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Re: No Subject
Fri Apr 6, 2018 11:21pm

Miharu sighed as he walked up and touched the dead plants a troubled look on his face. "No it isn't but….." he shook his head at the same token the lack of any plant life was just as bad he sighed unaware that his dad had an idea a place to send them to heal. He glanced over looked at Vespa. "Estra removed the dark taint of the black magic's from her blood she's as she should have been born pure….untouched by them." He said softly shaking his head. "But those magic's come with a price in this case….it's fevered sleeps and feeling as if you had a illness she's gotten past the dangerous part from here it's healing and resting." He sighed again as he leaned against the wall weak and tired himself but he would not leave her side. "She'll wake again soon. It's like having the dragon flu now."

Trait chuckled. "I plan on relaxing. I kept watch on Millie's pup a good part of the day and well he has far more energy then I do." he said shaking his head. "I'll find Dia in a bit and then call it a night. But of course go on the dinner is winding down now." He said nodding to them both and looking at the family the few that remained in the room collecting late night snacks and getting ready to leave themselves, he'd go hunt down Dia in a few moments and cart her off to there room obviously while he took time off she was still working her tails off.

"MM it is what I'm most comfortable in…." She said lightly. "That is to say….I don't think I own many night gowns or pj's….." She said amused. "Although I do have a nice collection of robes." She was the sort who was most comfortable sleeping this way she lifted her foot up out of the folds of the dress and stepped up to him. "of course Spartan there is the question of what your wearing to bed?" she asked warmly in a light teasing tone she knew he didn't see her as something to play with and cast aside there relationship was so much more. But it was fun to feel young and flirting with him enjoyable among other things although he had gained a pretty rosy blush on her face from the way his eyes traced her frame. Not embarrassed but rather heated.

Yuuri nodded as she leaned against him loving the combined feel of the hot water and Senn holding her. These were those moments she really enjoyed. She loved being with him always but moments like these when the day could just melt away and she could be with him were the best. "Mmm you just enjoy getting me flustered because you're probably one of the few who actually can." She said playfully.

Millie nodded. "MM it has but…..any time we can just take a break from it all like this…..makes it all easier to handle after." she said meaning being in his arms in general she smiled as she leaned her head against him. "To think…..I almost didn't go down that hallway when I bumped into you…..gods only know what changed my mind….I had been heading to my room which certainly wasn't that way." She said as she snuggled close. "But….I've never been happier…." she sighed softly as she nodded. "I'll find them…..there's no way I'm giving up." she admitted confirming what he thought Millie was a very stubborn girl and when it came to keeping those horrible futures from happening….there was no way she was giving them an inch in coming true.

Braska looked back at her and smiled. "It is." He answered her looking at the way she had covered herself with her velvety wings figuring his sweet girl would probably always do that. To some degree. He smiled as he shifted a bit then held out his hand to her to offer to help her into the tub.

Kirie nodded. "I'd like you to be there." she said smiling as she listened to him. Saying that celebrating there birthdays wasn't something they did in the Wylds. "Mm so that means Kei wouldn't know anything about celebrating a birthday either." she mused shaking her head. "Naiya will certainly change that around on him…she'll want to celebrate in some fashion Breece's birthday." She said chuckling and then nodded. "It's not a celebration like the Druid's would wish it to be….I say it that way because Sky Elves which was the tradition my father taught me since birth…is more of a moment of thanks. Mom on the other hand would get together with her sister….and everyone else and they'd throw this huge…bash I never really knew what to do with it…it was so awkward." She said chuckling. She looked at Eko and smiled. "Basically it's burning ash thanking them for giving me the strength to let go of and learn from my sorrows and accomplishments. Then casting scented water to the wind to ask the ancients for strength and courage to face each day going forwards. Finally a drink thanking them for the present and the life that they cherished and gave me." She said looking at him. "Or anyone else who is doing it. Dad said it's because each person's year actually begins and ends on the day they were born. The seasons always change…in cycle." She chuckled as she looked at Eko. "It's much quieter…..if they had there way…'s noisy and I….don't think it's appropriate…at least not for me." She smiled at him.

