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Re: No Subject
Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:46pm

Eri glanced back at her having changed into a comfy pair of pj's and smiled shaking her head. "Not much at all but I'm unsure how long….dragon pups….carry different." she said looking down at the baby bump a moment then away at that low pain….it was frustrating if only because she knew in part she was at fault for the difficulties now. But turned her head at the sound of Tilly's voice. "Come in Tilly, thank you for coming." She said gently as she looked over in her direction not sure what she was going to hear from the gentle girl.

Yuuri smiled as she watched Kahi take his pup rescuing her from any further playing on the pup's part but she smiled at Senn when he approached her and sat down beside her again. "Nerve wracking at first….but…" She smiled as she glanced up at Kahi and little Kahiri who was giggling after Kahi let out a low awooo for him, before turning his head and wrinkling his nose and letting out a awof of his own Yuuri for the pup's amusement let her wings dance and shimmer. Changing color and shimmering. "It wasn't bad at all….he's so happy." She said smiling and then glanced at Senn…"After the first two little awoof's out of him It didn't startle me anymore….but when my wings didn't change he almost looked like he was going to cry….something so simple…" She shrugged and smiled. "So I kept pulsing a bit of energy through them after he'd let out that little sound it made….him so happy."

Millie smiled at Garand as dodged the whole met Kahiri he wasn't ready to hold him yet. She chuckled. "I love you to Garand." She said as she stepped away from him walking up to Kahi and Ri seeing the pup having a blast. "So did you have fun teasing Aunt Yuuri?" She asked him and got a round of happy giggles out of him as he held up little pudgy hands towards Kahi. Scrunching up his little nose and then letting out another little 'awooo' she smiled.

Averie smiled as he rounded the corner and walked up to there room easily bracing her against him and opening the door he entered and closed it behind him. He hadn't let Nikki see the bandages that went all the way up his arm if she did see any they weren't much. He didn't want her worrying about it all the way back when it was alright just not a pretty sight while it was clearing up. "Sunny?" he called softly into the rooms.

Trilander moved rocking with her but his motions were more like the waves of the ocean then anything else gentle and fluid. His breathing deep as he leaned his head down still kissing along her shoulder and neck. It was mazing and in moments like these it was as if they were one, there hearts danced as one and there energy. He could feel the heat rushing through him coiling and building up to one of his smaller howls but not the one she craved to hear and draw out of him the one that was just for Thalassa. And would always be.

Braska blinked and moaned his head falling back at the sound touch as his breath caught it took him a moment to collect himself and glance down at Gypsy a blush on his own cheeks but not a bad thing as she was more then willing to help him a second time it seemed. "Gyp…Gypsy." he breathed heatedly to let her know it wasn't bad at all even if he wasn't expecting it.

"I’m sorry. That's not what I…." She said stepping back and shaking her head she hadn't planned on anything being rushed just wanting to be close to him. She didn't know how else to describe it, the mixed feelings inside happy, sad confused frustrated…..she didn't want him to feel forced that was the last thing she wanted but she moved stepping down easily moving as if nothing more the wind itself and left the room going up to the loft and wrapped herself up in the towel she was such an idiot. She drew her knees up and sighed first although Naiya didn't say it she knew it she had hurt her without meaning too but her cousin would never say it. Now she made things awkward between herself and Eko. She hadn't expected anything to happen nothing rushed but the noble tiger was just that a noble tiger….she felt like crying but didn't dare not today not right now…..she was afraid if she started crying….it would be that deep sorrow felt cry and she didn't want to risk loosing control and turning the house and everything inside into another frozen gravesite. She hadn't meant to make him feel like anything was being forced. "so stupid Kirie…." she breathed on the wind to herself not thinking about the fact that Eko could hear her just fine. Or the fact that all she had left behind when she darted out….was her Aeiree the leaves and flowers in glittering dust….She wasn't by any means upset with Eko more with herself.

Kei returned the kiss feeling the playfulness of his beloved in it and smiled. When he finally broke it he sighed smiling as he looked at her. "We should head back soon Nai." he said glancing up at the branches. "But….I love seeing that light dancing in your eyes." He said that warmth that was all her, hers alone.

Kahiri smiled as he looked at her. "of course." he said when she asked if he'd help her to the bedroom and moved gently lifting Inara to hand her once again to Luna. He smiled he had decorated the room as if it was a place where dreams were possible and fantasy for there daughter. He never wanted her to think she couldn't have her dreams. He waited though for Celly to take Inara from him and then he'd scoop them both up knowing that neither one of them would be good with leaving Inara in this room alone even for a moment.

Kahiri though nodded. "We will." he said in agreement and chuckled. "I think they planned on her looking like a little doll all the time. The outfits are all adorable." He said shaking his head. "just the ones I could see that were out. We may have a hard time picking." He smiled though. "Or rather I may….I might just have to leave that up to her momma's good taste."

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