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Re: No Subject
Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:18pm

Eri looked at Chantilly then did as was asked of her laying down and laying back on the bed. She moved her hands out of the way although she wanted to at the moment press in on her lower stomach. She looked at her quietly seeing everything she had brought along and the different things she had never seen before unaware that Tilly had brought stuff to help calm things down for her. "Like this?" she asked softly wanting to be sure she was laying down right.

Yuuri chuckled. "Suppose so….I'm still getting used to being a sister….whole other thing to be an Aunt." she said shaking her head but stood up with him and nodded. "Yeah we should thank them." she said in agreement. She moved to walk with him.

Millie chuckled and nodded as she looked at Kahi. "We should thank Blake and Mela it was sweet of them to throw this dinner and nice to see so much of the family able to show up." she said warmly as she cradled there sleepy pup. He let out another sleepy awroof sound shaking his head and seeming to force his eyes open growling a bit at himself wanting to stay awake and play. "And someone thinks he can fight it." She said chuckling as she looked at Ri who was trying to stay awake mostly because he wanted to see all the different people. Being a curious pup.

Averie smiled and opened the door for Sunny without a second thought to politely see her out. "We will, Enjoy the rest of your night Sunny." he said warmly thankful for how well things turned out with his pup even he had been nervous but to hear she had taken a bottle and was happily sleeping away right now was a comfort.

Braska let out a heated moan as that sent these intense ripples of pleasure right through him. He had not been expecting it so that moan was of course piggy backed on a gasp of air. But it was clear by his responses that it felt not only good but incredible to the heated grizzly.

Kirie sighed softly hearing him say sorry…..but the scoop of that word the tone behind it was so heavily weighted. She turned to face him leaning her back against the wall and window feeling the cool night breeze through the glass behind her. "It's not your fault." She answered him and to her it wasn't. It wasn't his fault Rodrick attacked her today in such away. "No one in all of Ethion had thought he had fallen that far…not even me." She said shaking her head. "What he did goes against all in pure nature." she sighed as she closed her eyes. "I hate this day…..I was distracted by it and let my guard down way too far. I have hated this day since I was six." she said opening her eyes to look at Eko. "Honestly… haven't said or done anything wrong. I can't help the way what he did makes me feel…." She said shaking her head and looking down at her hand. "I can't….forget the way he looked at me. If I close my eyes I see it…..I can still hear his mocking words……he…" She took a deep breathe as she looked up at Eko. "He was trying to force a tether to him….it's never happened between Elves who aren't full blooded and he has hints of elven heritage....not anywhere near as much as me.... But if he did….." she looked out the window again folding her arms around her waist. Kirie didn't go into what would happen with a tether...mostly because outside of the pure Elvin line it wasn't normally possible. "He makes my skin crawl….I feel even now vile and disgusting…..honestly I can't blame you for not wanting to look at me." It wasn't about the mating….at all the elf in her was more then happy to let things take it's natural course with Eko as things were ready but….."I love you Eko….so very much." she admitted softly as she glanced back at him then turned away again not wanting to see as she let her head rest against the window again. She couldn't bare the thought of him having to force himself to look at her to touch her after that. "I should have told you this morning…..about my parents, about this day…..I dread it's arrival every year….this year….no one tried to celebrate it…..and I'm thankful for that. It shouldn't be celebrated but Rodrick chose this day to hurt me for a reason…..usually before the night's out….I go to my parents grave site and cast off the sorrows of the year before cast the sacred waters to the winds and the future…..I….then have a drink and thank them for the life they gave me twice this day….once when I was born…..and again….when I lost them while they protected me…..that's….why Sable insisted I needed to cry…..because of the core reason Rodrick chose this day. If anyone is to blame it's Rodrick's actions it's him…he betrayed my fathers trust in him….and me. For letting my guard down….I knew he was after me I just never believed he'd go that far. So this is my fault."

Kei chuckled. "She will be. I think she enjoyed her adventure today." He said as he walked with Naiya. "She was quiet happy to be with Eko and Kirie for a bit." He walked with Naiya not sure how close or how far apart Naiya, Aiyan and Kirie were. He did notice though that some tended to give Kirie a wide breathe of space….today not sure if it was just because she was struggling with mourning her parents loss and what Rodrick put her through. He walked in with her. Happy that the struggles and hardships of the day were over. And hoping the next day would be much better.

Kahiri laughed as he looked at her. "Yes when you were fifteen." he said playfully when she corrected him. "You did I swear….I'm really no good at it." He said shaking his head as he smiled at her. Millie had been so very thankful she swore Kahiri would be a total loss when it came to formal events and the such without Celly. Even now….he ran everything by her and was often corrected on things that just didn't look right he didn't mind though. "Luna would you like a peek?" He paused as he stood outside of the door to the nursery on there room. He smiled he could easily walk in and let her see it. Might help to cheer her up a bit more. He'd deal with Ryn. He just wanted to give her a reason to smile more tonight.

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