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Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 1, 2018 9:32pm

Rio smiled pulling her back in close, Vera could most likely tell he was being mostly sincere in his affections. But, there was still a bit of showmanship in his speech. Some things are now habits almost impossible to break. He kissed her cheek first before kissing her again.

Crys looked at Eros a bit dumbfounded, she was suppose to be the one to find out and tell everyone. And here she is the last one to know. She then looked over, "Orion is here again? Let me guess his father again. That bird..." She didn't have anything against him, but he didn't know of the groups thievery life. And at time he would be a bit nosy. She then lifted her arm, "This is keeping me up." She noted to the new symbol that was there and I bet you can see it without me tracing it."

Lana nodded and then let out a bit of an Unladylike burp. She looked about embarrassed, "Excuse me." But, she didn't want to admit she did feel better.

Mela looking over, the servants coming out to clean up, collect the food. "I think it is time we go." She noted moving to stand up next to her husband. "Wow, this was amazing." She told him, "Is your father still here we need to say thank you."

Torin reaching the bed, at first he move to sit down on the edge, he had his normal routine to lay down, get the covers just the way he liked it. Curl up with Juno and so on. Today he just fell to the side and rolled a little to look at her. "What make you say that?"

Tria smirked a little bit, "Okay we can keep that idea in the way back." She teased back and the returned the kiss. "Well I expect that would be the case."

Jupiter nodded, "We can stay like this for all night if you want." He told her and truly did mean it. He would hold her close even if it means staying up all night so she would sleep in his arms.

  • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Apr 1 8:34pm
    Silvi smiled when Spartan took her hand and confirmed her base thought it really wasn't her place to talk to the children about things like this and she knew that. Dia and Trait could take high... more
    • Re: No Subject — Acerbus, Sun Apr 1 9:32pm
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Twilight), Sun Apr 1 10:29pm
        Vera had butterflies. A part of her had to wonder… if this was the way he was with those other girls who… who were just flings. Girls he’d cuddle up with and make out with like this. He’d told her he ... more
        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Spartan thru Celluna), Sun Apr 1 10:29pm
          Spartan smiled and nodded when she said she would talk with Traitorin, and that for tonight they would just see the young couple back to their room, right across the hall from Dia and Traitorin’s... more
          • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Apr 1 11:38pm
            Silvi nodded to them as they seemed to smile at them and smiled back wishing them a good night. Her concern was the dangers to Yuna's health that would crush Altaire she wasn't blind nor was Spartan... more
            • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Mon Apr 2 10:06am
              Drak flashed Sarah a teasing smile "Any more enthusiastic and I'd be worried you were going to drag me out of here by my collar and give the wrong impression to people" he remarked playfully as he... more
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