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Shiloh (Vera thru Twilight)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 1, 2018 10:29pm

Vera had butterflies. A part of her had to wonder… if this was the way he was with those other girls who… who were just flings. Girls he’d cuddle up with and make out with like this. He’d told her he wanted this to be something more… and although there was still a part of her that was nervous about being hurt, she trusted Rio and believed him when he said he wasn’t out to do that to her… and it was so easy to get lost in him like this. To want to believe this could become something really good. And as she relaxed into the kissing again, her purrs started up once more… softly at first, but growing with time.

“Yeah,“ Eros said. He smirked a little. He didn’t have to see her expression to know she was making it. He reached up and brushed his hand under her chin, “Cheer up. You’re probably not the last to know…“ he mused with a smile. “And, yeah, Orion should just move into his own perch, or at the very least rent a room. I need to get some real sleep after the week I’ve had out there… and it’s hard with him in there snoring away. He tipped his head, seeing the light dancing on her arm and took her hand, running his other hand over her arm. “I can,“ he said. “I have it too. It has something to do with Phere and everything going on, but…. I don’t know what, yet. I think a lot of it will be cleared up once… once we take the princess to that village I found,“ he said quietly to her.

Garand laughed, “sorry… I don’t mean to laugh. It’s just… the fact you can do that and still be so damn cute is one of the things I enjoy about you, Lana,“ he said before moving ahead to the door, opening it to let her back into the room.

Blake looked around and nodded. “He’s just out in the hall, I think,“ he said, picking up the desserts to head out with her. “We’ll stop and thank him on our way out.“

Juno smiled as he just basically collapsed on to the bed like that. She moved to tug the blankets up a bit for them both and slid down to lay on her side facing him. “Because… you’re so scientific with your bedtime routine,“ she mused, just meaning he was meticulous about it usually. “And tonight you just don’t care at all,“ she laughed softly. “I think the only time you’re not thinking about it is when we’re making love before we go to sleep,“ she mused, which would not be happening tonight. They were both a bit too tired. But that didn’t mean Torin would be safe from her mystrian urges tomorrow. If he was still tired, she’d have to pull herself away to do something else… training with Yuuri or something… just to avoid being too pushy with her dragon heritage trying to battle with her human instincts. She moved in to give him a soft kiss, running her fingers thorugh his hair a bit, knowing he liked the feeling.

Aspen smirked and shook his head. “Well, you know me too well,“ he said. “And, yeah, I think the naked wedding might have to be put off in favor of something a little more guest-friendly,“ he chuckled. He looked back towards the door to Eri’s bedroom and sighed, shaking his head. There was a part of him that felt such guilt… Eri was having a difficult time with all of this and… if something happened to her because she was carrying his baby… “I really wish Tilly would come out and tell us something,“ he noted quietly.

“I don’t want you to lose anymore sleep either, though, Jupiter,“ Twilight said, knowing it was starting to affect him. She reached up to caress his cheek, her fingers sliding up to rub gently against one of his temples. “I feel like I should know how to help you…“ she said quietly. If she knew more, she probably could. She could understand what his dreams meant, she could help ease his mind… but she didn’t have those abilities awake within her yet. So many things she could do as an Oracle and yet she was sort of trapped in this middle ground with it until she made it to Aeon. She knew he was right… the answers were all going to be there. She closed her eyes and kissed him, breaking it softly after a moment. “I used to dream about you holding me in your arms like this…“ she whispered with a little smile. “Now I wonder if they were really dreams…“ she admitted. Didn’t matter, though, because Twilight had always loved him, even as a little girl. It was just nothing anyone ever took seriously. They all sort of laughed about her little crush on Jupiter as he trained for the position as the King’s Guard, and then when he finally achieved the position… He barely acknowledged her until La’Shire… but… it really did feel like… when he did finally see her, he really saw her… in a way no one else did.

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