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Vera's ears perked a bit and she blushed faintly, smiling when he spoke and touched her cheek. "You're the only one... who's heard it..." she said, meaning he was also the only one who had gotten her to purr, which was a good thing, since most Gatans only purred when extremely content, happy or excited. Her purrs teetered back and forth between happy and excited, that latter being especially when they were making out. She moved in to kiss him again, her body relaxing against his a bit more as one of her arms that was resting around his shoulder slid down a bit more, unintentionally brushing one of his wings behind him as it found a place to rest a little lower.

Eros looked over when she said that and smiled. "Mr. Guard?" he asked with a chuckle, walking over to where she stood. "That's a new one." He moved in and, true to fashion with him and her, he kissed Crys' cheek, feeling the heat in it, letting him know she was... blushing. He drew back slowly and smiled, unsure what he'd said to cause it, but also not about to embarrass her by pointing it out. "Thank you, Crys. Sleep well," he said before moving down to his spot on the floor, which he'd seemed to get comfy enough.

Garand looked at her and moved to rub her arm gently. "No, Lana. You were trying to help and figure out what was happening outside the boundaries without putting yourself beyond them. You were trying to be safe. No one could've known getting that close could still cause what happened," he said, shaking his head. "You didn't bring anything on yourself. Things just happen," he said. "I'm just... honestly, I'm relieved that you're okay and that..." He stopped a moment, unsure he should say it. She felt bad enough as it was about it. But he was relieved that those fights, those things she'd said that were hurtful and angry towards him, that those moments weren't actually her. For a while there this morning, he thought she was done. It had come so out of the blue, but... she wouldn't be the first girl who simply broke up with him and walked away without any prior indication. Perhaps why he didn't focus on girls much or relationships... until Lana came around and demanded he see her. A fact that still got a smile out of him.

Aspen nodded. "Yeah, we do... but we also have a wedding to plan," he said as he walked back over to sit beside Tria, pulling her in close. "And we'll figure this out for Eri, but we also have to do things for ourselves. I've let little missions like this get in the way of what I want with you for a long time. At least, this one for Eri, we get to do together," he said with a smile. "We'll figure it all out. We always do," he added with a smile. Things usually did go smoother when he and Tria were on the same 'mission.'

"I believe they say that all if fair in love and war," Blake mused back playfully as he carried her back off to the room. "You may not be able to carry me without your magic, love, but you carry my heart always, and that's worth far more," he added with a bit of charm. It didn't take all that long to reach their room. The way the castle was originally set up, the royal wing had been situated closest the the major wings, like the dining wing and the infirmary, and as the castle expanded, the journey to these places became longer for others, who had to venture from the newer wings or levels.


Sarah smiled as she listened to Drak and Miharu converse. It was nice to hear, actually, considering she knew Drak wanted to have a better relationship with his sons than he currently did. They were in the castle with him, but they didn't really all get together too much. The last event had essentially been Koran and Mira's wedding, and since then, Sarah was more the one who had brunch with them or visited while Dkhoran was training or meeting with Traitorin and Dia and Silvitrista or refining his runes -- all important, but she had a feeling once he started to lay some groundwork with the boys, he'd be attending more things with them over time.

Once they arrived at the island she smiled. It really was such a beautiful and warm, welcoming place. The cabin was technically more of a cottage, and she was certain Miharu and Vespa would find the charming home cozy for their recovery. Since Sarah had been coming here with him, the interior certainly had a bit more of the Flare's cozy touches, which Drak had welcomed, enjoying the homier feel of it himself.

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    Drak couldn't help but laugh good naturedly when Miharu commented about him having a good green thumb, he shook his head as he entered the large teleportation ring and waited for the others to gather ... more
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        Miharu snorted at his dad's words as good natured as they were. "Among other things." he quipped well aware that, that insane libido that he had came from his dad's side of the blood line. He walked... more
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          "They were perfectly good seeds, I just..lacked experience on how to tend to them." he lightly tapped the side of his nose "Thankfully your old man has an extremely keen sense of smell so I can scent ... more
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            Rio's wings ruffled a little bit when he felt Vera touch them. He was going to mention how he was so glad to hear the purrs, but let out his own surprised chirp from the feeling from his wings. And... more
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