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Re: Morning
Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:55am

Pherenice walked along and after a moment came down into the main room where Pops was at. Her ears twitched and pivoted a bit as she looked about then walked over to bar. "Morning Pops." she said as she walked up.

Fai set down the plates full of breakfast and paused tipping her head as she listened to him. "Okay." she said warmly as she walked over to get the pitcher with Juice. "It'll be nice to see Lord Samson and Lady Judith it's been a while….thank you for having my gardens transplanted. That was quick." She said warmly with a soft chuckling as she began her usual habit when pouring the glasses of juice. "I'll be sure to check on them later see if they need any water. Will you still be making it home for lunch?" She asked wanting to know if she should prepare something for him. She honestly didn't mind at all it was a chance to get to see him with how busy he was now as Captain of the Royal Guard.

Dimael finished his breakfast before standing up and his tail untwining from around the tree branch. He didn't have another form this was it….but he stood placing his hand on the thick tree closing his eyes and listening….for things that most just didn't hear sounds he knew to associate with furies or darkness lurking just beyond the Elvin Lanterns. Whisper floated about him as he just listened……

Eri paused in sipping at the tea to glance at the door. "Morning." she called having a feeling it was Aspen . "Come in." or Tria. But the whole point of them having her moved over here was to help her more and she knew that. She was sitting at least propped up on the pillows as her thoughts calmed for the most part thanks to the tea.

Averie reached over as she said good morning and smiled taking her hand gently into his own and began rubbing the poor abused wrist in gentle soothing circles. "Morning love." He answered her gently as he worked on soothing that tweaked wrist that certainly wasn't a pleasant way to wake up this morning.

Yuuri remained asleep but her dreams kept shifting to rather unpleasant ones….ones where he was back and he was not happy with her at all….or dreams where she'd feel him and there was no where she could go that she could not escape the feeling of being followed and hunted after by him. Her tail swished in her sleep slamming into the bed but she otherwise made no noise at all no whines no growls….Severin had worked hard after to break her of the habit of making any of those 'annoying' sounds from dreams. Some would go back to Senn but then 'he' would make Senn disappear……

Millie blinked and crawled now free of Kahi's tail and her own no longer pinned either up to his edge of the bed and bit her lower lip. "That sounded painful….you alright?" she asked him gently as he had landed with a rather solid thud on the ground and was grumbling about it being his day. She knew she didn't have him to herself today he had his duties as Alpha. But they could not be unfair to Rocky and Rain who had been wonderful giving them time to be together. But they needed there time too and Millie knew it.

Kahiri was in a light trance still listening for there pup and keeping guard for Ryn. Celluna's dreams had been safe from him all night and he fully intended to keep it that way. Right now though he was just happy he had helped his wife have a good nights sleep.

Fii's ear twitched as he heard the low rustling sound of the sheets as Topaz was waking and moving. "The medicine for pregnancy sickness is on the table beside you Paz." He said gently as he mused out the last ingredient not once but three times he had been doing that with each one. Normally he measured twice but perhaps because it was his girl he was nervous or wanting to be extra certain he made no mistake and left no room for error. Not that he ever did make a mistake not this time either but he was always fussy when it came to anything for her. "This will be finished in a moment …"

Kirie hummed in her sleep stretching a little bit as she shifted. Showing signs of waking soon but curled back up still battling that herself. It felt wonderful and safe at the moment and she really enjoyed the warmth. Not wanting to wake up but unaware that Eko was awake and holding her soundly just enjoying this morning.

"A grown tiger who steals food form cubs has no right to challenge anyone Tonka." Suna said as she stepped out of her tent the markings of the chieftain clearly on it. She had arrived back a bit earlier then Singo had bathed and if any dared ask her what she was doing out. Well….they'd not like the answer she would give. "Stop looking to pick fights just because you were denied bullying a cub Tonka. Unless of course….is that your way of saying your still a cub yourself?" She chose her words on purpose he was challenging Singo for blocking him from taking food from a child.

The females whispered about her choice of words mostly because they stung….what adult needed to take there food from a child? Backed by scoffing laughs of several males as Suna stood there arms crossed and glaring at Tonka.

Tokeru stepped out of his own tent several females crawling there way away from it too tired and sore to even begin walking and he sighed. "Picking fights you can't hope to win Suna? Try putting yourself out there make yourself available to us otherwise your still a cub yourself."

Suna made a tsking sound as she looked at Tokeru. "Nice try Tokeru really….but no." She looked at him. She knew better then anyone as did Singo what would happen the moment she made herself available none of the males would respect her even a little bit…..they had to find a way to change this mess and soon.

