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Fri Apr 6, 2018 11:56am

Trait nodded and smiled chuckling. "Yes well that is the basis of my ex's arguments with me….that I spend so much time working that I'm failing to have the time to spend with my wife who according to her is simply sweet and precious. " Trait would describe her more as beautiful kind caring wonderful in so many ways which is why he said according to her. "and with all of you. She's determined to….she said I need to spend less time being a 'King' and more time being a father and grandfather." He chuckled as he glanced out at everyone then back to Blake and Mela. "Tonight….I could not help but feel she was right. I've just…..been worried if I don't handle everything else something will happen to all of you who are so precious and important to me….." It was there in a nut shell….if he didn't keep a tight hold on all the affairs would something slip through and he loose them all never mind Silivi kept telling him he was slowly day by day loosing them all anyways. In tiny ways right now as he wasn't the father that they needed they would always love him and he them….but….that bond that closeness would grow duller fade with time and neglect. She was adamant that it wasn't too late it was never to late to reform those bonds to strengthen them. So perhaps it was time to listen to her and give over what she was asking for. So that he could spend that time with Dia and there children.

Silvi hummed a bit as the kiss was broken but gave a pleasant shiver as he spoke his voice holding those husky notes to it that just sent these pleasant shivers right through her. "We should." she said in agreement stepping back from his embrace and the circle of his tails reluctantly as she reached up behind her and undid the clips straightening up she let the white and silver gown slip down her frame to pool like water around her feet before reaching up not at all ashamed to do this mostly because he had already cherished every inch of her frame earlier in the day. She pulled the clips free and let her hair fall loose about him. "I'm certainly looking forward to be in your arms." That held so many notes to it both innocent and naughty clearly regardless of wither or not he just held her tonight and they went to sleep or….they embraced a bit more it was fine with her either way.

Yuuri blushed sweetly for him as he said that again. 'My princess' she looked at him as he helped her into the tub her wings dancing through a pretty spectrum of pinks and reds. "Sennn…." she said on an adorable whine. She settled in the water feeling the heat just rush through her as it lapped about her frame a bit. "Mmm it never ceases to amaze me how good a hot bath can feel." have grown up being hosed off with icy water all the time…..this was something she enjoyed greatly and it was really such a simple thing.

Millie nodded. "I did." She said lightly as she shifted with him a bit and snuggled up to him curling up against Kahi and bringing her tail up to lay over her legs and on his. She looked at the pictures with him. "I can't help think that her arrival here is a message from Luminos….in some way that we're doing things right…we're setting things right little by little and to keep going…to keep trying" she looked up at Kahi. "Not to give up even a little because she's what waiting for us one day in the future." Millie reached up and ghosted her fingers over the image of there granddaughter. "Tomorrow….I want to go see Cyan and Indigo….find out if there's a dream lycan in La'shire right now….if there is perhaps they can help me get control of the visions in my sleep….figure out what's happening and why….but more importantly how to stop the bad ones." Millie spoke in a way that held such conviction she wasn't about to loose him. Not to this horrible war. She wanted to walk beside Kahi, grow old together and certainly not mourn her mates passing. She just had no idea that Kahiri and Celluna were hopeful now that if Millie fully awoke any dark future without Kahi's father was….gone. That they knew of but the future was always changing until they got there.

Braska ran the water until the temp felt good and then started filling the tub he picked through the bubble baths until he found a scent he knew she liked, mostly because she always looked so happy whenever she caught it on a breeze. He had made note of it…wither it was on a breeze or she found the source of the scent it was something Gypsy really liked and it was funny how he paid so much attention to those little things even when she wasn't 'his' at that point.

Kirie chuckled and nodded. "Alright." she said smiling as she looked at him and tipped her head then glanced up at the ceiling again before looking at him. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you today was my birthday earlier it's just...." she sighed. "I don' big parties on it or bashes and huge celebrations. I don't feel it's right to celebrate it like that but....normally if not for how.....troublesome today became...I would have gone and shared drinks with my parents spirits and I...would have invited you." She said looking at him. "I should still go some point tomorrow.....share those drinks if even a day're very welcome to come with me Eko."

Aiyan sighed there glancing down at her. "yes and no…" he said. "My heart….tells me you wouldn't but my head muddles it up….worries that you would be upset not because of them persay but because I've kept them hidden….." he sighed. "And so many other things I find myself doing what we worry Sable does to much….over thinking things." he admitted. Although he did raise an amused eyebrow at her trouble not touching them. "You touching them I don't mind….anyone else no."

"You know if you ever want to you can…." He said lightly. "I love you all of you Na….this way or that…but if you ever want to be as you were born and not hide them." He said leaning in and nuzzling her. "You can, your this beautiful druid who won my heart…when I wasn't looking for love and this playful Nymph….your incredible."

Kahiri laughed as he hugged her gently to him. "Ah but love….I'm not built for it." He said in protest to her telling him to carry the baby next time. "But I can do you one better right now while you regain your strength for bringing our precious daughter here I can take care of her while you rest." he said meaning changing diapers and the such he knew at least how to do that much amazingly. Kahi had found it important that he be well rounded because he would as Kahi put it some day wish to be a father and would need to know such things. And as a future Alpha it was important to be able to help those in the tribe who needed it. Even with taking care of the young.

Miharu looked at her and nodded. "Once a few hours ago she woke and spoke….Vespa was tired and sleepy, but her body and her voice indicated getting over an illness or cold which with the Estra is a good thing it means the hard part is over." he said stepping back and opening the door to allow them entry as Drak spoke drawing Miharu's gaze to him.

Miharu sighed softly as he heard his dad speak about being worried about there condition and then saw where his gaze went reaching up to touch one of the flowers in his hair as wilted as they were. "Dad." he said simply as he stood back to let them in. "I will eventually I'll be alright…." He said which wasn't a bold face lie….he was fair from alright and they both knew it but it was that stubborn unwillingness to be taken from Vespa's side during the time she was recovering and that would be a while yet how long even he wasn't sure. But he'd have to go spend that time immersed in nature having pulled the pure magic through the mountain into himself to create the Waters of Estra took it's toll on him. "I’m….much better then I was earlier…" he said and glanced at the brown and 'dead' flowers about the room flowers that resonated and lived with his magic….if the wilted flowers in his hair troubled his dad he had a feeling seeing a room full of dead flora….would not be much more of a confidence booster in the matters of his health. And yet it didn't occur to him at all….that he had answered Drak calling him dad when he oft spoke and said 'Drak' not to be disrespectful but because he didn't know him and accept him as 'dad' yet even though he was mostly because his mother had kicked him out of the forest and told him never come back knowing she was pregnant but….didn't want Drak falling prey to the madness that consumed others there. He knew all of it…it hadn't made it easier to call him dad…that changed a bit ironically when Drak went to such lengths to come after them……even if his original goal had simply getting Miharu. He had not insisted on Vespa being left behind just the opposite he told Miharu to grab her and go don't look back he'd be along after they were safely on there way.

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