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Re: No Subject
Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:15am

"You know I tease you because I love you and you do have the cutest blush, how can I resist?" Drak admitted sincerely to his wife as he lightly kissed her cheek. "I suspect Miharu gets that protectiveness from me, even if we're not seeing eye to eye right now I'm very proud of him with how fiercely he's protecting Vespa" Drak was painfully aware that he had alienated his son somewhat by his distrust of Vespa, but he stood by his actions as Raiser did take control of Vespa and did endanger the both of them, the fact that he was right in this case had frustrated the puree to no end and he couldn't do anything about it at the time.

He hummed quietly as he took a bite of his cinnamon roll that he had grabbed "I'll let you decide what to bring them for supper, you probably know what would be best for them in this situation.."

  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Garand thru Quinn), Fri Mar 23 11:50pm
    Garand smiled and nodded, then listened to her concerns and shook his head. “Maybe it’ll be easier now that you’re in your truest form…“ he suggested quietly. “And if nothing else, you could always... more
    • Re: No Subject — Dkhoran, Sat Mar 24 11:15am
      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Mar 24 11:25pm
        Rio bringing Vera back inside, he figured they could be in the newly decorated Inn for a bit to warm up before calling it a night. They made their was past the bar and back towards the main part of... more
      • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Mar 24 11:12pm
        Yuuri sat there looking at the pup, having decided for the sake of her nerves she'd handle it all better if her lap was between him and the floor since he was a wiggle worm of a pup. She didn't... more
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