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Fri Apr 6, 2018 12:06am

Blake smiled. “I am too,“ he said, “and I’m glad you’re trying to figure out how to share the burdens of the castle, dad. It’d be nice to see more of you,“ he admitted. It’d been over a month since Trait really had time to just enjoy the castle and his family. He kept up with it all, but anyone could see that he needed tonight as much as anyone else did. Blake knew soon Mela would be wanting to head back to the room, though… and start trying for that family of their own. Something they weren’t telling anyone about yet. No sense in adding any extra stress onto themselves to make a baby in a single night. Blake was just excited they were finally in a place were they both wanted to start trying.

Spartan held the kiss for a while, finally breaking it to take a breath. His tails came up and around her a bit to further hold her, brushing over her body through the gown she was wearing. “It‘s been a long day..” he said quietly, his voice a tad husky. “We should probably think about getting into bed,” he noted, though he hadn‘t brought anything with him to sleep in… not that Silvi would mind if he wore nothing to bed. She’d already seen and experienced it all earlier!

Senn smiled and pulled away, “good,“ he said, moving to take her hand and help her into the bath. “My princess goes first,“ he said with a playful smile, knowing it got her all flustered when he called her that, but he could get away with it! Once she was in, he got in with her, touching the crystals on the wall to set to a nicer mood lighting.

Kahi looked at Millie as she snuggled in beside him to look at well. “I know… she’s amazing,“ he said in awe. He rolled onto his back a bit to let her cuddle in more as he moved the screen onto his lap. “You left the message already?“ he asked.

Nikki nodded a little. She’d let him apply the ointment himself. She was too worried she might hurt him if she touched too hard or, Ancients forbid, if she accidentally let one of her claws graze his wounds even a little. The thought alone made her ears pitch back. She got up and moved to get a fresh satin bandage from the washroom, aware the material would be kinder to his tender skin. She returned, unraveling it and slowly crawling back onto the bed with him, her dress already a mess of wrinkles.

Gypsy smiled a bit shyly when he seemed to stammer through his remarks about her having always been invited from the beginning to join him. She nodded and watched him head in, wondering if his mind was racing over everything happening between them today, too. It was a lot to go from what they were to this in a matter of several hours. Her head was spinning. She could still taste him, still scent him strongly in the room…. What they‘d been doing. The pheromones that clearly came from that passion found only in real love, not lust. It made her head spin in the best of ways.

“I can tell,“ Eko said, honestly. “I’m glad you’re feeling better, Kirie,“ he added, then shook his head a bit. “No, I’m find right here,“ he said with a smile. “I’m comfortable. Don’t worry about me.“

Zai heard the hesitation in his voice at the end there and then he just cut off. “When you did… what?“ she asked quietly. “Aiyan? You know me… you know I wouldn’t have had any problem with them, right?” she asked him, hoping he knew her better than that. “Maybe I’d have had trouble keeping from touching them, but… I would never have minded if you’d wanted to be completely yourself with me.”

Naiya felt his fingers running over her ear and heard his question. “Wow…” she said, “You know, sometimes I forget… I do,” she said, blushing a bit. She’d been hiding her nymph ears practically all her life and, unlike aiyan, she’d never played around with letting them show now and then. Not at all. It was her mother’s wish that she live like all the other Druid children and not let them be influenced by her appearance… not that it helped with her allure and Naiya still had that unique quality to her beauty that seemed to let on that she was more than Druid. “I don’t remember the last time I showed them…” she admitted.

“Very,“ Luna said with a tired whine as Ri drew her in close to him under the covers. She happily snuggled up against him, getting nice and comfy with her husband. “Next time, you carry the baby and give birth to it. It’s too exhausting,“ she said with a soft, sleepy laugh, obviously kidding. She fully intended, now that they had a future, to have more of Ri’s pups some day, and she would cherish the chance.


“Good evening, Miharu,“ Sarah said with a warm smile. She took the chance to look him over a bit and, although she didn’t know as much about Espers as Drak did, she’d gotten to read up on enough in Traitorin’s ancient scrolls to know that he didn’t look well. For any Mystrian… he didn’t look well. “We brought you and Vespa some food. Has… has she woken up at all yet?“ she asked, really hoping he would invite them in to check on her… and on him too, if he’d let them.

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