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Shiloh (Del thru Juno)
Re: Morning
Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:03pm

Delilah sat up a bit more, her tail moving around her like a soft furry comforter. “Really, so he’s just like his daddy,“ she teased with a playful wink to Acerbus, knowing it’d get a rise out of him that she implied he liked getting attention. Her ears perked excitedly, though, when she heard… actually heard the words… “Did he just… did he?“ Had he said ‘mama’? She knew that he and Liora had gotten into mentally being able to speak with them, but the fact that they were now talking -- or at least Lukka was -- it just floored her and made her smile brighter.

Twilight stirred a bit when she felt the blanket move up over her… and Jupiter as well. She could hear his hushed breathing and shifted a bit, snuggling up to her husband a bit more, nestling her head against his chest as she let out a couple of happy little coos, sleepy and starting to wake a bit. She had a sense that something was coming… she just didn’t know what. She didn’t know that Acerbus planned to ask her to use her gift to help Soraya in return for her assistance with their defenses, being allies. Or just what Soraya would ask her to try to see… She’d had a couple of bad dreams about Zlo, memories… but she’d brushed them off last night as just that, not a forewarning that he could be coming back around, worse than before now that he was controlled by Chaos.

Koi smiled and moved to sit up a bit in bed, pushing the blankets down, knowing it’d get a good blush out of her fiance. She got up, moving to pull on a nightshirt that had been tossed onto the chair by the bed last night. She let her hair fall around her, slipping her wings through the slits in the back of the shirt. She turned to look at him, smiling as she moved over to him and leaned up, giving him a kiss. “I would love to have breakfast with you,“ she cooed, her green-tinted feathers ruffling a bit, happily. She lowered herself back down off the balls of her feet and tipped her head, running her hands lightly over his uniform as though to smooth it some. She wanted to ask what the meeting was about this morning, but she was sure he’d fill her in later, in more ways than one. She smiled and nodded. “I haven’t forgotten. After this fitting, she said the dress would finally be done,“ she said. He wouldn’t see it until their actual wedding day, but she liked to tease him with the thought. Of course, he’d probably wear his uniform on that day, as Jupiter had when he married Twilight.

Orion looked at Pherenice as she came into the dining area with Pops catering to her a bit. He was intrigued by her. He’d never actually seen the girl up close before. He then turned his attention to Crys and smirked, having the decency to look sheepish. “Yeah, well… I crashed at Eros’ place last night, so… Feel kinda bad. I don’t think he even stayed there last night.“ He didn’t know, though, that Eros had stayed, instead, with Crystal.

Vera got herself washed up, her sandy gold and mahogany hair taking a little bit to dry, but once she had, she stepped out in just her towel, heading back to her room. She didn’t know about Tria’s plans for a wedding tonight, but she did still have a crystal to speak with any of them back in La’shire… and with the portal up between the two places… if Tria were to send the invitation, odds were that Vera could actually make it back and still have no issue in returning to Unkindness after. One had to wonder if Rio would attend it with her… if she got the invite. She got to her room and moved to hang up her towel, getting dressed, unaware Rio was still lounging in his room, although very much awake, feeling quite good about things this morning.

"Oh,you know better than to underestimate me, Abbadon," soraya mused with a playful smirk as she moved back into the room to finish getting her boots on so they could head out soon and meet up with Donovan at the Guard's training perch. She sat down to do so, waiting to see if he would follow her in with any inquiries as to just who she spoke with and just what she might have said to this girl... about him or what she was trying to do playing matchmaker... or what the girl's name was or what she looked like, where she was, what she did... she expected some objection initially and yet Abbadon hadn't objected, he just seemed surprised!

Sandy whipped her tail a bit, causing water to sprinkle over a sleeping Panro. She’d started drawing a morning back and tested its temperature with her sensitive tail, and she wasn’t all that keen on taking it alone, perhaps because they were enjoying being together as much as possible before they’d have to go on their separate errands to prepare for their short-notice wedding. But true to her playful nature, she was waking the panther in a way that would probably cause him to plan a playful retaliation.

Blake smiled and returned the nuzzling, not minding if Mela wanted to just relax and ‘sleep in’ a bit more. They didn’t have to meet Zanna and Horace at the portal until after breakfast… and after last night, Blake was just enjoying this morning with her in his arms. Whether or not they’d been successful in their first attempts, it was still an amazing night with his wife!

Nashca was still catching her breath as well, but managed a giggle, followed by a cute hiccupping hoot. “But you’re… the one who started it… this morning,“ she noted softly. She shifted a bit, managing to cuddle up to Serg despite the fact her body was all tingly and weak from their morning antics.

Garand could so easily slip right back into a deep sleep with Lana’s warm form nestled in his arms. He rubbed her back a bit, soothingly, wanting to hear some of those hushed, happy purrs… he loved when she made them and liked even more that it was usually because of him.

Saffy laughed a bit and shook her head, moving to kiss his nose playfully in return. “Well, you won’t hear me complaining,“ she mused as she slid her arms around his neck and pulled herself against him in the bed, rubbing noses with him, one of her long, velveteen bunny ears falling over her shoulder as she left them loose for Duncan. He did love her ears down, rather than pulled back carefully with her hair so they wouldn’t get in the way. “How are we ever going to get through the days if this keeps up?“ she joked. It’d been a while since Kip had pestered them, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t still holding his grudge against Duncan for picking Saffy over his other friends. Of course, Saffron was Duncan’s best friend long before they became a couple.

Juno jerked awake with a bit of a gasp for air. She sat up a little and looked around, a ring of platinum light glowing around her irises, but it faded out as she relaxed, realizing where she was and when she was. She looked at Torin, still sleeping and talking in his sleep. He needed more rest this morning… she knew he only talked in his sleep when he was truly worn out. She moved to lightly kiss his cheek, not intending to wake him, then she carefully slipped out of his arms and out of the bed, moving to get herself a glass of water. She felt a little strange today, and she had to wonder if it was from that bad dream… unaware that the emotions that came with it, the fear of her father, had triggered a bit of a transformation in her and perhaps helped kickstart her ability to do so with Yuuri later.

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