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Shiloh (Senn thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:25pm

Senn smiled, “Well, I guess it came pretty naturally then,“ he noted. “You might have a lot of nieces and nephews in the future with a family this big, so… good place to start with him, I suppose,“ he noted, not quite touching the idea of them having children one day yet… one step at a time. First… he needed to speak with Juno like how he’d spoken with Trait and then… then he had to get Yuuri to say yes to a proposal.

“Certainly seems he did,“ Kahi noted with a smiled before moving to place Kahiri into Millie’s arms, aware he was eager to see his mama again. “I think Yuuri’s right, though… he’ll be out like a light tonight.“

Sunny came out from the nursery and smiled. “I hope you had a good night,“ she said softly in return. She paused a moment, seeing Nikki in Averie’s arms, wondering for a moment if everything was alright, but they looked okay. Averie had a reputation around the castle of being very much like his father, the romantic, chivalrous sort. Most likely he had simply desired to carry his wife back to their room following dinner. She smiled and looked back to the nursery and then to them. “Nikiva was a pleasure to watch. I just put her down for the night a little bit ago.“

Lassa’s body couldn’t seem to resist Trilander’s when they were like this, and especially with this being their second tie today, she shivered and made the cutest little sounds before letting out a sweet cry as she came for him, likely to bring him right along with her, even if it wasn’t going to be that particular howl that was just for her… that howl would come later, as it had with their first tie.

Gypsy didn’t have any trouble hearing him or the tone in his voice as he stammered through her name almost breathlessly. She blushed deeply and felt all funny in her tummy at the thought of doing more than just using her hands on him again. He’d… he’d done other things with her… and she wondered if it would feel even better to him if she… did that for him, too. But it was also a bit intimidating! He was a grizzly bear, after all. It took two hands just to manage him, though she seemed to be doing a good job of it if his rumbling growls and moans were any indication.

Eko growled at himself when he realized she‘d run off and he could hear the faint whispers of her words that she said to herself upstairs. He moved to turn off the shower, getting out. He debated just going up in his towel, but that wouldn‘t make matters any better. He took the couple of minutes to dry off and get dressed into his own pj pants and tshirt before heading out of the washroom and around to the steep steps up to the loft. “Kirie,” he called up. This was exactly what he was trying to avoid. He‘d been ready to leave her to wash up. He was practically done. He never thought she‘d force anything. He didn‘t want to be tempted himself. He didn‘t want to accidentally become the forceful one. He waited for any response, and when she seemed adamant not to give one, he started to climb up. “Fine, then I‘m coming up there,” he said.

Naiya smiled and shook her head. “We can come out here any time,“ she said to him softly, then sighed and looked back to their home. “You’re right, though… we should head back, now. I’m sure Zai and Aiyan would like to head home before it gets too late, and if I know my brother, he’s hoping to have some alone time with her before they turn in,“ she noted, knowingly. Zai had riled up Aiyan earlier, and although she and her brother had the ability to put the nymph on the back burner when necessary, it was always sort of sitting there, still stirred up, ready to come out again the moment it was okay to.

Celluna took Inara and cuddled her close before Kahiri picked her up as well to carry them both back out to the room. She smiled and laughed softly at the dolll remark. “If that’s the case… I’m sure anything we pick for her to wear, she’ll be adorable in,“ she said, looking up at him. It was so surreal in a sense. Their pup was right here in her arms, cooing happily in her sleep, and yet it’d all come about so quickly that there were moments Celluna swore it was simply the most vivid dream ever… because in a different future, she’d dreamed of this so many times only to wake distraught to remember Inara was never born and Kahiri had… She was grateful that she couldn’t remember that old future much anymore… save for the glimpses she got of those memories earlier, that came as warnings.


Sarah smiled at Drak and nodded, moving in to give his cheek a kiss. “You can count on it,” she said softly, meaning that she would be there now to help him any way she could to improve his relationship with his sons. Drak was clearly someone who wanted that family connection, as he was always looking out for others… but he just seemed to need a little help with his sons. They were his kids after all, and they could sometimes get that same stubbornness and protectiveness about them that he got. “Maybe we should go put those plates together,” she suggested, since it felt like dinner was slowly winding down.

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