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Kari (Nyaril through Dimael)
Re: Morning
Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:13am

((I know I didn't get all of the characters....boy there's a lot. ))

Nayril woke and slowly opened her eyes to the feeling of the sun about her, but more importantly the warmth and strength of the arms around her. She blinked and slowly reached up to trace his cheek with her fingertips last night really happened they were able to save him. She wasn't loosing him anymore he wasn't fading right before her eyes but she was still weak and she knew it. Not nearly as bad as before as if being in his arms with him healed alone was enough to restore her fading strength. She smiled though just thankful for this moment to see him sleeping in the sunlight next to her safe and sound and he always would be.

Trayavane sighed softly as she woke and tapped her belly gently looking at the baby bump and shook her head. Then glanced at Sylar who she never could tell if he had stayed up all night watching over her while she slept or if he had fallen asleep sitting up. But she shifted about a bit and reached up to trace her fingers along the side of his face. To have the chance to get to know him she knew all of the stories of him being this dark hideous cruel creature simply weren't true. While his nature was darker then the light elves those around him lived truer they didn't pretend no one around her gave her wary looks and even Bane if she became entranced by Adriel would follow her and when she came out kneel and ask her if she felt able to return to the palace safely or should he send for a horse to carry her back. But his voice was never bitter at being asked to guard her it was later he learned then when Sylar asked him the man said he was humbled by the honor.

Sean was sound asleep her head still resting on Quinn as she breathed softly a lot of times she was up at the crack of dawn but not today after all the excitement yesterday and seeing the twins and finding out she really was carrying and happy. She was resting peacefully right now feeling safe and secure.

Rumi held Ashe in his arms as he laid there having had a rough go at that sleeping thing...he found out the joys of twins one would wake up needing a diaper change and he got that one and that would wake the other who also needed a diaper change then rocking them both gently until they fell asleep and then climb back into bed.....only to several hours later have it happen again. He looked at the top of his beloved doe's head and sighed softly. He gave her credit those two were a handful and they were barely a day old! And she had them for nine months to contend with she was amazing!

Rhysaire woke slowly and paused as her eyes caught sight of the ring on her finger and she blushed remembering last night all over again the feeling she felt when he asked her. She snuggled up to him a bit her nine fluffy tails moving along his frame as she sighed softly she was so happy at the moment she didn't think anything could bring her down off of this feeling.

River woke slowly then looked down at her legs and sighed. "Of course..." she said seeing the 'scaling' happening from drying out too much honestly that was a problem one however she was unaware that Menda and a few others were working on a light lotion that would not make there skin feel horrible but help keep it moist and from drying out when they were out of water. Because as Menda pointed out they enjoyed the company of those who could not live in the water all day and night.

Seimei after he had asked Tala to marry him had later that night carried his happy and sleepy fiancé back to there room. Once there he settled in and coiled his tail around her but then his nerves gave out and he just stared at the ceiling playing it over and over again in his mind and still reeling over the fact that Tala had said yes.

Silvi was asleep having spent a good part of the night tiring herself out with the help of one very talented fox. Now though she slept happily curled up against him wrapped up in his warm soft tails. She didn't feel like some ancient queen with him but rather....she felt alive in the here and now. And it felt honestly wonderful.

Soliel was up in the dinning hall enjoying a breakfast before she'd go out and run the training courses. It was different but she was adjusting thanks in part to her brother although things tended to be tense at times she was trying though. She wanted to find that 'kitten' he kept looking for. She had to believe the girl survived somewhere inside of her because she was still here right?

Trilander was awake but boy did his body want to disobey any command he gave it right now, if he said up it said no. If he said move it said you if he gave in and said fine stay put it said gladly. That is to say after the second tie which had been incredibly he was tired and sore but in a good way. He held Lassa gently in his arms and was debating his inability to move mostly because the crystal that connected with Lemuria was going off and had been for the last ten...maybe fifteen minutes....he had silenced wisely the chime last night so now all it did was pulse on the dresser across the room and he was tempted so tempted because that light was what woke pull the pillow over his head or throw it at the crystal but feared the pillow would make a ton of noise and wake Lass who was sleeping peacefully.

