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Shiloh (Spartan thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 1, 2018 7:58pm

Spartan looked at Silvi, catching her little mumbles under breath as she seemed to talk to herself and think out loud a bit with a motherly concern. He noticed she couldn’t stop watching the young couple and he moved to take one of her hands as she was wringing them, as though building courage to say something. He smiled to her and gently shook his head. They weren’t her children, even if she felt obliged to help. This was Dia’s son… Traitorin’s son… uncomfortable as it might be for Trait, it was a talk that should befall to him. He’d survive it. He had several adopted sons who he’d had to discuss things with before, granted all were much older than Altaire when they started thinking about girls and that sort of playing. Yuna had been a toy-in-training and she came around with ill-conceived thoughts of how to show gratitude and affection and that had led them into some rather intimate games and eventually to mating. Dia was aware of it and had explained the concept of love and marriage and the such, and when she’d attempted to split them up into separate rooms, which would be more appropriate, they’d become so distraught and depressed… she let them both remain in Altaire’s room. She also knew she couldn’t control their playtime or their activites all the time, so she’d ensured Yuna was on potions… to hopefully prevent pregnancy… but if Altaire ever reached his first heat or his maturity to tie… even the potions might not be enough to prevent what Silvi feared.

Still… Spartan felt uneasy about stepping into the parenting for children of others. “You should talk to Traitorin,“ he said to her quietly. Trait might be able to hear it easier from her. Dia seemed to struggle with telling him about Altaire and Yuna’s activities with all of the stress he’d been under the last month or so.

“I know what you mean,“ Senn agreed with a smile. It didn’t take long to get back to their room in the knight’s wing. Although Trait had offered Yuuri and Senn a room in the royal wing, they’d opted to stay in Senn’s old suite, with a few upgrades to ensure their comfort. He opened the door and let her into the room, wondering if Yuuri had remembered her hungers she’d voiced for something else once they got back.

“I don’t know if we’d want her to,“ Kahi joked, obviously meaning that if Ri wasn’t sleeping, odds were he was wearing himself out doing other things with Celluna’s company. He’d prefer not to hear those details. “Hmmm… I wonder what his nursery looks like. I saw his plans for it. He showed me the space and he was so excited talking about all of the things he would do…“ He smiled a bit. “Funny thing is… when they go back to their time… I’m sure that nursery will still be there waiting for them and Inara…“ he noted, looking down at his baby boy with such love in his eyes.

“Does that hurt?” Tilly asked with some concern as she kept her hands under Eri‘s belly. She felt a bit moer, being gentle about it and nodding a bit. “Well, he‘s been very active. The kicking can‘t possibly be helping with the discomfort, plus he‘s very close to his due date. I‘d expect you to see this pup within the week,” she said, which meant it could be a day away or seven days… “Eri… I‘m asking you a lot of questions… so I want you to know it‘s okay if you have something to ask too. Is there anything you want to ask me?” she asked, knowing the unicorn had to have concerns and worries… and they didn‘t necessarily have to be just about the baby. Tilly believed in treating the whole patient, so if she was having any doubt or anxiety or stress, she‘d like to hear it so she could help. She wasn‘t just a maternity doctor, even if it was her specialty.

Nikki sat on the edge of the bed with Avier and she looked like she wanted to cry seeing his arm. She felt her chin tremble as she held his hand with hers and lightly touched his arm. “Does it… does it hurt a lot?“ she asked, hoping it didn’t… but it looked so painful, so bad. It was visual confirmation of how dangerous the situation had been, how close he may have come to being lost to her forever, and that thought… even though it hadn’t happened… that thought still made the lynx start to cry.

Gypsy went a bit wide-eyed and pulled back after a moment, having tasted plenty of the grizzly bear, causing her to blush deeply as she swallowed, but unable to prevent a bit of a mess from still occurring. Not that Braska would mind too terribly having to get cleaned up, especially since she could probably use a bit of that herself. She ran the back of her hand shyly over her chin as she watched him. That one had been so much more intense than last time… and she wondered if it was because she’d used her mouth instead of just her hands. “You… okay?” she asked, unable to stop blushing.

