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Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:12pm

Yuuri sat there looking at the pup, having decided for the sake of her nerves she'd handle it all better if her lap was between him and the floor since he was a wiggle worm of a pup. She didn't realize Kahi was walking up at the moment as baby Kahiri looked at her wrinkled his little nose and let out a 'awoof' to get a response out of her and then squealed and giggled when he got one. She sighed as she looked at him and tipped her head. "You'll entertain yourself for hours doing that won't you?" She asked the pup as his little tail wagged a mile a minute echoed only by his happy giggles. "I would have thought…'d be afraid to be near me little guy instead here you are….being a silly pup." she said watching his ears twitch as he looked at her as if he was about to figure out a different sound to make in order to get a response out of her again. His back and head supported in one arm and his little legs now resting on her own she reached up and played gently almost like his little ear would rip if she touched it and got giggles out of him as he reached for her hand releasing her tail. "What was Aspen thinking I've never held a kid let alone a pup…..if you get hurt…"

Eri rested there in Aspen's arms not sure what would be found once they opened the doors. Just knowing that this was not her room originally and the two of them seemed set on moving her in tonight. Almost as if to make absolutely certain she was alright.

"I hope so." She said as she looked at him when he suggested it being easier now that she was in her truest form. "True but I don't know anyone like that….I hadn't really gotten a chance to meet a lot of the new comers to the castle so there might be someone….shortly after I got back I met Kahi…..ended up pregnant with Ri, nearly lost him…..and the nightmares or visions started….then there was helping stabilize the pack….and oh….I got married." she said shaking her head it was clear just by the way she was talking that Millie had been caught up in a whirlwind lately with some down time here and there of course and Kahi trying to make sure she didn't over do it anywhere. But it was a lot more active then she had ever been in the past before it would have been her trips into town to help Mystrian's. Of course if Severin ever found out she was there and that she may be the last Fae-lycan he would never have let her escape at the time and would have found a way to keep her locked up where Trait would have a hard time getting her back not mind you that her brothers would have ever stood for it. "Before that the most excitement I had was going into town and freeing Mystrian's….."

Averie nodded. "I'm sure she's just fine." He said looking at her. "She could have only found me by accident I've never used black or dark magic's of any sort. Chances are she was after Solace and stumbled on a way to get to me in the process." He said shaking his head. "But that would not give her any means of knowing about Kiva. She'd have to do some serious digging to find that and that's not going to happen over night. Long before she gets the chance….we'll take measures to make sure she never can hurt our baby girl." He said reassuringly.

Trait paused as he had been about to take a sip of his drink while waiting for Senn to regain his composure but as he asked he finished taking that sip. It wasn't perhaps what he was expecting but he did pause for perhaps a moment too long not trying to make him nervous. It was more….of the feeling inside brought about by the question he was actually very happy and hadn't felt that sort of warmth in a long time. And with the threat to Averie not that long ago his mood had been a dour one. But one thing was certain Yuuri was brightening up in her relationship with Senn, she was happy, he glanced over at her a moment. "She is so incredibly happy at your side. That sorrow that always lingered in her eyes, the way they were always closed off before….not willing to let much in and wary of everyone has been fading." He said which might help Senn let him know Trait's pausing wasn't because it was a no. He looked back at Senn. "Continue to be her light Senn….you have my blessing."

Trilander nearly died at the completely innocent comment on her part about tieing a lot then…..he let out an almost adorable whine as he lowered his head to her shoulder and nuzzled her a bit to hide it not that the deep fushia tones of the lights allowed him to the fushia and pinks, that clearly gave away how deep he was blushing at the moment. His tail wagging she was going to be the death of him he swore but in a good way his body had responded twitching a bit as she said that soo cutely soo innocently. "Las." he breathed heatedly against her neck how she could say things like that soo innocently with such sincerity he wasn't always sure…..but when she did boy did it floor him.

Braska loved hearing her say it and when she said okay when it sounded much calmer without some sort of lingering regret or guilt that she wasn't ready to take that next step he smiled and leaned in nuzzling her a bit affectionately. "I love you too Gypsy." he said warmly softly to her.

Kirie smiled as she walked into the room with him and then paused nodded. "Please." She said he knew what she enjoyed sleeping in what was comfortable and the idea that she could snuggle up to him she wanted to be comfortable. Tonight she'd be held in his arms in here and when she awoke she hoped he was still there.

Kei looked at Naiya just a touch puzzled when she took his hand and placed it on the tree before his ears widened a bit in surprise and his drew in a breathe not so much startled as amazed. He could feel….warmth…love flowing through him acceptance in a way he had never felt anywhere before not just from his adorable wife and small little family but as if he could feel in that moment everyone and everything in Ethion flowing together to embrace him…"It's….like….being held….no not held embraced…" he said in a bit of wonder. Having never felt or seen anything like this but it caused a low purr to kick up in him….his ears twitching one of those sounds that was automatic when returning that feeling. "It's amazing…"

Ri nodded. "Yeah we should get out." He said as he moved carefully about them climbing out of the tub then lifted the float with Inara in it setting her down safely on a large bench to the side where she slept away cradled in the float with the warmth still for a bit. He then turned and held out his hands for Luna. "come on love….lets get dried off and to bed. I have you." He said as he did when something was unsettling. It wasn't that he wasn't bothered by it but he would not ever let his own concerns come over her. He knew she was worried and so was he but he'd focus on how to fix it to take that worry away from her.

Ryn growled as he paced and threw something across the roof as he walked……his magic wasn't nearly as potent as it should be. He knew that…..and no matter what he did….no matter how hard he tried he could not take what was his and impress her. His mother…..who was the 'mother' of all Lycan's as they called her because she could bring the 'lost' home to Luminos and Pepper. She was the one who eased frightened children…..and she always looked at him so disapprovingly. Even now…..if he was to appear before her he'd probably get that sad disapproving look. He reached up tracing the mark on his face….he'd find a way to take everything that was his. Maybe that disapproving look was because he kept failing? It never occurred to him it was because he was trying to take what didn't belong to him that he was not seeing himself clearly who he was he was always trying to take and be his brother… matter how Millie had tried in the future to reach him reason with him…nothing worked.

Sean smiled and nodded. "I should." She said as she snuggled up on him using him as a pillow. He was her favorite pillow she loved cuddling up to him like this. It felt wonderful and safe and although her sense of smell wasn't as sharp as his, she loved his scent. It was a comforting. "There was nothing today to warrant bad ones." She said with a smile. "Have sweet dreams Quinn." she said as she moved her hand up to rest over his heart as she laid there. Letting her eyes close she wasn't sleeping not yet but she was safe and comfortable. "I love you." She whispered.

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