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Re: No Subject
Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:09am

Eri looked at Tilly as she asked how she was feeling. "I'm…alright." she said softly not wanting anyone fusing over her more then they seemed to be. She still didn't feel like she deserved it, it was kind of a whirl wind of movement right now and yet Tria and Aspen both seemed completely alright with it. She did bring her hand up though as that twinge low in her stomach happened again careful not to flinch but Tilly was good at what she did for a reason.

Yuuri looked at him. "A lot??" She said glancing about the room. "I don't know about naturally…." She said shaking her head but smiled. "I just didn't want him crying…." She chuckled and glanced about the room before sighing softly. "Ready to head back Senn? Aspen and Tria took Eri back."

Millie chuckled as Kahiri let out rolling giggles and reached up catching a bit of her hair and holding on letting out a little awoo to her and Millie happily returned it a moment getting a giggle but it was…more keyed down then it had been all night as he stretched a bit. Showing the signs Yuuri had mentioned about him being out like a light. "Mm seems so. His little eyes are already drooping he's fighting to keep them open aren't you Ri?" she said to which he let out a little awrof….trying to fight it and stay awake. She smiled as she looked at Kahi. "We should head back soon, so I can get him changed for bed."

Averie nodded. "For the most part." He said indicating with all families it was good with a few quirks here and there but not going into it. He moved and gently set Nikki down waiting to be sure she was settled on her feet. He never gave it a thought to his carrying her back. Mostly because he tended to do things like his father would being a romantic at heart. He just enjoyed sweeping Nikki off her feet and making her feel adored and special which she was to him.

Trilander let out a low mini howl an almost baying sound as he came with her his body moving but no where near down. The lingering promise of the building second tie and that second howl was still there waiting to come about. He rocked and moved his breathing hitching as fingers coiled in the bed sheets behind her a bit it was intense but…..he had this feeling it would not be anything like what was to come.

Braska moaned for her as she gave him attention his breathing hitched as he laced his fingers in the bed sheets not wanting to risk hurting her by gripping to tight because of how good it felt and boy did it feel good.

Kirie had dried off and slipped on a robe during that time not getting into pj pants. The rob was lovely by all rights a silken black satin material that flowed down to her ankles, coming up from the base of the robe were roses in various shades of pink and red with flowing sleeves. Her comfortable pj's were down stairs where she left them. She hadn't answered him because she was curled up on her bed sitting against the head board holding a playing with a pretty necklace but one she had been given when she was five a year before she lost them. Kirie could hear him coming up the steps heard him say almost in irritation that he was coming up there. She wanted to cry….to throw pillows at the stairs to detour him not mind you that a pillow would do a lot of damage. But she felt horrible at the moment as she heard him and looked out the window. She could still remember if she closed her eyes…..easily the feel as much as it made her skin crawl and her stomach churn Rodick's touch….feel him….where she never wanted to feel him, and knew it was nothing more then a memory see his lecherous gaze going over her as he spoke saying to give up because no one but him would want her…..she didn't know if it was the druid in her, the elf or the nymph but it certainly wasn't about the not being ready to mate. That didn't bother her nearly as much….she was okay with the relationship taking it's time….no what bothered her….was while every guy stricken by the nymph in her and became elf struck on top of it looked at her with nothing but lust….the one person who…some part of her desperately needed to see him look at her even if it went no further….to see his emotions when he did….told her that he loved her but gave her his back. Would not look at her like this… certainly wasn't about the mating… was about seeing….that he did indeed love and desire her. Even if they weren't ready to take that step….To feel…..anything but as vile and disgusting as she felt if she but paused in the silence today.

Kei hadn't even realized he was doing it but he always met Naiya's gaze, even when Tokeru had hurt her he would not let her fall into despair and locked eyes with her letting her know that he loved her regardless nothing could lesson his feelings his love for her. All of her. Kirie knew in her own right that this was all very new to them both. As he walked up the steps though she dropped down off of the bed and walked up to the window placing her hand against the glass and her forehead. Closing her eyes…..Kirie knew she could take a thousand showers and it would never get rid of that feeling that Rodrick had left with her this afternoon. Folding her free arm about her waist she knew he'd be up in the loft shortly.

Kei chuckled. "Yeah." he said shaking his head and moving to walk with her. "We should give him the chance to politely dash." He said chuckling shaking his head as he slipped his arm about her shoulders just happy to see Naiya's eyes sparkling again whatever it was she found coming here. It really seemed to have helped her, to have eased that intense sorrow she had been feeling.

Kahiri chuckled as he looked at Celluna smiling. "True, true but you'd still have far better taste then me….remember the Winter Solstice when we were fifteen?" He asked her she should…..his parents had been dealing with something so he head not had the ability to run anything past his mom clothing wise…it was a formal event and he was supposed to be there to represent his family and he would be of course having Celluna at his side always stepping in and telling to the others that he was with her. Always….he'd never let her drift through one of them alone. But….Kahiri had picked out the worst for himself each piece looked fine regal with different outfits but he hadn't had a clue what went with what Millie had often teased him about being perhaps a bit color blind. Ri had always just shrugged but in all honesty he never paid much attention to clothing styles to know what was acceptable. He had gone to get Celluna and much to her credit…..she didn't die of laughter but rather helped him out of what would have been embarrassing he had wisely realized it did not look right what he put together and got her a touch early but explained…..his problem she had helped him. By the time she was done with him he looked every part the dashing prince and she the princess at his side. At some point people decided they were a couple and dating before they even put it together. Millie later had praised Not Ri for his choice in clothing that night but Celluna for saving her poor style challenged son. It had gotten a good natured laugh out of Kahiri.

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