Vishae leaned against the wall in her office watching as Blaise threw things yelled threw a lovely tempertantrum still...she had been since she woke up last night ranting and raving and Vishae just told the men to stay out for there own safety Blaise really did know better then to touch her. Sylar would skin her.

"He's gone!" Blaise screeched finally.

"MM who's gone princess?" Vishae said leaning there arms crossed.

"Don't play dumb with me! Finnoren I know you did something to me Vishae...I know the link between us has been severed and I swear I will get it back." Blaise said pacing the room and ranting....still...

Vishae just sighed....she was pack to the beginning of her rant...she had been doing that all night then she'd go into denial a rage and then back to the beginning again. There was no love....she showed that same dark obsession over her other possession's that she felt would give her power. It really was better this way.

Kiyoko sighed she and Mace had explained everything to Chaos but he hadn't said anything back seeming to consider what they said they wanted to be sure that the furies didn't stop them from achieving his goals and he was the only one who Raiser even listened to. So now it was waiting. Mind you it wasn't easy to relay all of that they were told to get a job done and were doing this....but they wanted to be sure they came back with a win for him. And wanted to remove any obsticles in the way of that win.

Pherenice stepped out of the shower having cleaned up and dried off before dressing and stepping out of the room at the inn. She took a deep breathe and then started down the hall trying to make sure she remembered the way down to the dinning hall. She was still worried about that marking on that appeared on Eros and Crys. Mostly because she could not remember what it was.

Dimael sat in the tree relaxed the sun was coming up and with the light his vision was fading more and more. Whisper sat on his knee a flower resting there as she happily ate away at the nectar inside one he brought for her. He himself was working on another loaf of bread this one with fruits and meats backed in. Seemed he lived on those these days. But it was easier then trying to juggle anything else in a tree with his right hand. He knew Twilight was still sleeping and her mate. But his concern was how and when to approach her, to try to explain things to her...especially since he didn't know how much she knew.

