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Shiloh (Sarah thru Naiya)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 8, 2018 7:44pm

Sarah smiled as Drak gave her compliments in regards to how cozy and inviting the cabin would be for them. “Come on, let’s get you two inside,“ she said as she made her way to the cabin and opening the door. She held the door for Miharu to carry Vespa inside, looking back at Drak and smiling. She shook her head a little, mostly to his remark about needing Miharu to help tend to any excess in the flora with his presence, especially since they both know how things could spiral out of control with him when he was with Vespa. And no doubt they would eventually make similar use of the island as Sarah and Drak did, once they were both feeling better. She had a feeling Drak wouldn’t have to worry about it. Haru knew his way around flora, so she was certain the Esper would protect the purity of every blossom there.


Spartan smiled and listened as she spoke, watching her blush after he’d licked her lips like that. “Did you like that?“ he asked, moving to lick her lips again, followed by a kiss, trying to get more of those flustered blushes and reactions out of her.

Senn smirked as he heard the sounds she made in lieu of words. He chuckled softly, feeling playful with his girlfriend tonight, especially since she’d been aching for his attentions all day after he’d passed out this morning. His fingers found the sensitive tips, teasing her more. “You’re too cute, you know that?“ he asked, being the only one aside from her sister to be able to get away with calling her such a thing. But like this, the ways he got to see her that no one else did, she was adorable. She could be so bashful and shy and coy, things she never was in any other setting for the most part… and he loved that he could do that to her.

Gypsy blushed deeper upon seeing the blush on his face, feeling his hand holding to her hips so securely, yet gently, her body resting against his. She nodded, “I am…“ she said before slowly pulling away to sit down in the tub across from him again, still blushing deeply, her large velvet ears down shyly. “Thanks for keeping me from slipping,“ she said. She looked to her left and picked up the cloth and the body wash, lathering it up. “Guess we should think about getting washed up, huh?“ she asked. “Umm… Braska? Would you… I mean do you… do you want to spend the night together?” she asked with another blush as she started to wash herself off, the bubbles in the tub coming up to nearly her shoulders. She didn’t want to assume she’d be staying here tonight… but as expected, La’Shire would probably have her all moved in by the time they were done the bath at the rate the castle spirit was going.

Eko’s ears were turned back, listening to her moving in the water, washing and rinsing, listening to her words. He shook his head a bit, his tail moving around him a bit. “I will be,“ he agreed with a smile. He hadn’t ever stayed a full night with her, and it would be a nice change. He was honestly looking forward to being able to fall asleep beside her and to wake with her in the morning, instead of feeling he had to stay awake until she was out for the night and then sneak away to be respectful of her. Now he knew she wanted him there and, because they’d decided to be together, he could stay with her and not feel like he was imposing on her.

Zai smiled and closed her eyes, letting out a soft, pleasured sigh at the way he was trailing his kisses. She laid back on the bed, drawing him down with her as her fingers continued to play with his ears. She smiled up at him. “They’re so elegant…“ she said with a smile, guiding him in for a kiss before moving off to one side of him before their lips could meet, kissing along his ear.

Naiya blushed a bit, the color shimmering on her cheeks when he started to purr. The sound of it always did that to her, because it meant he was happy and eager, and it was because of her. The way his tones grew so husky when his purrs were rumbling, and the things his voice could do to her, especially when he was being so teasing and playful. “We’d better then,“ she agreed when he said they should hurry and get cleaned up. One might say it was a bit silly for them to get washed up just to end up making love all night again, but the bath was their way of letting everything from the day wash away, leaving them free to just enjoy each other as much as their hearts desired. She picked up the sponge and soaped it up before moving to start washing herself off, her motions no doubt teasing enough to torment Kei, who was clinging to control, but barely.

