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Re: Occ and Ic post.
Mon Apr 9, 2018 8:33pm

“I… I didn’t think you were,“ Vera assured him when he said he wasn’t mad. If he didn’t get mad -- not really -- over her touching his wings earlier, then she had a feeling he wouldn’t now when it was an accident. She smiled and nodded a bit before looking to the windows too. “I guess we lost track…“ she said, blushing a bit. “We should maybe head to bed,“ she said, meaning their own beds, of course.

Garand smiled and nodded, holding Lana close under the covers. He nuzzled her gently as she cuddled up close. “Sounds like a good idea,“ he said, taking a deep breath and sighing. He relaxed, feeling sleep already creeping up on him. “I love you, Lana,“ he said.

Aspen set Tria down on the bed and then moved to grab her some pjs, playfully tossing them to her from the closet. “Nothing too big like what Blake and Mela had, but nothing so small that it’s just us,“ he agreed, moving to start getting changed, looking over at her with a smile. Talking about the wedding made him feel so happy, knowing soon -- very soon -- the lovely tigress on the bed would be his wife.

Blake moved over Mela, bracing himself on one hand and using the other to run over her open wings on the bed, feeling the soft feathers running through his fingers. He broke the kiss to take a breath, moving to kiss along her neck. “Mela…“ he hummed lovingly, always loving to embrace her like this, to get her to coo and to be the cause of her ruffled feathers.


Sarah smiled and nodded to Miharu. She then headed out with Drak to head back to the castle and get some rest themselves. “Thank you for thinking of this,” she said to her husband as they headed back to the portal. It had been a good idea. She was certain Miharu and Vespa would both heal much quicker here, and perhaps it would give them a chance to experience this sort of safety and freedom one got when on Drak’s private sky island. Vespa had only been alive for a couple of months, she’s been stripped of her childhood, she’d been constantly used by her parents against her will… until now. All she’d known was the way the world was out there, that dark and chaotic place. Perhaps it would do her good to experience the serenity of this place with Miharu for a little bit.


Senn dried off as well, letting the tub drain. He smiled as he watched her drop her towel aside and saunter out into the room, so comfortable in her own skin… and he was looking forwards to feeling every inch of it tonight. He hung his towel up, too, once he’d gotten his tail and hair and body dry. He ran his hands through his hair a bit as he walked out without hiding anything of himself from view either, not even the fact she had him very clearly riled. “No long at all,“ he assured her as he followed her back to the bedroom, gving her a playful little growl.

Gypsy moved out from the closet and climbed back up onto Braska’s bed, finding it magically made with clean sheets and blankets. She could even smell the clean, laundry fresh scent of them that would make sleeping so easy. She smiled and then looked over as he came back from getting changed. “Did you… notice anything?“ she asked, and she didn’t mean her being adorably dressed in one of his tshirts for bed, but she meant his closet… the fact… it appeared she’d been… moved in. It might have slipped his attention with his mind being on so many other things tonight! She stifled a yawn, rubbing her eyes a bit. She was one sleepy little bat, especially after the rollercoaster of a day they’d had. She was so active in the day time that she broke those age old stories that all bats were purely nocturnal.

Eko’s ears perked when she knocked gently and spoke through the door. He smiled and opened the door, “Yeah, ready,“ he said, looking at her and letting her back into his room. He looked at the door again and then closed it, just that added security for her sake after the day she’d had. He then moved over to the bed with her, drawing back the blankets. “Get in,“ he said with a smile. Tucking her in was something he always did for her. Usually he laid on top of the balnkets beside her, but tonight he would be under them with her… holding her close… all night.

Zai laughed a bit, “Not if you keep moving at that pace,“ she teased softly as he was being teasing and playful about sliding her clothes away from her body. She traced his ear gently with her fingertips to give him that thrill of pleasure again, knowing he was getting aroused just from them being like this together. Heck, he’d been getting quite aroused on the couch earlier at Naiya and Kei’s. He could finally let it all show, though.

Naiya looked back at Kei as he teased her by repeated her words. She watched him approach and giggled a bit when he told her to run. She tossed her towel at him, likely catching him off guard, before she ran into the room, turning to look back at him as she stood beside the bed… in prime pouncing position for him.

  • Re: Occ and Ic post. Acerbus, Mon Apr 9 1:07pm
    Rio looked over and smiled a bit and nodded his head. "I'm fine, just caught me off guard." He told her and bringing his hands up to hold her hips. "And I am not mad in any way." He told her and then ... more
    • Re: Occ and Ic post. — Shiloh, Mon Apr 9 8:33pm
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        Miharu watched them walk out nodding before checking on Vespa again making sure she was alright and the rose was radiant still he had not lost soo much that, that was suffering at least not yet…..but ... more
        • Re: Occ and Ic post. Shiloh, Mon Apr 9 10:41pm
          Senn took her hand and then pulled her in close and picked her up, laying his girlfriend on the bed. He moved onto it with her, the room's lights dimming down to a faint romantic glow upon the moment ... more
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            Drak slowly shook his head as they stepped on the portal "Nothing to thank me for my love, its only natural I should try and find the best way to help them.." he said kindly as the runic rings... more
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