Tokeru sneered at her but walked over and around Singo. "Swimming in the river huh? What were you hoping to get so early in the morning other then a few rangers arrows?" He said his ears back a bit wondering how Singo was going to answer that one. Although Suna and Singo were the only ones who had seen the girl Eko was staying with. So Tokeru didn't know about Kirie not yet. He just knew for some reason Eko wasn't crawling back begging him to forgive him after taking a few down hits or so….and that irritated him what was he doing staying with there cowardly baby brother?

Kei drifted off to sleep himself after a bit soft rumbling purrs in the room as he did. Naiya sure did know how to wear him out and sleep would be hit and miss with a active and playful kitten likely to wake up soon. Maybe just maybe they could call Eko and Kirie to come watch her for a bit….just to get a few hours sleep. But he loved his kitten and his wife.

Sable's ear twitched a couple of times before she woke up stifling a sleepily yawn as she stretched looking much like a lazy kitty as she did, she blinked a couple of times clearing the sleep from her eyes and then shifted resting her chin on her arms and seeing Bayla. "Morning….how's your head feeling need anything?" She asked softly sleepily as she was still waking up.

Aster didn't notice her sister wander off mostly because she wasn't the adventurous type at all. She'd happily stay there snuggled up. She glanced at Fauve and Ginger who were both sound asleep and shrugged as she went back to playing with Fiona. Never mind she had no idea like Vi that it was really easy to get lost in the castle. Although thankfully La'shire could find you easily enough for others.

Tae wasn't in the kitchen or her office at the moment she was walking down the hall with a basket over her arm heading towards one of the large fruit tree gardens. So she was heading down a hall near where Fauve and Maksim usually stayed this time of year she got lots of orders for different fruit based dishes and well….she was out of some of the fruit in the kitchen. She could ask La'shire to supply it but….honestly she preferred the walk. She was humming though her very long tail feathers dragging along the floor.

Shale looked back. "Because everything is different for other's." She said looking at him. "I'm trying to understand what she's going through….." she looked at the door again. "And I don't know what to do to help them feel better." She said honestly.

Jarral shivered in his sleep his breathe hitching a second thankfully it wasn't enough to arouse him but he felt it. His eyes fluttered a second as if in a moment or two he'd be waking up. If she touched his wings like that again more then likely.

Solan hummed in his sleep his wings starting to lift and shift showing signs of the sleeping dragon waking to the sun which was determined it seemed this morning to wake him boring into his closed eyelids his tail moved as he let out a sleep growl a sound Keelin would have heard countless times in the past that meant he was between waking and sleeping and his sleepy mind was wanting to stay there.

Syao stopped and looked at her sighing a bit before shaking his head. "My wing….seems to be stuck…" He admitted unaware at all that he had let out that chirp at the sharp tug on the feathers. He was stuck pretty good too. "Sorry for waking you." He said not meaning to he only woke himself because he had stretched in his sleep and snagged his wing……seemed he was determined to yank out feathers these days.

Keyon looked down at Jin as she was stirring just a bit starting to show signs of waking up and smiled. He'd order breakfast once she woke up he learned long ago during his travels it wasn't healthy to assume anything for breakfast with a pretty pregnant wife from another traveler. They knew what they were craving and sometimes you could suffer the misfortune of ordering something that the smell would sour there stomach. No as sweet as that gesture was it was best saved for after the babies were born.

Baillie climbed up into the tub sitting in the bubbles and playing a bit happily taking a bath at the moment. La'shire helped her quiet a bit with that if not she'd have a terrible time. Thayne seemed happy with the idea that Baillie would do things like this for herself now without fear of being punished but she had gotten over that fear of being punished by Thayne long ago. Not long after he saved her….and worked on fixing her broken body and stopping Alex. She knew what it was like to be loved and to love. It was wonderful.

"I am." She said in agreement as he mentioned her being awake it was more of a gentle teasing answer she learned….he grew more irritated if she wasn't herself. Playful and sweet with him as if he expected it. Traya smiled then sighed as she glanced down at the baby bump. "Magically I'm still a little spent….Adriel's voice is a whisper right now…mostly assuring me everything is alright. However your son would certainly disagree with me." She chuckled. "He's been love tapping me for the last few minutes." Normally the baby didn't get active till later it seemed he was awake now pestering her to wake up. Then Traya looked back up at him leaning up to kiss him good morning after answering his question. Breaking the kiss Traya smiled looking into his eyes the things she could get away with, with him….of course…he brought out a much stronger braver side to her not so timid anymore as if encouraging her little by little to voice herself, that he wanted to hear her voice and was angry when she buried it for fear of hurting others. "Although at the moment….I'm not as hungry as thought I'd be.." She looked at him and paused. "Sylar….feel up to helping….with that?" She asked her husband playfully.

