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Garand smiled and nodded, then listened to her concerns and shook his head. “Maybe it’ll be easier now that you’re in your truest form…“ he suggested quietly. “And if nothing else, you could always talk to someone with a lot of knowledge about dreams…“ he said, knowing there was a Dream Wolf in the castle, one who might know what Millie was struggling with controlling in her unconscious mind as she slept… Kiana also would eventually help teach Kahiri how to dream walk safely. Millie’s abilities were instinctive, but untrained, because she’d been sealed so long with no one to teach her. But as far as visions… it sounded like she could use an Oracle to help hone it, but they didn’t know about Twilight -- even if Trait did -- and she was still lost in her own training for the moment, too…

Nikki heard the tone of assurance in his voice, the lightness in it, trying to shake the uneasiness out of the lynx. She nodded a little, though she wasn’t sure… if everything was completely fine. He did see… lighter… even though she’d always known Averie to be optimistic and happy… at least once they’d gotten past their ordeal when they first met… and let themselves be something more than living in guilt and fear and hurt. They hadn’t been in that headspace since then. But she couldn’t help but worry as she looked at his arm under her knees, supporting her, his hand bandaged, unaware it went up his arm almost completely. “Do you think Kiva’s okay?“ she asked quietly. Sunny hadn’t called or anything… so she hoped it meant all was well. But she also was worried about Raiser finding out about their kitten, too… though they likely had time. Raiser wasn’t likely to discover her or go after her any time soon. Kiva was just a baby and full of too much pure light right now for her to even be detectable… plus she was protected by that same love her parents had for her that Nikki had shown for Averie earlier.

Senn took a breath and nodded a bit, but he did still seem a bit nervous and yet… there was a certainty in his eyes over whatever it was he was about to ask Trait. It wasn’t what he wanted to ask that made him nervous… but more what Trait would say. “Yuuri is your sister… and I wanted to ask your blessing… for me to ask her to marry me.“

Lassa blushed when he called their ties a compliment. She smiled at seeing the blush in his face in turn. It was cute on the otherwise regal wolf. He was a different wolf with her than he was with anyone else… and the fact he blushed like she did, made her happy and feel all warm inside. Of course, part of that could be the tie too! “I hope we tie a lot, then,“ she said with such innocence, unaware it’d probably happen, as Lassa was the only one who let Trilander indulge in ties with one of his mates, Marin being too stubborn and brassy to let him catch her in one just yet!

Gypsy smiled and blushed a bit when he said she was worth the wait. She knew him being with her wasn’t just because of physical urges. He’d confessed to being in love with her for a long time, and there was nothing physical going on like this through all of that… so she knew… his love was very deep… just like her own. “Okay,“ she said quietly in agreement. “… I love you, Braska,“ she said softly, but the words were likely still so lovely for him to hear, returning his feelings with such confidence.

Eko nodded a bit. “that’s fine,“ he said with a smile before placing his hand on her back and leading her back to his room. “Want me to go up and grab you some of your pjs?“ he asked curiously. There was a particular night shirt and worn cotton shorts that she always considered her comfiest to sleep in… and he wanted her to be comfy. He didn’t want anything else today or tonight to be anything but comfortable after all she’d gone through.

Naiya drew her hand away and stepped up to place her hand against the tree over where her family’s marks were fairly clustered… her parents, her’s, aiyan’s, Kei’s, Breece’s… She smiled and looked at him, moving to hold out her hand to him, taking his hand and pressing it to the tree gently to let him feel the warm flow of the loving magic washing through him.

Celluna took a deep breath and sighed. “We shouldn‘t stay in too much longer,” she said, having already nodded off once… and she knew if she did again, she‘d probably sleep through the night… hopefully… with the protections in this room and Kahiri guarding her dreams… and she didn‘t want to be out cold and leave Ri to have to get her and Inara out of the bath and dried and dressed and put to bed…

Ginga slept soundly until she felt herself get kneed in the stomach by Aster as the pup turned over and snuggled up again. She woke to the jarring motion, but was careful not to wake her little sister. She noticed Violet had been roused too, likely from Aster’s motions too. “Vi?“

“Where’s Fauve?“ Vi asked with a sleepy whine.

“She’ll be back, Vi… she just had to go take her bath,“ Ginga said, which wasn’t exactly a lie… Fauve had bathed, she was just… otherwise disposed for the moment. She reached over and got Vi settled again. She sighed as the pups were easy to lull back to sleep, but Ginga… tired as she was… struggled to nod back off again.

Quinn came out of the washroom and turned off the lights, now dressed in some pj pants and a tshirt. He got into the bed with Sean and smiled, moving in to give her a soft kiss. He then settled down and moved his arm around her to draw her in close and let her get comfy resting on him, like she usually liked to do. He’d come to the understanding that he was her favorite pillow a while ago. “I hope you have sweet dreams tonight, Sean…” he said quietly.

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