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Trait listened to Mela and Blake hearing both his son and his wife and they were not voicing any different concerns then anyone else these days everyone said the same thing even Silvi who had returned from the Vale more or less indicated the same thing. He smiled as he looked at them both. "Perhaps I should do as Silvi keeps requesting of me. She used to handle much of the castle's daily affairs , and was quiet efficient at it. To this day I struggle with figuring out how she managed to get it all done and still have time to spend with Averie and myself back then….granted everything was on a smaller scale but…." he chuckled. "she was always a woman wise beyond her years, and now I hear her sentiment echoed in you both and so many others." Trait looked at Mela and smiled warmly as she looked down. "Mela you are a very welcome part of this family, I'm only sorry I have not been able to show all of you how much I cherish all of you being here."

Silvi smiled. "Then tomorrow I will make time to speak with the girls." She said as she looked at him. Then chuckled and smiled. "Mmm perhaps because I find the room terribly huge and lonely….although…" she walked in with him letting the double doors shut behind her and close. "With your company they are neither terribly large nor are they lonely." She said as it was truly a Royal suite. She reached out and took his hand into hers and gently guided him towards the different areas the grand balcony, closet and the luxurious bathroom. "Spartan you are most welcome to keep me company here as much as you like…I certainly looked forward to it." she said playfully being with him felt so very natural like it was simply meant to be, and always had been. While she cherished her time with Trait and loved there son, it felt different with Spartan as if being with him was as natural as the air she breathed and it was such a warm and welcome feeling.

Yuuri blushed then walked towards him slowly her tails swishing across the floor tossing her clothes in the basket in the process to be cleaned. "MMm I suppose from that tone you're seeing something you like?" She asked playfully.

Millie finished the song seeing Kahiri sound asleep and then watched the mist curl up about him to safe guard his dreams and slumber. She smiled as she walked out and nodded to Kahi. "I'll be a moment." She whispered as she gathered her comfortable sleeping pj's a pair of cotton pants and matching top that felt like it was satin or silk on but was incredibly light weight. She walked into the bathroom to get changed and wash her face before bed knowing it would be a moment then she'd join him there but paused as she glanced over her pj's and bit her lower lip. "Thank you La'shire." She said softly the clothes had been adjusted tastefully for her current state….and she had a feeling her whole wardrobe had been. Something she had not thought about when the seal was broken until just now. She moved about getting changed.

Eri nodded. "I'll finish the tea." She said as she nestled back into the pillows hoping Tilly was right and they could find a means of blessing the baby. That was her biggest concern but Tilly seemed so certain and said that Aspen and Tria would no doubt work hard over the next few days knowing it was soon she would be delivering to ensure the babies health. She just rested there drinking the tea feeling the ointment that Tilly had rubbed in ensuring the baby was calm right now helping and her own stress levels coming down little by little as she drank it. Tilly had said it was good for her but she had no idea what it was or that Tae had offered it concerned about her health just as Aspen, Tria and Tilly were as well as many others in the castle.

Averie returned the kiss and chuckled. "Perhaps but you are." He said as he broke it after a moment continuing to run his fingers gently through her hair. He never wanted her to feel like her worrying about them all was a bad thing. He certainly didn't take it that way. Which was why he didn't hide it from her and while he showed her he'd rewrap it in a bit assuring it the bandages were just to trap the ointment that would help it heal.

Braska also blushed and almost groaned at the choice of words right now but….at the same took seeing her blush quelled the groan and deepened his own blush instead. "You're welcome to join me." He answered as he shifted a bit moving to get up the grizzly was amazed at how much control he had maintained. Not hurting her not pushing to far. He was thankful he kept that control.

Kirie watched him step out honestly she could have just asked him to turn towards the door she was only in a bathroom after all. But she slipped out of it and hung it up on a hook near the tub before stepping into the water carefully and after a moment slide in pausing and drawing a sharp breathe the Zion in the healing tea earlier had done wonders to heal her up but she was still a touch sensitive. Once settled into the water and it stopped swaying back and forth in the tub form her settling into it she leaned back and chuckled covered in a sea of scented bubbles. "Eko….its okay now." She called sweetly to him. Everything felt natural and yet wonderful at the same time. Although he should have never had to tell her he was always looking at her he did….he assured her that, and in his own let her know that she had nothing to worry about him leaving her or not wanting to be with her because of Rodrick this was different. It was because he didn't want to hurt her because he didn't want anything to feel rushed as her mind and heart calmed down after having that cry letting out the pain of everything she could think a bit clearer.

Aiyan chuckled as he walked with her. "I love all of you too Zai." He said as he walked drawing closer to the house as they were now walking through the star blossom's. "Mm I nearly forgot tomorrow starts normally the three week long celebration of bonds and nature." he said it wasn't like a grand festive or party everyday that was at the end. But for three weeks it was little things like giving the girl you loved flowers or making something for them. Spending time making certain they knew how much that bond meant. They celebrated such things because it was the bonds in life that made one stronger. And it was to teach the children mostly that nothing in nature was existed by itself it all existed in harmony and together with something else. Everything in nature needed another to survive and live. "Once we get home I'll be happy to show you. I promise."

Kei chuckled. "Mm good because I'm still looking forward to desert." He answered her as he leaned in and nuzzled Naiya a bit purring not his heavy purrs for sure but those comfortable ones that meant he was happy and content even right now just holding her.

Kahiri chuckled as he looked at her and nodded taking Inara into his arms and walked over to the bassinette lifting her up just a bit to kiss her on the forehead and then laid her down in it. Pausing to look at the slumbering pup before he glanced at the mist coiling about the room he beckoned it much as his father did for him to come and safe guard her sleep and dreams. To keep watch over Inara, he walked back over to the bed after a moment climbing in and settling in next to Celluna. He didn't say how he never dreamed he ever have this chance in the past….not after he lost Celluna. He had to find a way to stop Ryn because he didn't know if his heart could take loosing her in any way a second time. He had been head over heels in love with her for as long as he could remember always hoping she chose him too.

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    Drak gave the flair a throaty chuckle "I dunno..I think you've grumbled about my 'raging libido' a few times..but then thats usually when you've ended up not going to work because of me" he mused... more
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        Rio had hoped Vera would just let what she did pass. When she told him of her former position as a spy she must have been in many dangerous spots and yet now something so intimate has scared her. He... more
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          Vera’s ears lifted a bit as he spoke. “If I don’t want to do something, I won’t,“ she assured him, shaking her head a bit. “I guess I’m just… I didn’t really get to do all of this before and now I’m... more
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            Spartan noticed the way she smiled at the mention of speaking to the girls tomorrow. He knew from that smile that he was right in what he told her… that she should speak with them about it if it was... more
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              Trait just smiled. "There's no rush to find a way to repay me Mela, just take care of Blake, that’s all I ask." he said looking at them both. To see Blake had found someone who made him so happy was... more
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                Blake smiled. “I am too,“ he said, “and I’m glad you’re trying to figure out how to share the burdens of the castle, dad. It’d be nice to see more of you,“ he admitted. It’d been over a month since... more
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                  Drak chuckled at the 'needs a breather' retort from his wife "Alright I'll grant you that one Sarah, if only so you can moan more for me later" he teased softly as they finally came to rest infront... more
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                    Trait nodded and smiled chuckling. "Yes well that is the basis of my ex's arguments with me….that I spend so much time working that I'm failing to have the time to spend with my wife who according to ... more
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                      Rio listened and loved the confidence in her voice at the first statement. She then settled in next to him and can tell she was opening up a little more, letting now her fears in all of this. He had... more
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