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Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 1, 2018 11:38pm

Silvi nodded to them as they seemed to smile at them and smiled back wishing them a good night. Her concern was the dangers to Yuna's health that would crush Altaire she wasn't blind nor was Spartan both of them she knew could see how much those two loved each other. She chuckled. "I'm sure it hasn't." She said looking at him and smiling. "But…Trait should speak with them…if only because they can avoid unneeded pain and sorrow. They're so young." she said but smiled and turned with him to head towards her room. Trait had amazingly enough chosen a different room leaving there old room to her the grand suite that belonged to Silvi was amazing but when she asked him about it now he chuckled and said at the time it was too painful to stay there and now with her return it was only fitting that the one to whom La'shire loved and adored the most have her room. He was oddly sentimental that way. "Come for tonight though lets just….focus on relaxing together…or whatever may come." She said making it clear she was more then willing to just go with the flow.

Yuuri smiled as she looked at him. "Yes please." She said her own tail swishing playfully behind her as she watched him seeing his tail wag happily. It was clear he was looking forward to there time together as much as she was.

Millie nodded as she looked at Kahi and smiled. "Sounds like a plan I'm sure they'll feel better knowing I'm alright. And perhaps let them know when they're feeling up for company we'd like to come and see Inara and them again." She said happily. She was also thinking about contacting the twins about finding one in the castle with more knowledge of dreams then her. Although she had no idea what her showing up before a dream wolf might do….especially since Trait had made sure to let the world believe the Fae-lycan long gone and buried in order to keep her safe. There was a chance others had survived but Raiser had been targeting her and was now aware she was alive and that target was back she just had no idea Raiser had decided to place that happy task to Chaos and he may or may not wish to carry through with seeing her death happen.

Eri nodded as she listened. "Alright." She said feeling a bit better when Tilly said she had dealt with this before difficult births. That she would come twice a day if needed. Eri placed her hand on her belly closing her eyes a moment. "You're the first….one whose made me feel safe with this…" She said honestly the others just scolded her endlessly when she did go for not eating properly and telling her she needed to reduce her stress levels. She was partly to blame for that for her lack of eating and taking care of herself for so long but she looked at Chantilly now. "Please do….for his sake." She said placing her hand on her belly. "I had not the strength to go….even if I ate he needs so much….the dragon in him but it's the purity of the waters…" she looked at Tilly. "The part of his blood line that is a Unicorn….without them will loose it's magic he'll get sick….if there's some way…I had hoped by diverting my own magic to him it would be enough but I still…." She looked down and took a deep breathe. "I don't want anything to happen to him. My people are much akin to the Golden Hind…without the blessing….our young suffer…." She looked at Tilly and sighed closing her eyes. "I should have found a way sooner to get to them…I've just been so tired."

Averie looked at her as he wrapped his arms around Nikki holding her gently to himself as he brought his hand up to run soothingly through her hair. "I'm not…." He said with a gentle confidence and then moved his left arm so she could see it as she curled into him he brought his right hand around and placed his fingers before the softly glowing mark. "This…is Nour's blessing. The Ancient who came to my aid… can not be here if there was anything impure….many used to say those who bear her blessing have her protection from the darkness." That Raiser could never again reach him because Nour had placed her mark upon him it was just what he read in old scrolls and books but he had to believe it was true not just for his sake but Kiva's as well. Neither one of them could be lost to Nikki.

Braska shook his head. "That's what they made showers for." he said lightly smiling playfully clearly indicating he didn't mind. He reached up and brushed his fingers along her cheek brushing her hair back a bit. "I'm not going to complain." He assured her and he wouldn't he certainly had no qualms about how the mess happened that was for sure!

Kirie rested in his arms as he carried her so carefully down the steps if she thought about it after she saved him first he had been doing things like this all along. Carrying her protecting her supporting her. She sat on the bench watching him draw the bath and adding the lavender scented bubbles to it to help her relax and she knew it would also help remove any lingering traces of Rodrick from her frame. "Eko…" she said realizing they never did get around to talking about what happened with the Wylds. With his brothers and his tribe. And she had no idea at all what happened truly with Bayla. "Are you alright? Today hasn't been easy for you either."

Aiyan miss stepped not enough to jar her but certainly enough to let her know the Nymph in him was very much active on the back burner. "Zai…." he breathed as he quickly and gracefully regained his balance. "Keep doing that and we may very well not make it back home tonight…" He said in a playful warning. It was amazing to him really that she could keep with the nymph in him and then it occurred to him that….poor Eko had no idea at all what it was like to have a partner that was part nymph. He was just starting his relationship with Kirie and Kirie had excellent control of the nymph in her mostly because she was still innocent….Eko had prevented Rodrick from stealing it completely from her and Naiya would have given her Zion to help her heal from what Rodrick had done so that whatever damage had been there was gone. He did though glance at Zai and chuckled. "Keep that up love and we may make it no further then star blossom's. And then we risk an audience…." He said shaking his head chuckling.

Kei ran the water in the tub for a few moments getting it to temp his ears didn't turn back but he could easily hear the low rustling of the clothes that feel to the floor leaving her half dressed. His tail swishing behind him as he set the tub and began filling it, then reached over and picked up Naiya's favorite bubble bath pouring a bit in. He sat back a bit and chuckled. "Is my beautiful girl just going to stand there?" He asked in a husky playful tone…."Do I need to come get you?" He asked tipping his head back the warm teasing in his voice clearly showing he didn't mind playing. "I do believe I promised to pounce…"

Kahiri smiled. "If I have my say in the vote it will be." he said warmly. "Because there is no better way for her mate to show her just how much this means to him." He said softly then sighed. "and it is a good thing that is a long way off." he looked down at Inara. "No dating for you for a long time." he said in a light playful tone but also protective….Kahi had been even with him and the faint memories he was picking up of Ryn. A very protective and doting father. But not smothering. Kahiri though had a daughter for a first born and he had a feeling she'd been turning heads in no time. "She's going to be turning heads…..before we know it." he said sighing. To him Celluna had always been breathtakingly beautiful and now he had a daughter and she'd be the same.

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