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Shiloh (Aspen thru Vespa)
Re: Morning
Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:04pm

Aspen opened the door when she said he could come in. He looked in and smiled, seeing her resting in bed, sipping the tea that had been left for her by Tilly, from Tae. He moved into the room. “Morning, Eri. You feeling okay?“ he asked, looking to the crystal on the nightstand, the special one Tilly gave to her and then another to him and Tria to reach the doctor in case something happened. He was glad she hadn’t needed to use it last night. “I’m ordering breakfast for myself and Tria. I’d really like to order something for you for breakfast, too… but I’m not sure what you’re in the mood for,“ he said, wanting to be sure it wouldn’t be something she couldn’t tolerate right now…

Nikki smiled and winced just a bit when Averie began rubbing her wrist, but soon it felt soothing and she looked up at him. Her eyes traveled to his one hand, seeing the bandage on it, hidden under his sleeve as it went up his arm. “How’s your arm?“ she asked him quietly.

Senn could feel Yuuri’s shifts not and then, and any time it seemed her dreams turned darker, he instinctively held her closer and more securely in his arms, nuzzling into her a bit. He seemed to desire nothing more than to comfort her and make her happy, even in his sleep. He didn’t know that both sisters appeared to be having dreams… or nightmares, rather… or that it could possibly mean something. If not now, then some day… Perhaps it just meant that the man who haunted their lives was not necessarily gone forever.. Or perhaps it simply meant that someone just as bad or worse would take up Severin’s mantle, like Aether.

“Yeah… I’m fine. Might be a little sore sitting on my tail today,“ Kahi said with a sigh as he moved to get up, setting his crystal aside and sitting on the edge of the bed. He’d landed and pinched his tail a bit, but having grown up training for his position as Alpha and as a Sentinel in Far Mist… he’d been through worse than a kinked tail. “How’d you sleep?“ he asked.

Celluna ever so slowly began to stir in Kahiri’s arms. She had one more vial of low-dose Zion to take to help her finish recovering today, as she was physically recovered from the obvious traumas of giving brith, but she was still tired. She could sleep all day, if she wasn’t so worried about seeming lazy, though no one would probably blame her after having Inara and all of the threats and worries she’d had yesterday.

Topaz heard Fii’s words… a couple of them hanging in her mind for a moment as she looked at the bottle on the nightstand beside her. Pregnancy sickness. So… it hadn’t been a dream. She really was… having a baby. Her ears fell back when she felt another wave of nausea, moving to take the bottle, pouring what Fii had given her before they went to bed and taking it. It had a sweet taste, but at least it wasn’t horrible. She set it down and slid down in the bed again, looking over to watch Fii. He said he’d be done shortly… and she remembered… he was making the nocturina for her, to make sure she didn’t lose the baby, as was so painfully common for the Blue Nocturne Roos, which was probably why those that survived to birth were so resilient and why they were so rare, especially these days, after all of the poaching and slaving. She touched her tummy through the nightshirt. It was Fii’s… Kiten’s… and she expected herself to still feel as panicked this morning as she’d been upon hearing the news, but… knowing it was his and knowing who Fii was… it took a lot of that fear away this morning… “That’s the stuff Riggs talked about?” she asked quietly, looking over at him, letting the medicine start to work. She had a feeling he was going to be the doting fox tenfold until this baby was born. She hoped she didn’t get too antsy when she was meant to rest through her pregnancy… she didn’t want her actions to be the cause of losing it… She couldn’t help but think about the fact Yuuri wanted to talk at some point today about the ring she’d seen on the roo’s finger… she could imagine Yuuri might pick up on something different about Topaz without knowing exactly…

Eko watched her and sighed lightly, looking around the room a bit. Part of him wanted to get up and make breakfast for them… surprise her… make today a polar opposite of yesterday for her… but he also knew better. He’d promised her that this morning would be different, that they would lay together all night and she would wake up to him in the morning. And he wasn’t one to break his promises, especially to her. She looked so peaceful. Breakfast could wait.