Eko just held Kirie… for as long as she wanted him to, as long as she needed him. He rubbed her back and nuzzled her gently now and then, taking a few deep breaths before his purrs started up for her, deep and rumbling powerfully through his strong frame. Their intention was to comfort her, soothe her… to show her this is where he wanted to be and she was who he wanted to be here with. “Would you like me to draw you a bath instead?” he asked her gently, his voice husky under his purrs, aware she was losing strength from all of her emotions, but he could still scent rodrick on her and knew she would prefer that scent be gone.

“So… now we get to go home,“ Zai said softly to her husband as he carried her away from Nai and Kei’s. “How are you feeling? Still wondering if you can get me all the way back to our bedroom?“ she asked sweetly and yet with that innocence that just sang to the nymph in him so playfully.

Naiya took a deep breath and sighed as Kei closed the door, essentially bringing a close to their night. Though not in its entirety of course. She smiled a him. Everything was cleaned up in the kitchen. Sable and Bayla were settled in. Breece was happily asleep and dreaming sweetly. All that was left for them was to make their way upstairs and do whatever felt right. “I kinda feel like a bath,“ she admitted with a slight lilt to her voice. “Wash away the day…“ and while it remained unspoken, there was a hint of enticement as though it was a means of inviting whatever comes tonight between them. Breece, she knew, would be fine… as Ruze was a constant babysitter that would alert them if anything was wrong.

“I don’t know how she’d ever miss it with a room like this,“ Celluna said, bringing her free hand up to cup his cheek, kissing Kahiri softly on the lips. “This is so special, Ri… thank you.“ For Luna, this was a tradition that came from her father’s ancestry… from the Far Mist. In their time, new traditions tended to find their way in as Far Mist and the 106th merged into Horizon. Knowing that this tradition lived on meant so much. Her father had done nurseries for each of them when they were born… Kahi had done them for Ri and Ryn… even if Ryn didn’t seem to remember the care put into it.


Sarah came back over with a lidded pitcher with fresh brewed iced tea from the kitchen. “I figured this would be better than just two glasses of it, in case they’re thirstier than that,“ she said, always thinking ahead. And she knew there would be drinking glasses in the room already, as every room had a water pitcher and glasses. “Ready to head out?“ she asked him, a little eager to check in on them.

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    Silvi walked with Spartan watching the exchange between Altaire and Yuna. They we're adorable together but....they were progressing fast in there relationship. Both were still very young and if she... more
    • Re: No Subject — Shiloh (Spartan thru Sarah), Sun Apr 1 7:58pm
      • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Apr 1 8:34pm
        Silvi smiled when Spartan took her hand and confirmed her base thought it really wasn't her place to talk to the children about things like this and she knew that. Dia and Trait could take high... more
        • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Apr 1 9:32pm
          Rio smiled pulling her back in close, Vera could most likely tell he was being mostly sincere in his affections. But, there was still a bit of showmanship in his speech. Some things are now habits... more
          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Twilight), Sun Apr 1 10:29pm
            Vera had butterflies. A part of her had to wonder… if this was the way he was with those other girls who… who were just flings. Girls he’d cuddle up with and make out with like this. He’d told her he ... more
            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Spartan thru Celluna), Sun Apr 1 10:29pm
              Spartan smiled and nodded when she said she would talk with Traitorin, and that for tonight they would just see the young couple back to their room, right across the hall from Dia and Traitorin’s... more
              • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Apr 1 11:38pm
                Silvi nodded to them as they seemed to smile at them and smiled back wishing them a good night. Her concern was the dangers to Yuna's health that would crush Altaire she wasn't blind nor was Spartan... more
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                  Drak flashed Sarah a teasing smile "Any more enthusiastic and I'd be worried you were going to drag me out of here by my collar and give the wrong impression to people" he remarked playfully as he... more
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