Aiyan looked at her a moment then leaned his head in and kissed Zai it was hard to keep his control at points but this one…..his heart had skipped a beat when she put it on that footing. When she said it that way. "When we get home….I'll let them show.. I want…." He smiled having broken the kiss. "That little bit when I let them show again…..I'll handle the rest from there but….I guess I just want the first to see them…without anyone popping up all excited is you." He said glancing behind him hearing laughter off in the distance as a few druids male and female were sneaking off to something. It wasn't like anyone was close but still….he just felt better if it was under a more controlled situation that he revealed them. They made him nervous in his own right mostly because he didn't know how people would react other then wanting to touch them.

Aiyan walked into there home after he had said that and then gently set Zai down on the couch walkign over to close the door. He turned to face her and took a deep breathe closing his eyes. Like Naiya…it felt like a warm light a warmth. He looked much akin to his twin right now the same faint shimmer to his skin were as he had shifted in the past because he could remember Kirie's looking like it was dusted with diamonds or ice. His ears having that same delicate gentle slope to it not nearly as much as his cousin's did or even elf's who pointed more then Kirie's. His hair and his eyes……"It….was more then just my ears….that changes." He said softly lowly. Naiya and Aiyan, Nysa often said was like looking at the same person if they were born either male or female. Both beautiful and adorable, her niece and nephew.

Kei reached up and cupped her face gently in his hands. "You're as beautiful as always to me." he said softly his finger tracing the gentle slope of her ear. "You look like you've been dusted with glittering snow…Su'ji'ani." He called her a lovely snow spirit in his own tongue if he thought about it the things that were there with her were a bit more prominent with Kirie but that had to be because of her Elvin blood mixed in there. Kei leaned in and figured if he could not speak the words he would show them he kissed her with the same passion he always did unaltered.

Kahiri looked down at her he could certainly relate to that fight against going to sleep which was funny considering he was a dream walker….but maybe that was why. He usually ended up on some journey in his sleep learning something new but he didn't want to spend his life sleeping. He did look down at her though as she was fighting that last little bit. He leaned his head in and smiled whispering softly. "I have you…I love you good night Luna." he said warmly sweetly. They were safe he would be sure of it.

