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Shiloh (Spartan thru Celluna)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 1, 2018 10:29pm

Spartan smiled and nodded when she said she would talk with Traitorin, and that for tonight they would just see the young couple back to their room, right across the hall from Dia and Traitorin’s room. As they approached, Altair moved ahead and opened up his door, turning to look back at them as he let Yuna go inside first. They both seemed to exchange a smile to Silvi and Spartan and wished them a good night before disappearing into the room, the door closing behind them.

Spartan sighed a bit and smiled. “I’m sure their affections haven’t gone unnoticed, Silvi,” he assured her. He had no idea that many of Altair’s brothers and sisters had been around to give their version of advice on the matter upon noticing the ‘games’ between the two. Movado had told them those things were best kept in the privacy of their room… Tera had ensured their feelings were genuine and confirmed her suspicions that Mystrians could find their true love as young as they were… even Mira, who had lived the life of a toy had come around to check in on her little sister and to make sure she understood the differences from her early training and a relationship, which Yuna did. And then dia had spoken with them, had told them if they wished to be together, they could be promised to each other for when they were of age to marry, which was why they were always saying it with such confidence to others… that they would marry one day, that they were promised. But Spartan knew it would ease Silvi’s concerns to speak with Trait tomorrow.

Senn closed the door behind them and his ears perked up at the tone of her voice when she requested he join her in a bath. He smield and nodded. “How could I refuse?“ he asked. “Would you like me to draw it for you?“ he asked, his tail wagging a bit behind him.

“I’m sure it is,“ Kahi agreed with a smile. “Maybe once he’s shown her, we’ll get a chance to peek at it when we go to visit with them and see Inara again,“ he noted. He knew Millie hadn’t really gotten to spend much time with her grandpup, what with everything else going on and distracting her. She’d left the room rather quickly and hadn’t returned. “Maybe we should leave them a message tonight, just to let them know you’re okay,“ he added as they reached the door.

Tilly listened and sighed a bit as she tugged down Eri’s nightshirt over her belly again, then moved to help her sit up a bit in the bed against some pillows. She sat down on eht edge of the bed, beside the unicorn. “Well, here’s the good news… I’ll be around every day, twice a day if I feel it’s necessary, to check on you. And if you can’t deliver naturally, Eri, I will deliver this dragon pup safely and I will keep you safe, too. There are many Mystrians who can’t have natural births for various reasons and you wouldn’t be the first for me. I’m good at what I do. I sometimes wondered why I managed to escape the way I did… to end up here. Maybe you’re one of the reasons. So I could be here to help you with this.“ She smiled and placed her hand on Eri’s comfortingly. “I won’t let anything happen to either of you. And I’ll look into those waters. Maybe… just maybe… there’s a way we can produce them here in one of the gardens or maybe the king has some on hand from his travels, if it’ll ease your mind.“ Anything to reduce Eri’s stress would be beneficial to her and the pup.

Nikki closed her eyes a moment when Averie caressed her cheek, brushing away those tears that had fallen. She moved forwards and hugged him tightly around his chest, pressing her head against him. “You’d better not,“ she whispered, her ears back, flat against her hair. If he ever left… she wasn’t sure what she’d do.

Gypsy blushed deeper just at his blush. She smiled and nodded. “I’m… I’m fine.“ She seemed to be hesitating about saying something. “Sorry… the mess…“ she said, being unable to handle everything. It’d ended up more on the two of them than the bed, though, at least. It’d sort of surprised her in a way it probably shouldn’t have, sicne she’d seen him climax before… but this had been so much more intense and this time she’d tasted him and that caught her off guard, but it hadn’t been a bad thing.

“Okay…“ Eko shifted a bit and picked her up, cradling her as he carefully moved back to the steep steps and took his time getting safely down with her in his arms. He moved back to the washroom and sat her down on the bench in the corner before he moved to get the bath going, testing the water and adding some of the lavender scented bubbles to it to help relax her.

Zai giggled a bit as he called her out on teasing him. “I don’t know what you mean, Aiyan,“ she said as she kissed his neck softly while he carried her back along the path to their home, the way lit up partly by lanterns and, once beyond those, the soft glow of the star blossoms that illuminated the way. She knew how his nymph side worked, that even if he’d pushed it to the back of things for dinner and for watching Breece and comforting his sister, it was still simmering, waiting to resume where it left off. She was amazed at herself, actually, that she still had any energy to tease her husband’s inner nymph after he’d been going full nymph with her all day.

Naiya smiled when he emphasized the bath would be for ‘us’ and not just her. She felt his tail brush against her as he walked off and she blushed faintly. Even though he’d gone into doting, comforting hubby mode during the events of dinner… it seemed he was quickly revisiting the riled up tiger of pre-dinner. She moved to follow him to the washroom, leaning against the doorframe as she watched him draw the bath, moving to slip off her shoes and wiggle her way out of her pants, pushing them into the corner by the door with her foot, leaving her half dressed for the moment as she let down her hair.

Celluna smiled and nuzzled him as he carried her back out to the main bedroom with Inara in her arms still. She sighed deeply and her tail wagged a bit more. “I hope when our little girl grows up to meet someone… has a family of her own… the tradition will still be there so she can experience it too… to see his love turned into a place of such warmth and comfort for the family they make together…“ she said softly to him. “But… thank goodness that’s a long way off.“ She giggled softly. “You will be unbearable when she’d a teenager,“ she noted sweetly, knowing his protective nature would be nothing short of Kahi’s, and Kahi had never had a daughter… odds were Ri would be even more so.

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