  • No SubjectShiloh (Vera thru Blake), Sun Apr 8 7:43pm
    Vera’s ears perked and she broke the kiss, her eyes wide and curious at his chirp. It’d been a mixed sound… like a blend of enjoyment and surprise. “Rio?“ she asked. “What… what hap-“ Her voice was... more
    • Re: No Subject — Shiloh (Sarah thru Naiya), Sun Apr 8 7:44pm
      • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Apr 8 8:28pm
        Haru walked in having glanced at his dad though when he said that he'd be helping him trim back the over growth. He almost shuddered at the idea of having to take a blade to any hurt any... more
        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Sarah thru Naiya), Sun Apr 8 8:50pm
          Sarah heard the tones change in Miharu's voice, from the way he'd been talking with Drak on the way here to just this moment. She tried to think about when it'd changed and realized... it was the... more
          • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Apr 8 9:10pm
            Miharu followed Sarah into the bedroom and walked over moving to brace Vespa before turning down the blankets and setting her down among them. He glanced back at Sarah nodding. "Thank you." he said... more
            • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sun Apr 8 9:32pm
              Drak sighed hearing the change in Miharu's tone and he knew he did a grand job of sticking a foot in his mouth, while it had been meant in jest, it turned out it wasn't taken as such. It was pretty... more
              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Sarah thru Naiya), Sun Apr 8 9:39pm
                Sarah smiled warmly and nodded. She walked over to the bureau and set the bag down on top of it. "How about I leave your things here. And we'll put the picnic basket in the kitchen for you," she... more
                • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sun Apr 8 9:53pm
                  Drak turned to look back at Sarah "As usual your probably right, like I say I can probably move them without causing harm but again will think about that later." he said offering Miharu an apologetic ... more
                  • Re: No SubjectKari, Sun Apr 8 10:00pm
                    Miharu looked back at Drak as he spoke after he set Vespa down then out at the gardens. He after a moment nodded. When Drak said transplanting that was a much better option then hurting them. He did... more
                    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Sarah thru Naiya), Sun Apr 8 10:24pm
                      Sarah smiled and nodded, moving around beside Drak and slipping her hand into his. "Good. Then... we'll let you settle in," she said, looking over at her sister asleep in the bed. "I know you'll take ... more
                      • Occ and Ic post. Kari, Sun Apr 8 10:46pm
                        Occ: Okay guys to keep things moving and bring others back the next couple of posts will be time skipping to morning. If possible to wrap up with your characters in the next post or two... more
                        • Re: Occ and Ic post. Dkhoran, Sun Apr 8 10:54pm
                          With a small nod of his head Drak smiled to Miharu "May yours and Vespa's night be restful and enjoy your stay here" he said as he turned with Sarah to leave "Tis been a long day, a good nights rest... more
                          • Re: Occ and Ic post. Acerbus, Mon Apr 9 1:07pm
                            Rio looked over and smiled a bit and nodded his head. "I'm fine, just caught me off guard." He told her and bringing his hands up to hold her hips. "And I am not mad in any way." He told her and then ... more
                            • Re: Occ and Ic post. Shiloh, Mon Apr 9 8:33pm
                              “I… I didn’t think you were,“ Vera assured him when he said he wasn’t mad. If he didn’t get mad -- not really -- over her touching his wings earlier, then she had a feeling he wouldn’t now when it... more
                              • Re: Occ and Ic post. Kari, Mon Apr 9 9:55pm
                                Miharu watched them walk out nodding before checking on Vespa again making sure she was alright and the rose was radiant still he had not lost soo much that, that was suffering at least not yet…..but ... more
                                • Re: Occ and Ic post. Shiloh, Mon Apr 9 10:41pm
                                  Senn took her hand and then pulled her in close and picked her up, laying his girlfriend on the bed. He moved onto it with her, the room's lights dimming down to a faint romantic glow upon the moment ... more
                                  • Re: Occ and Ic post. Dkhoran, Mon Apr 9 10:57pm
                                    Drak slowly shook his head as they stepped on the portal "Nothing to thank me for my love, its only natural I should try and find the best way to help them.." he said kindly as the runic rings... more
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