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Re: No Subject
Mon Apr 2, 2018 11:42pm

Silvi looked at him as he teased her about almost seeming to want to adopt her. "I am…her and Lassa actually." She said looking at him. "I'd adopt her older sister as well so that the girls would not feel divide or taken away from each other." she said as she walked along. "But it would be something I'd have to speak with them about. I can not just force it on them. No matter how much I worry about her." She looked at Spartan and smiled a bit. "Indeed…" She said chuckling. "tonight the royal wing…come this way…" She said as she began walking with him leading him down a hall with no other doors on it. It did after all lead the original royal chambers of the castle. Trait had indicated he'd pick up his family and move before he'd allow Silvi to leave her home, she refused that saying it wasn't right to uproot his entire family and in the end it came to this. And yet somehow it all worked out just fine. They call got along. Perhaps because Silvi never acted the part of the jilted lover. There time was passed and well she found that those feelings for Ana although it was sad and she loved him as the father of her first born did not run as deep as they did before perhaps because upon waking she had resolved herself to the fact that he would have moved on. As he should….and opened her heart to new possibilities that new possibility just happened to be this incredible Vulpine walking with her. "If I did…would that bother you?" She asked as if an afterthought if she did look to adopt those girls….would he be alright with it? It wasn't she had just been trying to think of how to ask without it sounding like some sort of demand for approval one way or another.

Yuuri chuckled as she watched him walk off to go start the bath water, she herself walked over to the dresser and pulled her hair loose quickly running a brush through it…it was funny really she was going ot end up washing it but hated the massive snarls from washing it without brushing it first it didn't take long, and after a moment she walked up and leaned in the door frame watching Senn.

Millie chuckled. "Oh that would so not be good that would be a cranky puppy." She said shaking her head and walking up to take Kahiri from Kahi. "I'll call after." She said as she moved off with him while he let out a sleepy whine. "Mm almost Ri." she said as he yawned. She laid him down and began changing him for bed changing his diaper to a fresh one and pulling out the pj's there pup liked to snuggle up in the best.

Eri looked at everything and nodded. "I will." she said softly as she sat there looking at Tilly. "Thank you Tilly…" She said as Tilly said with certainty that they would find a way to make the blessing happen she had been stressing about that, about believing that she had hurt Tria in some way that could not be repaired and of course there was the foul treatment of the girls to her. Tria had been resolved in a way that warmed Eri's heart. "Chantilly….thank you." She said again as she placed her hand against her stomach and then looked at the pitcher of tea…"That tea smells….pretty. Should….I stay on bed rest…." She looked at her.

Averie shook his head as he reached up and cupped her face gently in his hand. "Nikki don't ever feel like you have to apologize for worry about me or Kiva." he said warmly. "I know you worry because you love us both so much and we love you." He said gently. "And honestly I'd be no different then you if not worse should our roles be reversed. To me….this is my sweet wife who is so warm and loving. It's this depth of your feelings that stopped Raiser, Nikki mom once told me there is no magic no power in the darkness more powerful then the purest love… have that gift Nikki that love."

Braska nodded as he looked at her. "yeah…want me to go draw a bath?" he asked her since he was sure they could both use the soak and hopefully he'd be sedated enough to not be mischievous in the tub, he'd worry about the bed sheets but La'shire liked to dote on those who lived within her walls.

Kirie looked at him and then got up walking over to the tub and sat down on the ledge next to him. "Eko I'm sure he did." She said looking at him. "The Rangers have often seen him sitting looking at the Spritius in a tree and often walking with another. They said he's often sparing with a tigeress there but he never yells at her and always seems to be encouraging her. Moving about as if to shadow her." She said shaking her head. "I believe you reached him you and Kei both long before you ever spoke today. Perhaps tomorrow….we'll try again but this time instead of approaching all three where things get dangerous we'll see if we can just find Singo." She said on the back of her arm was still the mark of the Ranger but hers was a touch different she didn't do what Naiya did among the rangers or even Lyric and Rosie, Grayson she was more like Merit a field medic with warrior backing able to protect and keep a fallen comrade safe and alive until she could get them home where they could be tended to. It also meant there she was usually only stationed when on active duty in Ethion. But she had put her blades. "I can't help but feel like with everything that's happened today….there's more to what's going on in the Wylds. Rodrick's stunt called you back shortly after you left….and then with what happened with Bayla…." She shook her head. "It's not adding up right."

Aiyan snorted. "I am certainly not fond of an audience." He said with a huff he wasn't as free with things as Naiya was, growing up among the Lycan's such things were more private and not public displays he did a lot of things 'backwards' as far as many were concerned and good grief did he often drive his father-in-law crazy he swore Burskan wanted to skin him alive still at times. But for the sake of Zai's happiness they got along. Aiyan looked at her though the huff as playful as it had been as he was quiet a moment before looking out at the star blossom's. "I can show them to you." He said in agreement his pause hadn't been because he didn't want to. "Once we get home….otherwise we'll never get there." He said showing what his pause had been about. When she asked his thoughts went to how very sensitive they were. If she messed with them as she was now his 'human' ears it was highly arousing. And unlike Kirie both he and Naiya were active with mates… while she could maintain control…control would fly out the window for him. Faster then he could blink.