  • MorningKari (Trait thru Miharu) , Tue Apr 10 12:12am
    Occ: To bring things along skipping to morning. Everything else is pretty much wound down. ~*~ Trait for once slept in this morning waking up now with Dia in his arms having gone looking for her the... more
    • Re: Morning — Kari (Nyaril through Dimael) , Tue Apr 10 12:13am
      • Re: MorningAcerbus, Tue Apr 10 11:07pm
        Acerbus held his son in his arms sway him a little bit, they gotten almost a full nights rest, the closest by far for the children. But, Lukken wanted for some reason to be up a little earlier than... more
        • Re: Morning Shiloh (Eros thru Soraya), Wed Apr 11 1:57am
          Eros was still sound asleep on his makeshift bed on Crys’ bedroom floor. He’d slept incredibly wel despite not being in his big, comfy bed in his loft. Perhaps it was simply that her floor was still... more
          • Re: Morning Shiloh (Nikkala thru Ashalia), Wed Apr 11 1:58am
            Nikki’s ears twitched a bit and she stirred some. The lynx stretched out against Averie’s body, stretching her arms over her head, her hand smacking the headboard, waking her right up with a startled ... more
            • Re: Morning Shiloh (Rostan thru Sarah), Wed Apr 11 1:59am
              Rostan stepped out of the washroom to see River awake and looking at her legs. “I’ve drawn you a bath,“ he said, knowingly, as though he suspected about when she’d wake. River was a bit like... more
              • Re: Morning Kari, Wed Apr 11 8:55am
                Pherenice walked along and after a moment came down into the main room where Pops was at. Her ears twitched and pivoted a bit as she looked about then walked over to bar. "Morning Pops." she said as... more
                • Re: Morning Kari (River through Miharu), Wed Apr 11 8:56am
                  River glanced over at Rostan and chuckled. "Is it sad we're on a schedule like clock work?" she asked him playfully meaning he usually always woke before her and she always woke about the same time.... more
                  • Re: Morning Dkhoran, Wed Apr 11 12:45pm
                    Having been roused from his slumber by Sarah getting out of bed to red, Drak himself eventually pulled out of the inviting warmth of the bed. With the escape of the bed's clutches he gave his mate a... more
                    • Re: Morning Acerbus, Wed Apr 11 11:47pm
                      Acerbus walking over with his son, "I think he just wants attention." He noted looking down and could have sworn he saw a smirk from his sons face like his father was on to something. "Mama..."... more
                      • Re: Morning Shiloh (Del thru Juno), Thu Apr 12 10:03pm
                        Delilah sat up a bit more, her tail moving around her like a soft furry comforter. “Really, so he’s just like his daddy,“ she teased with a playful wink to Acerbus, knowing it’d get a rise out of him ... more
                        • Re: Morning Shiloh (Aspen thru Vespa), Thu Apr 12 10:04pm
                          Aspen opened the door when she said he could come in. He looked in and smiled, seeing her resting in bed, sipping the tea that had been left for her by Tilly, from Tae. He moved into the room.... more
                          • Re: Morning Shiloh (Mira/Sarah), Thu Apr 12 10:07pm
                            Mira woke to the sunlight dancing in the room. Last night had been spent quelling Koran's dragonic libido and the Fine Fur found the tables turned on her yet again, leaving her exhausted this... more
                            • Re: Morning Kari (Pherenice thru Trilander), Thu Apr 12 11:58pm
                              Pherenice smiled as she looked at Pops nodding her head. "Good morning." She called back to him walking up to the bar she was far more comfortable sitting there than taking up a whole table by... more
                              • Re: Morning Kari (Haru and Opal), Thu Apr 12 11:58pm
                                Haru looked at Vespa and took and took a deep breathe. "An magical Isle that belongs to my father." He said looking at her. "IN a cottage he has on it. Dad and Sarah brought us here last night so... more
                                • Re: Morning Koran/Dkhoran, Fri Apr 13 11:14am
                                  A soft rumble echoed through Koran's chest as he struggled to wake up, indeed the previous night had been quite lively with his libido acting up in full force and today it seemed as if his draconic... more
                                  • Re: Morning Acerbus, Sat Apr 14 2:40am
                                    Acerbus smiled hearing that from his son as well. Seems the two children already learning to talk if just a little bit. He held his son out a bit, "And who am I?" he asked. Lukken just looked to his... more
                                    • Re: Morning Shiloh (Del thru Aspen), Sun Apr 15 12:55am
                                      Delilah’s ears perked up curiously when Acerbus tried to prompt Lukken to say any form of ‘daddy,‘ and yet it never came. She laughed a bit before moving to get up out of bed, unraveling herself from ... more
                                      • Re: Morning Shiloh (Nikkala thru Vespa), Sun Apr 15 12:55am
                                        Nikki looked up at him when he said it could wait a bit, changing his bandages. She looked down at his hand rubbing her wrist. “Mine‘s not as bad as yours…” she said quietly, but then smiled warmly... more
                                        • Re: Morning Shiloh (Mira/Sarah), Sun Apr 15 12:59am
                                          Mira watched Koran sleep for a bit before moving to kiss his cheek. She got up and padded off into the washroom to get cleaned up after their romps in the sheets last night. She didn't want to be so... more
                                          • Re: Morning Kari, Sun Apr 15 10:11am
                                            Pherenice perked up as she looked at the waffle. "This is simple? It smells so good….what kinds of syrup?" She asked curious as her ears twitched and her tail swished seeming much like a little kid.... more
                                            • Re: Morning Acerbus, Sun Apr 15 9:21pm
                                              Acerbus smiled, "She is just waking up now, a bit more subtle than her brother." He noted moving back to the crib and looking down with a smile, Liora slowly waking up little by little. Finally... more
                                              • Re: Morning Koran/Dkhoran, Sun Apr 15 10:57pm
                                                Cracking open an eye as he felt the bed shift after a kiss on the cheek Koran took a moment to watch his kitten go for the washroom. "Ah yes..she has her treatment today guess I'll take the... more
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