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Shiloh (Mira/Sarah)
Re: Morning
Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:07pm

Mira woke to the sunlight dancing in the room. Last night had been spent quelling Koran's dragonic libido and the Fine Fur found the tables turned on her yet again, leaving her exhausted this morning, but in a good way. She looked at her crystal on the nightstand, aware she had an appointment today for one of her 'treatments,' and unaware that Yuna had received something from Eri last night that might make these Zion treatments no longer necessary. She also didn't know, much like Koran, just what had happened with Miharu and Vespa the other day, or what was going on with them now.


Sarah saw Drak get up and smiled. “Morning, Drak,“ she said lovingly after returning the kiss. She watched him head into the washroom and heard the water start running. Before she could go back to her book, she heard the knock on the door and the breathless words through the closed door. She set the book aside and got up, answering the door. “Opal…“ she said, acknowledging the girl. “What’s wrong?“ she asked, unsure if the frantic racing to get here had been because something bad happened or, less likely, something good.

  • Re: Morning Shiloh (Aspen thru Vespa), Thu Apr 12 10:04pm
    Aspen opened the door when she said he could come in. He looked in and smiled, seeing her resting in bed, sipping the tea that had been left for her by Tilly, from Tae. He moved into the room.... more
    • Re: Morning — Shiloh (Mira/Sarah), Thu Apr 12 10:07pm
      • Re: Morning Kari (Pherenice thru Trilander), Thu Apr 12 11:58pm
        Pherenice smiled as she looked at Pops nodding her head. "Good morning." She called back to him walking up to the bar she was far more comfortable sitting there than taking up a whole table by... more
        • Re: Morning Kari (Haru and Opal), Thu Apr 12 11:58pm
          Haru looked at Vespa and took and took a deep breathe. "An magical Isle that belongs to my father." He said looking at her. "IN a cottage he has on it. Dad and Sarah brought us here last night so... more
          • Re: Morning Koran/Dkhoran, Fri Apr 13 11:14am
            A soft rumble echoed through Koran's chest as he struggled to wake up, indeed the previous night had been quite lively with his libido acting up in full force and today it seemed as if his draconic... more
            • Re: Morning Acerbus, Sat Apr 14 2:40am
              Acerbus smiled hearing that from his son as well. Seems the two children already learning to talk if just a little bit. He held his son out a bit, "And who am I?" he asked. Lukken just looked to his... more
              • Re: Morning Shiloh (Del thru Aspen), Sun Apr 15 12:55am
                Delilah’s ears perked up curiously when Acerbus tried to prompt Lukken to say any form of ‘daddy,‘ and yet it never came. She laughed a bit before moving to get up out of bed, unraveling herself from ... more
                • Re: Morning Shiloh (Nikkala thru Vespa), Sun Apr 15 12:55am
                  Nikki looked up at him when he said it could wait a bit, changing his bandages. She looked down at his hand rubbing her wrist. “Mine‘s not as bad as yours…” she said quietly, but then smiled warmly... more
                  • Re: Morning Shiloh (Mira/Sarah), Sun Apr 15 12:59am
                    Mira watched Koran sleep for a bit before moving to kiss his cheek. She got up and padded off into the washroom to get cleaned up after their romps in the sheets last night. She didn't want to be so... more
                    • Re: Morning Kari, Sun Apr 15 10:11am
                      Pherenice perked up as she looked at the waffle. "This is simple? It smells so good….what kinds of syrup?" She asked curious as her ears twitched and her tail swished seeming much like a little kid.... more
                      • Re: Morning Acerbus, Sun Apr 15 9:21pm
                        Acerbus smiled, "She is just waking up now, a bit more subtle than her brother." He noted moving back to the crib and looking down with a smile, Liora slowly waking up little by little. Finally... more
                        • Re: Morning Koran/Dkhoran, Sun Apr 15 10:57pm
                          Cracking open an eye as he felt the bed shift after a kiss on the cheek Koran took a moment to watch his kitten go for the washroom. "Ah yes..she has her treatment today guess I'll take the... more
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