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Re: No Subject
Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:33am

Eri could not help it she blushed a bit when Tria asked about names for the pup and shook her head no. "I hadn't….really thought about it.." She said softly blinking when Aspen seemed to almost start to drop her a bit or rather his grip on her slipped and she blinked looking up at him. Before resettling as if that question had floored him as well. It was such an odd thing to see the normally sure footed dragon suddenly stumble like that. "I was almost thinking the name….would sorta come when the baby was born…" she said then chuckled and shook her head.

Yuuri blinked and her wings pulsed in color again when she got a sharper awoof out Kahiri who let out peels of giggles wagging his little tail, the feathers behind her ears rose and lowered several times as she narrowed her eyes at the mischievous little pup. "you little man are enjoying that way too much…" She gripped as he giggled and wiggled holding firm to her tail.

Averie glanced at Nikki seeing the look in her eyes and realized she likely picked up on the heavy magic in the hall incredibly heavy the air was saturated with it. It had been for him….all of it to save him. "Hey it's okay." He said reassuringly again seeing that look in her eyes that hint of worry. He continued to walk he knew she'd be troubled if she saw his arm wrapped up the way it was among all of the runic contamination burns was Nour's mark her blessing and while the burns would fade away in a bit and disappear the Nour's mark would remain.

Trait looked at the young knight before him almost able to sense the sudden tangible nervousness off of him when the topic switched to Yuuri. He looked at him quietly a moment then sighed. "First of all Senn….breathe." He said looking at him worried about the sudden nervous shift in the mountain hound before him Senn was always centered and calm so to see him like this was puzzling. He didn't realize the question he wanted to ask Trait. "And then by all means ask." The breathe comment was often said to a suddenly nervous or anxious knight a reminder….that Trait himself was not a normally high strung man. He'd rather they take a calming moment breathe and collect themselves then let there nerves get the better of them when speaking to him. King or not he wanted them to feel comfortable coming to him.

Millie nodded and smiled. "We will and I'll probably take you up on that." She said smiling meaning the viewing crystals. "I've started having visions again….those pragmatic dreams…" She shook her head. "They usually wake me and then Kahi in the morning is worried about how much sleep I did or did not get." She sighed shaking her head. "I just wish I knew how to change them….for the better." she said she didn't call them nightmares but they might as well be dreaming of her mate dying every other night of the week was not a comforting thing…..she was hoping her becoming unsealed might help stop some of it or at least make a big enough ripple to affect change.

Trilander nodded. "It is….in fact….my sweet love….it's a compliment…" He said softly as he stayed still. "I big one….that it happened again…." He was blushing a bit as he said it and those rosy hues danced through the lights in the walls around them he had totally missed the hints and he should have picked up on them when La'shire dropped them but he had been completely wrapped up in Lassa and wasn't paying attention to the silent but very clear messages in the light today.

Braska shook his head. "No no buts…" He said warmly as he reached up and gently traced her cheek. "Rushing anything will just sour what we have Gypsy and your worth far more to me then this." He said warmly looking at her. "You're worth the wait, don't ever feel like just because I get heated means you have to do something you're not ready for. That would bother me more then going and taking that shower."

Kirie glanced at the stairs again knowing he would….he would carry her up them in a heart beat he'd done it in the past. She shook her head though and smiled. "Honestly I'd rather stay down here tonight." She said looking up at him. He was just that touch taller then her enough that made snuggling and everything feel so comfortable.

Kei glanced back at Naiya seeing…a almost light a warmth entering into her eyes as if in that moment she felt something or found something that no one but being with the Spiritus could give her. He could not help but wonder if it was a druid thing but at the same token he wasn't jealous but rather relieved and happy that something could bring that light back to her even if it was not him. He didn't know Aiyan had wanted her to come here for that reason. To feel what she was feeling in that moment. Something he felt being so highly in tune with the spirits but a sense that was newly awakening in Naiya a bit slower but she was his twin.

"I love you." he said in answer as she drew Inara close to them with her tail he leaned his head down and kissed the top of hers. He knew Ryn was dangerous in his own right that the dangers that his brother presented were very real. But he could not run from them they could not allow him to win by giving in to his demands, and he had to. Without a doubt find a way to stop this madness before one of the two most precious girls in his life got hurt.

Ryn paced the roof of La'shire furious but not about Luna and Kahiri he had no idea what was going on there at the moment……the Divine Shepard awoke…..she came into her powers even though he had laughed and said there was nothing she could do, she awoke to them to save….Yuuri. Yuuri was the one who often caught him in his schemes to take down his father and brother when his parents would visit here and that was often. It was like she read him like an open book. He wanted the seal off he wanted to be able to finish what he started and yet…..when he went to get the Lunar Crest that staff had repelled him even more violently then the mist had… had utterly rejected him but he had no idea that the staff could only be wielded by a girl and two…the mist only rejected him because there was very little light in his heart…he was crushing it more and more every day on his own.

Sean worked on finishing up her fruit salad and once done she took the tray table from the bed setting on the cart and once again out in the hall while Quinn got changed it had only been another bite or two but she was happy and a full belly. Climbing back into the bed she stretched a bit and pulled the blanket up around her lap waiting for her beloved to come back.
Dimael smiled as he leaned against the tree and then turned so his back was to it once again and sat down leaning back as he stretched everything else could of course wait till morning. Whisper settled down on his shoulder her wings fanning lightly as he looked up at the sky with any luck he would not fall back to sleep tonight he'd had enough of dreaming about a past that could never be changed….or the heartache he felt remembering it. He had even then chosen to leave the promise sealed staying close to Twilia till the end even when she'd call him for nothing more then someone to talk to for hours on end while watching her children play insisting on telling him all about her eldest son's exploits and the other children as well but it always started out with him.

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