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Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 1, 2018 8:34pm

Silvi smiled when Spartan took her hand and confirmed her base thought it really wasn't her place to talk to the children about things like this and she knew that. Dia and Trait could take high offense to it but he offered a solution that would help even if she hadn't realized she had been mumbling to herself with motherly concern. She nodded though as she accepted his hand. "You're right." She said smiling showing that despite all of it even the best laid intentions could fall on bad feelings. "I'll speak to Ana." She said nodding unable to get used to calling her ex Trait as everyone else did mostly because when she knew him he had been 'Ana' to her and he never corrected it. "I'll speak with him….I've learned how to navigate delicate conversations with him." she said shaking her head but smiled. "Tomorrow, tonight once we get them to there room….we'll head off." She glanced at there backs shaking her head they were so young, but at the same token. It was not as innocent a world as they once knew.

Yuuri chuckled as she glanced at Senn when they got closer to there room his old room. She didn't mind being in the knight's wing mostly because the idea of being bumped up to 'royality' fully was a bit nerve wracking to her and this was closer to feeling more normal. Especially with Senn. She smiled though as she walked in and paused folding her hands playfully behind her back once she walked into the room and then glanced over her shoulder at him. "Join me in a bath?" She asked him an actually subtle hint from her that she did indeed remember and rather enjoyed his company all the way around she loved being with him.

Millie laughed and smiled shaking her head as she walked along with Kahi. "Too true." She said walking with him. "I'm sure…if he's as much like you as I think he is. He went all out and it's something amazing." She said smiling. "He would have done everything he could….to ensure it was amazing for her."

Eri nodded. "It does.." she said looking at Tilly not sure if that was a good or bad thing, but she sighed. "Normally….my kind travels to the Elysian lakes far to the north to give birth…" She said softly looking at the baby bump…."I can feel him…he's strong and healthy but I worry….I'm no where near the enchanted waters and lands….is this hurting him….in any way…." Eri could not bring herself to worry about herself she'd always worry about others first and then closed her eyes…."Tilly….I was brutally ravaged by…what they called 'rabid' Mystrian's….the humans made comments about 'putting me back together'…." She closed her eyes. "If….If I'm not capable….of…natural birth…promise me you'll save him." That was perhaps what she worried about the most….that that pain was because of that of the damage done by that brutal attack that caused her memory loss. She didn't know if the pain she was feeling was normal or if it was really spaced out labor pains what it was….but she worried about the baby most of all.

Averie shook his head no. "No, it's not bad. More like an irritating sunburn." He said looking at her and gently brushing his fingers along her cheek seeing her chin tremble. "I have an ointment that takes that down to almost nothing and soothes it…it should be gone in a few days." He said gently knowing how upset she was about this but also knowing she'd be crushed if he hide it told her it was nothing and she found out later. It would break something between them and he could not do it. "I'm not leaving you." He said warmly.

Braska blushed a bit seeing her wipe off her chin like that he was panting as that was very intense, it took him a moment to collect his thoughts and get enough air to answer her. "I'm wonderful…are you okay?" He asked since it was the first time she had done anything like that and well he wanted to be sure she was alright too.

Kirie after a moment nodded her head resting against his chest. " please." she said a bath something a bit more affective at cleaning away Rodrick. At that man's touch she didn't doubt his scent still clung to her horribly and she wanted it gone any and all traces. Kirie though could not find the strength to pull away she was tired and felt safe and comfortable against him his purrs were soothing to her at the moment and could almost lull her to sleep right there. What it was about being close to him like this that was so comforting to her she didn't know but she did love it, the way she felt right now as he purred.

Aiyan chuckled. "Now we get to go home…" He said and rose an eyebrow. "Oh you sweet tease…." He said laughing as she asked if he would be able to get them all the back home asking him how he was feeling. "Our home no matter how much I love it's location is exceptionally far away tonight." he said confirming for her just where his mood still was. And yet his words about being a sweet tease were playful meaning it would not take much for Zai to make this walk a challenge and a half for him.

Kei smiled and leaned in kissing her cheek. "Then I'll go draw it for us." he said playfully letting his beloved know he was not opposed at all to taking a bath and holding her close come what may. He walked off to go draw that bath letting his tail brush against her, trailing slowly behind him. He certainly didn't mind being as playful as she was.

Ri smiled. "You're welcome love." he said warmly after returning the kiss. He smiled as he stood there with her a moment longer and then turned closing the door behind him this room was intended to bring light and hope to there little one. He didn't realize Trait would ensure that it was there waiting for them when they returned to the future so that Kahiri didn't have to try to redo it. This was there place in the castle after all and he'd keep it that way. Without a second thought he had for centuries locked off Averie's room to await his son's return. He would do the same for them. "This is one tradition I hope never dies in Horizon." he said as he walked to the bed. "It's a gift to be given to mother and child….if I can keep any of them alive…this will be among them. It was one…I enjoyed too." And he hoped so it likely would since many would find it sweet and endearing. He had…being able to put this together for her and Inara. Something to show the depths of his love for his wife and child. It was just that important.

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