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Shiloh (Chantilly thru Celluna)
Re: No Subject
Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:14pm

Tilly nodded and gestured for Eri to lay back on the bed. “Just lay back and relax for me, Eri. I just have to check a few things to make sure the baby is doing well and to see just how far along you are at this point,“ she said, pulling out a crystal rod that would help her get readings. She also pulled out a few other items, including a soothing cream that should help soothe the rowdy dragon pup when applied to her tummy, so Eri could get some decent sleep… something she needed, as well as regular, balanced meals, which she’d been avoiding or been refused by some awful girls in the kitchen.

Senn chuckled, “Well, that’s just the sign of a good aunt… and babysitter. You’d better watch out, Yuuri, or you’ll have us on babysitting duty when everyone here starts up with the babies,“ he teased. He then nodded at her question. “Yeah… we can head out. Let’s go thank Blake and Mela. I have a feeling they wouldn’t mind getting out of here themselves, but they can’t until we all head out, so…“ he mused, getting up and moving to help her up, even though she didn’t need it.

Kahi nodded a bit and smiled. “Well, we should say our good nights to our gracious hosts at least before we go,“ he suggested to Millie. They had a good reason to slip out, having a pup to get ready for bed after all, but the evening had -- in Kahi’s mind -- been a genuine success.

Sunny smiled. “I’m glad to hear it,“ she said about the night being good, for the most part. She wouldn’t press the matter, because at least they seemed fine now. “As I said, Nikiva is asleep in the nursery. I gave her a bottle of formula, so she should be content for the night,“ she said softly. “I will leave you two to the rest of your evening. Please, let me know if there is ever anything else I can do. I’d love to watch Kiva for you again any time,“ she said.

“Thank you, Sunny,“ Nikki said quietly to the Lovebird, her voice hushed, but her smile warm and grateful.

“Like I said, any time,“ Sunny returned before looking to the door, knowing Averie would likely open it to show her out, since he was right there.

Gypsy blushed deeply as she watched his reactions and listened to his sounds of pleasure. She looked down and blushed deeper even as she dipped her head down closer to him, her hair falling around her and pooling over his waist and legs, sliding over her hands and his need. She brushed her hair back a bit, quietly assuring herself this was okay for her to be doing, and then moved to run her tongue over him as her hands continued to rub him.

Eko got up to the loft and looked at her as she stood there, staring out the loft windows. He sighed and shook his head, wishing he could just rewind this entire day… fix everything he’d done wrong. If he hadn’t insisted on going to try to speak with his brothers today, Rodrick never would have gotten a hold of her, she wouldn’t have endured all of that… if he had just kept his mouth shut in the shower, she wouldn’t be up here feeling like she’d done something wrong. If the Rodrick thing hadn’t happened, she wouldn’t have thought twice about the shower remark. And the Rodrick thing, as far as eko was concerned, was his fault, because he’d left, even for a little while. “I’m sorry…“ he said, and it wasn’t just for the shower, it was clear he meant… for everything.

Naiya smiled and nodded, hugging Kei’s waist as they started back to the house. “I’m sure Breece is still sleeping like… well, like a baby… She’ll be out all night, I’m sure, after the excitement she’s had today,“ she said. They didn’t take too long to reach the house and she reached out to open the door, heading in with Kei.

Celluna blushed a bit, “You mean when I was fifteen,“ she noted softly, since she was a few years younger than him. “And I remember your mother thought I saved the night by helping you fix your wardrobe faux pas,“ she giggled. She was nestled in his arms, holding their pup. For the first couple of nights, at least… it appeared they would keep Inara in a crib out in the main suite with them instead of in the nursery. Especially what with the recent threats against them all by Ryn that had Luna uneasy. Ri would have to show her the nursery a bit later, unless he gave her a peek now.

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