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Thu Apr 5, 2018 8:36pm

Vera’s ears lifted a bit as he spoke. “If I don’t want to do something, I won’t,“ she assured him, shaking her head a bit. “I guess I’m just… I didn’t really get to do all of this before and now I’m doing all of these things I didn’t know I would do,“ she said with a sigh. “I’m not usually this jumpy and nervous with things, but I just like you so much, I guess I worry about doing something… wrong,“ she admitted to him, settling in against in on the sofa again, looking at him. She wasn’t going to pull away from him, and instead of giving into that response, she was opting to… open up. Let him in more.

Eros smiled. “I just wouldn’t want to impose,“ he said, somehow knowing she might wonder why they’d shared a bed earlier, but wouldn’t now. “I’ll grab my stuff,“ he said, moving in and pausing a moment before giving her cheek a soft kiss. “Thanks again, Crystal,“ he said, heading out onto the back patio, where Rio and Vera had been earlier, moving around and up the stairs to his loft, already able to hear Orion snoring. Tomorrow he would talk to Pops about maybe getting Orion a Guard’s discount on one of the rooms… so Eros could actually enjoy his loft. He owed Crys a sleepover in it after this, he thought innocently enough.

Garand came back out with a bottle in hand and a small portion cup. He poured her a dose and offered it to her to take. “Here, this should help,“ he said… trailing off a little as he noticed her state of undress. He shook his head a little to refocus.

Chantilly looked over, seeing both of them watching her. She smiled, walking over and sitting down on the chair beside the sofa they were on. “Eri is doing well, considering she’s gone this long without seeing any of the doctors,“ she said. She smiled and nodded, moving to hand them a crystal, too, one that would put them in direct contact with her. “You can reach me any time on this. I already gave one to Eri. I told her I’ll stop by to check on her every day, twice a day if need be, until she’s ready to deliver.“

“Thank you,“ Aspen said, leaning forwards to take the crystal. “So she and the baby are--“

“They’re both fine. I think having Eri move in here was the best idea. I’d like her to try to stay on bed rest as much as possible, but I won’t deny her a walk here and there to keep her from getting antsy. And there is one other matter…“ Tilly said.

Twilight’s feathers ruffled a little initially when Jupiter’s hands moved to the base of her wings, but when his motions were more soothing than arousing, and he knew very well how to do either with her at this point, her feathers smoothed out and she sighed deeply. He knew just what touch did what to her, and this one was certainly relaxing the girl. She laid her head against him as she snuggled in more, getting nice and comfy, her eyes closing as she made content little coos. He’d had her back to sleep in no time like this.

Blake smiled, noticing his wife’s blush. Although Traitorin had been so welcoming and happy when Blake married Mela, it clearly meant a lot to hear him continue to openly and fully welcome her into their family. “Thanks, dad,“ he said, moving to give his father a hug, patting him on the back before pulling back. “You should go find Dia, though. I think you could start there,“ he said with a smile. “She’s here to help you, too,“ he noted. Dia had created most of the new surveillance and detection systems with her crystals, making the need for constant guard on the interior less pressing, alleviating some of the pressure on the need for security. Surly she could also help him figure out how to prioritize… especially since Blake was sure she missed her time with Trait as much as Trait missed time with her.

  • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Wed Apr 4 11:41pm
    Rio had hoped Vera would just let what she did pass. When she told him of her former position as a spy she must have been in many dangerous spots and yet now something so intimate has scared her. He... more
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        Spartan noticed the way she smiled at the mention of speaking to the girls tomorrow. He knew from that smile that he was right in what he told her… that she should speak with them about it if it was... more
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          Trait just smiled. "There's no rush to find a way to repay me Mela, just take care of Blake, that’s all I ask." he said looking at them both. To see Blake had found someone who made him so happy was... more
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            Blake smiled. “I am too,“ he said, “and I’m glad you’re trying to figure out how to share the burdens of the castle, dad. It’d be nice to see more of you,“ he admitted. It’d been over a month since... more
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              Drak chuckled at the 'needs a breather' retort from his wife "Alright I'll grant you that one Sarah, if only so you can moan more for me later" he teased softly as they finally came to rest infront... more
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                Trait nodded and smiled chuckling. "Yes well that is the basis of my ex's arguments with me….that I spend so much time working that I'm failing to have the time to spend with my wife who according to ... more
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                  Rio listened and loved the confidence in her voice at the first statement. She then settled in next to him and can tell she was opening up a little more, letting now her fears in all of this. He had... more
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