Singo looked over when Suna‘s voice chimed in with a sternness to it that reminded everyone why she‘d become Chieftain after her father‘s passing to the Abyss. He was very good at hiding the way her voice got to him, especially now that they had laid together, albeit never going beyond some rather enjoyable foreplay… but they had good reasons to avoid mating for now. He then turned upon Tokeru‘s arrival and let out a growl when he challenged Singo on what exactly he hoped to catch in the river so early in the morning. “You‘d be surprised,” he said.

“He brought so many fish,” another tigress said happily as she gestured to the other cubs and tigresses cleaning and staking fish to smoke for future eating, especially after they‘d been so hungry.

Singo knew his brothers well enough to know that any cover story had to have weight and proof to it… so he made sure to actually spend an hour fishing this morning while he washed away all traces of Suna‘s scent and the night spent with her in the caves, and all scents that might possibly lead someone to their little hideaway. Turned out that when the sun was just a slant on the horizon, the fish were very easy to catch, being unable to see the stealthy tiger as easily.

Almost as soon as Kei fell asleep, Breece let out a few little mrowls as she woke with an empty tummy. Naiya woke immediately to the sounds, still donning her delicate nymph ears, her hair falling around her with that warm moon glow laced through, and her skin shimmering in the sunlight that poured in. She sat up, her eyes closed as she was still tired, but she got up, pulling on a loose coverup to go fetch Breece from her nursery, knowing she’d probably go back to sleep after being changed and fed.

Zai was exhausted and had nodded off just before dawn, unable to help it. Having a Nymph for a husband on top of being newly pregnant with his child, already able to feel the life growing within her, drawing from her energy and from the nature around them. She’d kept up remarkably well, as Aiyan could blissfully attest to!

Bayla looked at Sable and smiled a bit. “Not really,“ she assured her… she didn’t need anything… although it did feel like her appetite had returned after missing the last two meals yesterday. Fortunately, her plate of dinner from last night was still in the fridge in the kitchen. “You didn’t have to sleep there all night,“ she said, thinking she opted for the chair to avoid laying with Bayla… even though the truth of it was that Sable just didn’t want to risk waking her from a much needed healing sleep.

“You don’t have to do anything more than just be yourself, Shale… that’s enough,“ Maks said with a smile, patting the bed beside him, indicating she should come up from the foot of the bed and lay with him a bit.

Wynter snuggled a bit, nuzzling into the furry, feathery wings that were still wrapped around her. She loved how soft and warm they were, unaware what her innocent motions in her sleep were probably going to wake Jarral from the way it felt so good. Her long, warmly illuminated tail ran over his legs and her’s in the cocoon of his wings, the little Aurora Wolf so content and happy as she dozed.

Keelin turned a bit in Solan’s arms and gave him a sleepy whine as he groaned, having thought he was waking up to see the sunrise all around them, but he was still sleeping. She smiled and her ears twitched as she turned a little more to look at the warm colors in the sky all around them through tired, squinted eyes. She didn’t know the first thing about a wedding… so odds were solan would enlist Millie, who would probably be more than happy to help Keelin with a dress and flowers and all of those things, like having a little sister to dote on, in a way… the friendship she’d managed to forge with the maned lycan girl.

Zyna tipped her head back a bit and looked up before slowly moving out of the covers to sit up on her knees beside him. “How’d you do that?“ she asked. He’d gotten the feathers wedged in the corner of the headboard, where the patterns merged. He was a clumsy bird for something so graceful and elegant as he appeared… but usually only Zyna saw that side of him in private. She moved to start to help free him, shaking her head. “I’m fine.. I’m feeling a lot better today,“ she said, her words a little hesitant here and there as she seemed to almost slip into Purian, but managed to hold onto Common.

Jin stretched a bit more and slowly opened her eyes, blinking back the sleep and her ears perking lazily as she realized her husband was just laying there, staring at her with a funny smile on his face. “Morning…“ she said, blushing a bit. Pregnant or not, the things they’d done last night could make any girl blush! She didn’t realize he wanted to order her a special breakfast in bed this morning, but was wary of what her pregnancy might sour her tummy over.

