheek as Kei admired the tree. It felt like her mother’s touch instead of a soft branch. She could almost see her, smell her, that mix of fresh star fruit cookies and snow blossoms. It was just a touch, but it felt like a hug from them both through a veil… the Vale… She took in a breath and opened her eyes, nodding a bit. This is what aiyan wanted her to feel… a reminder… that Nydia and Demier were still with her, with them… proud of them.

Luna listened and breathed shakily before laying her head against him, nestling it under his chin with a little whine. “I know… I know…” she whispered when he assured her that he would keep her and Inara safe and that he wouldn’t let anything happen to him, to take him away from her again, either. She wanted to believe him and… it was easy to believe in Kahiri… so she would. “I love you,” she whispered before looking at Inara and using her tail to pull the little float closer to them, the pup sound asleep on it, lulled by the gentle rocking of the water.

“Me too,“ Quinn said with a smile. He made short work of his sandwich and sighed, moving to set his plate aside. He finished his drink and then moved over to kiss her cheek. “My turn to get changed,“ he said as he smiled and headed into the washroom to finish getting ready for bed with her, giving her time to finish her own fruit salad.


Twilight had closed up the balcony doors again and set her cup in the sink before heading back into the bedroom. She paused as the violet light lit up in the dark of the room. She looked down where it was coming from and lifted her hand to watch the delicate celtic-like braid of three lines weaving around her wrist like a tattoo almost, but it didn’t feel like it was forced upon her. It felt like a comfort for it to suddenly be there and she wasn’t sure why. She looked over as the light faded out and left the pale purple mark on her skin, so light and fair and lavender in hue that it was subtle to anyone not looking hard enough for it… but Jupiter would notice… her family and closest friends would… She saw Jupiter sitting up in the bed, unsure if he’d just seen that or not… had it been real or another of her waking visions that made her think she was asleep and dreaming? In the room, once again dark, it was impossible to see if the mark was still there.

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