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Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 8, 2018 12:19pm

Miharu snorted at his dad's words as good natured as they were. "Among other things." he quipped well aware that, that insane libido that he had came from his dad's side of the blood line. He walked with them the fact he was lightly joking with his dad now he didn't really think about or even realize but something had changed when Drak arrived in the dark mountain to save them both. It eased something for Miharu but as haggard and tired as he was he wasn't fully aware of any change himself.

Miharu listened to his dad though as he said if they thought of anything that needed brought over let one of them know and that only he or Sarah would be there to check up on them. "Alright." he said simply letting his dad know he was listening.

He did glance over at Sarah though when she said the crystal should maintain good communication between the island and La'shire. He thought about it. "Sarah, if Vespa starts to decline I will call you." He said wanting her to know that his isolation earlier wasn't because he didn't want her to help her sister. "Earlier…..I could not filter out another's life magic and make sure the Estra wasn't going in the wrong direction, the magic…..the Estra that was created was from us both….so I could keep it on the right track even in my current condition…" never mind he was worse earlier….the flowers in his hair had matched the room…."I wanted to be sure she'd be okay and when Vespa awoke would be able to be with her family and those that love her." He sounded wither or not he realized it a lot like his dad protective to a fault even at the cost of his own health which might be why he ended up bickering with Drak. They were a lot alike when it came to protecting those they cared about.

Miharu looked about the sanctuary holding Vespa as his dad commented about killing a few plants before he got it right. He smiled. "Are you sure they weren't just bad seeds?" He said glancing over. "if your not an Esper or an Arcadian fox all seeds look alike." he said with a faint shrug of shoulders he glanced about the gardens and the place though he stepped forward out of the teleportation ring and paused as thin vines coiled out sensing him and reaching out as if to help him…to lend him there strength he glanced down at them. And then back at his dad…"This….place may be over run with the plant life before long…." he said as it would respond and resonate with him….to heal him and as he got stronger it would have an effect on Drak's gardens…..

Silvi chuckled. "I'm not caught off guard often but you seem to have a knack for it." she said playfully because when he did catch her off guard it was enjoyable. She kissed him back and then blinked and blushed when he licked her lips like that. Letting out a cute little gasp when he did it. The heated blush that stained her cheeks she swore would never simmer down quick enough with his playful antics like this.

Yuuri had been about to answer him when his hands moved to her chest and so all that came out instead was a "Ahh…" moaning sound one that clearly showed the plat liked the attention. Her body relaxed even more into him as she blushed a bit her quills showing the pink lights at the tips.

Braska blushed a bit himself but his hands had moved to catch her hips and help steady her. "Are you okay?" he asked wanting to be sure she didn't get hurt at all when she slipped thankfully she didn't end up landing on his lap that would have been rough only for the sake of his own self control. But…he'd never be upset with her. He wasn't bothered by her closeness at all and thankfully he was staying mostly calm at the moment.

Kirie lifted the shampoo as he turned around and then after a moment spoke…she was in the middle of lathering and washing her hair when he mentioned that. "mm no." She said in agreement. "I've never cuddled up to you in your own bed." She said choosing her words so that they kept there innocence to it. She didn't want to get into another tense situation with him and knew things would progress naturally. She paused as she dipped under the water and rinsed her hair out before surfacing and grabbing a thick cream conditioner after clearing her face of the water. "Mm I don't think you've ever stayed the whole night by my side either." she said glancing over at him as she began working the conditioner through her hair and using her fingers to comb it through and work free any tangles. "It'll be a nice change."

Aiyan would have answered her but he was too busy kissing he as heated as that was as she played with his ears both at the same time. They were indeed sensitive to touch it rippled through him as he broke the kiss and kissed along her jawline. "Mmm you're right." he breathed clearly showing just how much he enjoyed the touches to his ears. Of course Zai had nothing to worry about him being seduced that way by another. It would more then likely aggravate him then arouse him if someone else touched his ears.

Kei let out a rumbling purr as he returned the kiss nuzzling her a bit. "Then we had better get cleaned up." he said lowly in a husky tone. "I really don't want to wait for desert." He said in those low husky tones clearly showing just how much he wished to embrace his wife tonight. He had been trying so hard to keep control managed to put his desires on the back burner when she needed him and now….in the bath it was something to keep the riled tiger in control but he would.

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