Kei got up once the water was the right height and turned off the tub. He easily slipped out of his clothes taking his time. He stood there a moment his tail swishing behind him as if playfully or winding up for something before he moved pouncing Naiya as he caught her up in his arms springing the short distance and scooping her up holding her waist in his hands. He had fallen in love with such a beautiful delicate girl who every moment of the day took his breath away in some fashion.

Kahiri smiled. "She is, she's prefect." He said shaking his head and then looked at Celluna. "Of course we would….your gorgeous there's simply no way any pup you have would be anything but beautiful I'm just lucky to get to be the wolf you fell in love with." He said nuzzling her a bit and then smiled as he chuckled. "As big of a family as we want Luna." he said warmly. "As many as our hearts desire we already have our first lovely little light….there's no reason to not have many more."

  • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Mon Apr 2 11:19pm
    Drak's eyes softened as he looked to the side to gaze at Sarah as she apologized "Ahh I'm sorry Sarah, I didn't mean to make you feel guilty..was just more of my teasing" he said apologetically as he ... more
    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Mon Apr 2 11:48pm
      Rio worked hard to get those purrs to come out again of Vera, while his wings and feathers ruffled a little bit as well. He knew soon Crys would walk back through. Or maybe run with how she acted. In ... more
    • Re: No Subject — Kari, Mon Apr 2 11:42pm
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Blake), Tue Apr 3 8:59pm
        Vera was so lost in the kisses with Rio, her purrs rumbling away for him. She shifted in his arms a bit, getting a little more comfy and settled into the moment, unaware the affect her own purrs... more
        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Spartan thru Sarah), Tue Apr 3 9:00pm
          Spartan looked around as he walked with Silvi down the otherwise empty corridor, approaching the double doors to her royal suite. His ears twitched curiously when she suddenly asked him that. “would... more
          • Re: No SubjectKari, Tue Apr 3 9:32pm
            Trait smiled as he looked at Blake and Mela. "It was no trouble." he said looking at them both. "And out of the all my requests lately helping to put together a family dinner was an enjoyable one."... more
            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Blake thru Celluna), Tue Apr 3 11:20pm
              Blake smiled. “Well, I’m glad we could help with that. Even though you’ve taken on some help, you’re still working way too hard. It’s nice to see you relaxing and enjoying yourself a bit more, dad.... more
              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Wed Apr 4 12:30am
                Rio was really getting lost with Vera as well, if not careful he could feel himself going too far. He didn't want to scare her knowing she had only once tried to do this to be rejected. Then, it... more
                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Twilight), Wed Apr 4 12:55am
                  Vera's ears fell back as he tried to reassure her. "YEah, but..." She just didn't want to let her feline instincts cause her to do something that maybe turned off an Avion. She hadn't realized just... more
                  • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Wed Apr 4 9:19am
                    Drak gave the flair a throaty chuckle "I dunno..I think you've grumbled about my 'raging libido' a few times..but then thats usually when you've ended up not going to work because of me" he mused... more
                    • Re: No SubjectKari, Wed Apr 4 4:51pm
                      Trait listened to Mela and Blake hearing both his son and his wife and they were not voicing any different concerns then anyone else these days everyone said the same thing even Silvi who had... more
                      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Wed Apr 4 11:41pm
                        Rio had hoped Vera would just let what she did pass. When she told him of her former position as a spy she must have been in many dangerous spots and yet now something so intimate has scared her. He... more
                        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Blake), Thu Apr 5 8:36pm
                          Vera’s ears lifted a bit as he spoke. “If I don’t want to do something, I won’t,“ she assured him, shaking her head a bit. “I guess I’m just… I didn’t really get to do all of this before and now I’m... more
                          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Spartan thru Sarah), Thu Apr 5 8:36pm
                            Spartan noticed the way she smiled at the mention of speaking to the girls tomorrow. He knew from that smile that he was right in what he told her… that she should speak with them about it if it was... more
                            • Re: No SubjectKari, Thu Apr 5 10:19pm
                              Trait just smiled. "There's no rush to find a way to repay me Mela, just take care of Blake, that’s all I ask." he said looking at them both. To see Blake had found someone who made him so happy was... more
                              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Blake thru Sarah), Fri Apr 6 12:06am
                                Blake smiled. “I am too,“ he said, “and I’m glad you’re trying to figure out how to share the burdens of the castle, dad. It’d be nice to see more of you,“ he admitted. It’d been over a month since... more
                                • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Fri Apr 6 9:37am
                                  Drak chuckled at the 'needs a breather' retort from his wife "Alright I'll grant you that one Sarah, if only so you can moan more for me later" he teased softly as they finally came to rest infront... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectKari, Fri Apr 6 11:56am
                                    Trait nodded and smiled chuckling. "Yes well that is the basis of my ex's arguments with me….that I spend so much time working that I'm failing to have the time to spend with my wife who according to ... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Fri Apr 6 8:43pm
                                      Rio listened and loved the confidence in her voice at the first statement. She then settled in next to him and can tell she was opening up a little more, letting now her fears in all of this. He had... more
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