  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Sarah thru Celluna), Fri Apr 6 9:59pm
    Sarah walked in with Drak as Miharu moved aside to invite them to do so. “She woke up. That’s such a relief,“ she said, looking around and then getting a sinking feeling when she saw the state of the ... more
    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Fri Apr 6 11:27pm
      Rio moved a little so Vera could sit nicely on him and the sofa. "Sounds like we are in agreement then." He said and returning the kiss. Only weeks ago it seemed like the two of them would barely... more
    • Re: No Subject — Kari, Fri Apr 6 11:21pm
      • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sat Apr 7 9:40am
        Drak immideately took note of the state of the flora in Miharu's room, a place where plant life should be alive and thriving was..anything but which did trigger more flags of concern in the old... more
        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Blake), Sat Apr 7 3:54pm
          Vera’s ears twitched a bit. She’d heard movement from the kitchen to the stairs… twice… but no one seemed to slow or stop to acknowledge them on the sofa, so she didn’t let it distract her from Rio... more
          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Spartan thru Sarah), Sat Apr 7 3:54pm
            Spartan smirked a bit when she turned the question around on him. “Well, seems I didn‘t bring anything and La‘Shire doesn‘t seem keen to offer anything up to me at the moment. She probably had... more
            • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Apr 7 4:57pm
              Trait rose an eyebrow good naturedly and waved them off. "Night" he answered shaking his head to be young like that. He chuckled and looked over as he waited a few moments longer before he too would... more
              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Apr 7 6:20pm
                Rio's hands had stayed pretty neutral in all of this. The morning they had a small argument when she tried to hide something in his wings. He wanted to move his hand up to her head and ears, but... more
                • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Apr 7 6:22pm
                  (Hate hitting the wrong button) Tria nodded, "Thank you again Chantilly." She told her, mind already trying to think about helping Eri with this new mission. There was so many options at their hands... more
                  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Blake), Sat Apr 7 7:02pm
                    Vera felt his hand move up, her purrs intensifying a bit. Part of her wanted to know what it would feel like to have her ears touched, and another part of her worried it’d be too fast. Not being an... more
                    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Spartan thru Sarah), Sat Apr 7 7:02pm
                      Spartan smiled and stepped up to her, sliding a hand along her side before moving to hold her waist gently. “Well… this is only half of my outfit,” he teased before kissing her gently on the lips. He ... more
                      • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Apr 7 7:36pm
                        Silvi smiled as he caught her waist and pulled her closer making the comment that this was only 'half' of his outfit. She returned the kiss and smiled her fingers tracing a path down his chest to his ... more
                      • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sat Apr 7 7:33pm
                        With Sarah beating him to the punch so to speak Drak could only nod in agreement before speaking up again in a surprisingly fatherly tone "It was something I constructed long ago when I wanted some... more
                        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Spartan thru Sarah), Sat Apr 7 8:59pm
                          Spartan was a bit surprised by just how good she was at that. “Are you using magic?“ he asked with a playful squint of his piercing blue eyes as she was getting through the belt, button and zipper... more
                          • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sat Apr 7 9:14pm
                            At first Drak had a questioning expression that trailed Sarah for a few moments as she was packing up certain items which quickly brought him to the conclusion that she was thinking ahead getting... more
                            • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Apr 7 10:12pm
                              Silvi chuckled. "No no magic….but would you believe clothing now is soo much simpler then in my youth?" She said as she looked at him. "The clasps and hooks…..were nightmarish if you wanted to do... more
                              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Spartan thru Sarah), Sat Apr 7 10:39pm
                                Spartan chuckled when she said she was just that good, no magic needed. He smiled and nodded, "I saw we shall," he mused before scooping her up and carrying her to the bed, laying her gently on it... more
                                • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Apr 7 11:30pm
                                  Silvi let out a slight yelp of her own when he scooped her up before she found herself giggling most figured because she was a dragon that wasn't possible as if they weighed the same no matter the... more
                                • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sat Apr 7 11:30pm
                                  "Very well, let her rest then as it appears she needs it..seems like you got a bit of my constitution if your still able to muster the strength to carry her even in your haggard state" Drak mused... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Spartan thru Sarah), Sun Apr 8 12:17am
                                    Spartan smiled. “I love the cute little sounds you make when I catch you off guard,“ he mused, getting a few shivers up his spine as she played with the sensitive fur of his tails. He moved in for... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Apr 8 2:12am
                                      Rio hearing the purring and feeling it as well did something to him. Something he wasn't expecting, he was enjoying it. He rubbed her cheek a little with hand. "I the sound you are making." ... more
                                      • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sun Apr 8 9:42am
                                        Drak couldn't help but laugh good naturedly when Miharu commented about him having a good green thumb, he shook his head as he entered the large teleportation ring and waited for the others to gather ... more
                                        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Sarah), Sun Apr 8 10:28am
                                          Vera's ears perked a bit and she blushed faintly, smiling when he spoke and touched her cheek. "You're the only one... who's heard it..." she said, meaning he was also the only one who had gotten her ... more
                                          • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Apr 8 12:19pm
                                            Miharu snorted at his dad's words as good natured as they were. "Among other things." he quipped well aware that, that insane libido that he had came from his dad's side of the blood line. He walked... more
                                            • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sun Apr 8 1:08pm
                                              "They were perfectly good seeds, I just..lacked experience on how to tend to them." he lightly tapped the side of his nose "Thankfully your old man has an extremely keen sense of smell so I can scent ... more
                                              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Apr 8 6:39pm
                                                Rio's wings ruffled a little bit when he felt Vera touch them. He was going to mention how he was so glad to hear the purrs, but let out his own surprised chirp from the feeling from his wings. And... more
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