“Well, his energy level and yours are very different,“ Sylar noted when she said their son would argue otherwise about how she was. He then paused and eyed her a bit curiously when she asked if he’d like to help her feel hungry this morning. He looked around and then shook his head. “Not here,” he said simply. He could only give so much when he knew they were being watched. He was well aware of the spirit in the castle that saw and knew all that happened and he preferred those things in private. “When we get home,” he assured her. “Besides, like you said… your energy isn’t back yet and I wouldn’t want to add to that. You should eat something, though,” he said. Sometimes he could frustrate her so much, but that was perhaps why he encouraged her to retain her playful and bubbly side, because he needed that to balance him out.

Liam snapped out of his thoughts when Frau woke and made that pained groan, having heard Cecelia’s calls, frantic and desperate. He then looked over when she said his name. He got up from the window seat and moved to the bed, sitting beside her and taking her hand in his, “Sorry… didn’t wake you, did I?“ he asked, seeming quite tired from not getting the rest he probably needed last night.

“Well, since he’s a bit more rowdy, how about I start with little Fio?“ Ashe suggested, since Orrin seemed more keen on playing with Rumi at the moment… only a day old and, true to fashion for centaurs and hinds, they were very aware, alert and responsive fairly quickly.

“It’s not sad… just means we know each other that well,“ Rostan said. “Well, let’s get you in the bath and then we can think about what we do next,“ he mused. He would have to order himself some breakfast, especially if he intended to let her feed later from him instead of a blood bag. That sandwich last night just didn’t cut it for him.

Tala murmured softly in her sleep, nuzzling into him after he’d placed the breakfast order. “I… do…“ she whispered adorably, even in her sleep, the words probably making Seimei’s heart do funny things.

Odette smiled and sat with Soliel, picking up the menu on the table to look through it too. “Yeah… he’s been on the same patrol every morning for the last two weeks. I’m sure they’ll rotate shifts soon enough, although I do like that he has the whole afternoon and evening free,“ she admitted. “Hmmm… it all sounds really good. I heard there was a huge royal feast here last night. I’m sure these must be things that were on their menu,“ she noted.

Spartan smiled as he watched her sleep… she looked so content and that made him feel good, because it meant he had a part in her feeling that way. He looked over to his crystal he’d set on her nightstand. No messages yet from Seda… She and Ex hadn’t been at the dinner last night, and he had a feeling she was fine… but it would be nice to hear it from her, especially after she’d been struggling so much with the crystals, trying to temper hers.

Lassa took in a deep breath and sighed with a cute little sound before she seemed to start waking, perhaps sensing that Trilander was awake. She was adorably snuggled in against him with his tail around her a bit. She looked up at him and smiled. “Morning…“ she said softly, still looking a far bit sleepy, and no one could blame her after spending yesterday making love with the ‘hungry’ sea wolf and being in two ties with him. Plus, neither of them knew that the selkie was with pup, even if La’Shire was trying like hell to let the prince know. He seemed so oblivious when Lassa was in his arms that, unless La’Shire got a little more overt, he wouldn’t notice until the baby bump appeared.

Vespa heard Haru’s voice and she looked over at him when he came in and sat on the bed. She sat up slowly beside him, looking at him. “Where are we?“ she asked. She wasn’t even all that sure what had happened. She’d been in and out since Raiser’s keep… and now, this place… although feeling safe and warm… was unfamiliar. She could, however, scent sarah had been here, and that let her know it was okay here… that and the fact Miharu was with her. She vaguely recalled waking the other day… and seeing him looking worse than he looked now. He actually looked pretty good after a night in the gardens… but she wasn’t sure if she’d dreamed his state the other night or if it’d been real. She felt weak all over, but at least she didn’t feel like she had to fall right back to sleep. She felt a bit fluey still, but it was just the after effects of such a strenuous cleansing. “I don’t feel her anymore… either of them…” she said in a whisper. Even if she wasn’t always under their control, she could feel Raiser seething in her blood on some level, and now… it was like it was just her in her own body. It was peaceful.

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