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Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 8, 2018 10:00pm

Miharu looked back at Drak as he spoke after he set Vespa down then out at the gardens. He after a moment nodded. When Drak said transplanting that was a much better option then hurting them.

He did glance over at Sarah though as she set the bag down and then nodded again quiet for a moment. "They…will become more abundant but also radiant…." he said shaking his head. "I'll…bond with them." He said looking at different flowers past his father. He held up his hand not calling out but the plants almost seemed to wave as if knowing the barrier of the window and Drak. "If they come to harm it's not from me." He did look over at Sarah though and nodded. "Thank you perhaps not tonight but in the morning we may get something to eat. I know Vespa is going to be resting a while….and I will likely go out and spend some time with the flora and fauna." He did look at his dad though and sighed shaking his head. "We still seem to be stumbling around…."

Miharu nodded as he listened to Sarah and his dad in the end and then spoke. "I'll go out there in a moment and let them start to help me." he said as he looked at them. Just thankful they were talking about moving the plants now instead of harming them that he could handle and even ironically help easily with.

Yuuri hummed and opened her eyes glancing back at him a bit. "Not much longer…" she said her voice holding those pretty notes to it, it got when it was heated and boy was he doing a wonderful job of heating her up. She shifted a bit and smiled as she moaned and reached up to play gently with his ear. "I really want to get out soon….." she said wanting clearly to spend this night in there bed in his arms.

Braska smiled. "You're welcome." he said as he released the towel once it was wrapped around her having hugged her a moment while wrapping it around Gypsy's slender frame. He smiled as he reached over and grabbed a towel for himself to dry off.

Kirie smiled as she stood up moving her hand to brush aside bubbles and then stepped out and into the towel feeling his arms around her as she did. It did make her feel good to know that even though he was 'looking' away he was still looking at her from the corner of his eye. That he really didn't have any trouble looking at her at all in fact if anything it told her sweet noble tiger struggled more with looking away from her! It was adorable. "Thank you."

Aiyan smiled as he kissed along her jawline and then down before rolling his eyes up. "Mmm but it's a good thing." he said warmly playfully as he continued the path he was on. He was certainly in a playful mood and it helped Zai always seemed to be able to handle him in his more nymph like moments heck if he wanted to be honest he had a lot of those with her!

Kei watched her and let out a rumbling purr of his own as he slowly got up. Feeling the water in essence break away as it slide down his skin while he was standing oh was he in the mood to pounce right now….he knew he had to wait a little longer had to give them both time to dry off but he was certain he was going to enjoy pouncing Naiya in a few moments and the fun part was he knew his beloved wife was teasing him on purpose so that he would pounce her. He let his eyes roam hunger over frame as he licked his lips….his tail swishing behind him in long slow arcs and forth. As if he was silently counting down the seconds until he could do just that…..pounce Naiya…..

  • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sun Apr 8 9:53pm
    Drak turned to look back at Sarah "As usual your probably right, like I say I can probably move them without causing harm but again will think about that later." he said offering Miharu an apologetic ... more
    • Re: No Subject — Kari, Sun Apr 8 10:00pm
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Sarah thru Naiya), Sun Apr 8 10:24pm
        Sarah smiled and nodded, moving around beside Drak and slipping her hand into his. "Good. Then... we'll let you settle in," she said, looking over at her sister asleep in the bed. "I know you'll take ... more
        • Occ and Ic post. Kari, Sun Apr 8 10:46pm
          Occ: Okay guys to keep things moving and bring others back the next couple of posts will be time skipping to morning. If possible to wrap up with your characters in the next post or two... more
          • Re: Occ and Ic post. Dkhoran, Sun Apr 8 10:54pm
            With a small nod of his head Drak smiled to Miharu "May yours and Vespa's night be restful and enjoy your stay here" he said as he turned with Sarah to leave "Tis been a long day, a good nights rest... more
            • Re: Occ and Ic post. Acerbus, Mon Apr 9 1:07pm
              Rio looked over and smiled a bit and nodded his head. "I'm fine, just caught me off guard." He told her and bringing his hands up to hold her hips. "And I am not mad in any way." He told her and then ... more
              • Re: Occ and Ic post. Shiloh, Mon Apr 9 8:33pm
                “I… I didn’t think you were,“ Vera assured him when he said he wasn’t mad. If he didn’t get mad -- not really -- over her touching his wings earlier, then she had a feeling he wouldn’t now when it... more
                • Re: Occ and Ic post. Kari, Mon Apr 9 9:55pm
                  Miharu watched them walk out nodding before checking on Vespa again making sure she was alright and the rose was radiant still he had not lost soo much that, that was suffering at least not yet…..but ... more
                  • Re: Occ and Ic post. Shiloh, Mon Apr 9 10:41pm
                    Senn took her hand and then pulled her in close and picked her up, laying his girlfriend on the bed. He moved onto it with her, the room's lights dimming down to a faint romantic glow upon the moment ... more
                    • Re: Occ and Ic post. Dkhoran, Mon Apr 9 10:57pm
                      Drak slowly shook his head as they stepped on the portal "Nothing to thank me for my love, its only natural I should try and find the best way to help them.." he said kindly as the runic rings... more
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