Frau shifted and yawned stirring a bit and as Cecelia was still singing trying to get to Liam all night the sudden screeching in her dreams caused her to jerk awake. Holding her head… was like having her sister suddenly screaming in her head. "Ugh…" She breathed but it hadn't been enough to actually tell her it was her sister. She shifted and then looked at Liam. He looked dead tired. "Liam?" she asked looking at him concerned and reaching out her hand. Tracing his cheek. Frau thought she just had one of those annoying bad dreams but it was because Cecilia had pushed a little too hard and got Frau's attention for a moment.

Rumi looked over. "Oh maybe." he said walking over with the little stallion and fawn. They were adorable seemed bent on making his hair go grey. He walked over with Orrin and Fionnula. "Which one should I hand you first….both seem to be having fun with me this morning." he said glancing at the twins.

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        River glanced over at Rostan and chuckled. "Is it sad we're on a schedule like clock work?" she asked him playfully meaning he usually always woke before her and she always woke about the same time.... more
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            • Re: Morning Shiloh (Del thru Juno), Thu Apr 12 10:03pm
              Delilah sat up a bit more, her tail moving around her like a soft furry comforter. “Really, so he’s just like his daddy,“ she teased with a playful wink to Acerbus, knowing it’d get a rise out of him ... more
              • Re: Morning Shiloh (Aspen thru Vespa), Thu Apr 12 10:04pm
                Aspen opened the door when she said he could come in. He looked in and smiled, seeing her resting in bed, sipping the tea that had been left for her by Tilly, from Tae. He moved into the room.... more
                • Re: Morning Shiloh (Mira/Sarah), Thu Apr 12 10:07pm
                  Mira woke to the sunlight dancing in the room. Last night had been spent quelling Koran's dragonic libido and the Fine Fur found the tables turned on her yet again, leaving her exhausted this... more
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                    • Re: Morning Kari (Haru and Opal), Thu Apr 12 11:58pm
                      Haru looked at Vespa and took and took a deep breathe. "An magical Isle that belongs to my father." He said looking at her. "IN a cottage he has on it. Dad and Sarah brought us here last night so... more
                      • Re: Morning Koran/Dkhoran, Fri Apr 13 11:14am
                        A soft rumble echoed through Koran's chest as he struggled to wake up, indeed the previous night had been quite lively with his libido acting up in full force and today it seemed as if his draconic... more
                        • Re: Morning Acerbus, Sat Apr 14 2:40am
                          Acerbus smiled hearing that from his son as well. Seems the two children already learning to talk if just a little bit. He held his son out a bit, "And who am I?" he asked. Lukken just looked to his... more
                          • Re: Morning Shiloh (Del thru Aspen), Sun Apr 15 12:55am
                            Delilah’s ears perked up curiously when Acerbus tried to prompt Lukken to say any form of ‘daddy,‘ and yet it never came. She laughed a bit before moving to get up out of bed, unraveling herself from ... more
                            • Re: Morning Shiloh (Nikkala thru Vespa), Sun Apr 15 12:55am
                              Nikki looked up at him when he said it could wait a bit, changing his bandages. She looked down at his hand rubbing her wrist. “Mine‘s not as bad as yours…” she said quietly, but then smiled warmly... more
                              • Re: Morning Shiloh (Mira/Sarah), Sun Apr 15 12:59am
                                Mira watched Koran sleep for a bit before moving to kiss his cheek. She got up and padded off into the washroom to get cleaned up after their romps in the sheets last night. She didn't want to be so... more
                                • Re: Morning Kari, Sun Apr 15 10:11am
                                  Pherenice perked up as she looked at the waffle. "This is simple? It smells so good….what kinds of syrup?" She asked curious as her ears twitched and her tail swished seeming much like a little kid.... more
                                  • Re: Morning Acerbus, Sun Apr 15 9:21pm
                                    Acerbus smiled, "She is just waking up now, a bit more subtle than her brother." He noted moving back to the crib and looking down with a smile, Liora slowly waking up little by little. Finally... more
                                    • Re: Morning Koran/Dkhoran, Sun Apr 15 10:57pm
                                      Cracking open an eye as he felt the bed shift after a kiss on the cheek Koran took a moment to watch his kitten go for the washroom. "Ah yes..she has her treatment today guess I'll take the... more
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