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Kari (Pherenice thru Trilander)
Re: Morning
Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:58pm

Pherenice smiled as she looked at Pops nodding her head. "Good morning." She called back to him walking up to the bar she was far more comfortable sitting there than taking up a whole table by herself. She sniffed at the air her ears twitching a bit curious as her tail swished idly back and forth. "That smells really good." She said softly curious as to what he was bringing everything was new to her….but she paused and looked back towards the front door after Crys came in. "That….feeling….what…." She said she was sensing the amber Dimael was wearing and narrowed her eyes…it wasn't a bad feeling but she felt like she should know it….and it took so little effort on her part to tug at it. She felt no recourse….so looked back to Pops. She did glance over at Orion though and tipped her head curious as she hadn't seen him before but… least she never remembered seeing him so….she was curious about everyone and everything she came around. But after that tug….she felt the presence of that energy she should know….drawing closer quickly….did she just create a problem for everyone but…it didn't feel all. More like…..annoyed….

Dimael was not expecting it…..of all the things the for rotten cat to do…tug on the pull of the amulet's connection to her and Aeon and nearly made him stumble and fall out of the tree he was standing in, he wrapped his tail solely on instinct around the branch again and caught his balance. "Yeah Whisper I'm fine….she's getting an earful…" He said irritated with the Shisha on that one….that blasted cat just enjoyed messing with him entirely too much….of course he didn't know she didn't remember anything about her past and was merely trying to figure out what it was she was sensing. Whisper though wrapped around him as he moved dropping down to the walk way and heading towards Pop's inn….having the foresight to tell Whisper not to mess around right now and billow around him. But if he was going to see where he was going he needed the cloak.

Fai smiled and nodded as she set breakfast out and finished pouring there drinks. "Okay was there anything you'd like today for lunch?" She asked sometimes he had a request or a taste for something other times it was whatever she felt like making. But Donovan always seemed to love everything she made. "Oh and did Lord Samson and Lady Judith mention when they might be stopping by? If I have an idea I can at least have fruit and tea prepared for there visit." She said wanting to be the polite host.

Eri looked over as he came in and smiled holding the tea. "Much better compared to yesterday I was able to get some sleep and the tea seems to help calm everything." she said to reassure him she was being honest about it. "Mm not sure nothing heavy…." she said frowning. "Eggs are no….the smell of them churns my stomach something tough…" She sighed. "Honestly though Aspen I don't know….I haven't had much luck ordering anything….everything always…." She sighed shaking her head not wanting Tae to catch flack for something she had taken care of once she knew. "Maybe fruit…..there was that one….Crepe….that you introduced me to a while back that was nice too…." She said she couldn’t remember what it was and didn't even know now after those girls stunts if the sight and smell of it wouldn't churn her stomach again.

"It's sensitive and it aches a little." he answered her honestly. "I'm going to have to change the bandages soon and reapply the Ointment." He glanced up and smiled at her. "But…that can wait a moment until I'm sure your wrist is fine." He said smiling it was funny but he didn't mind at all fussing over her and letting her more importantly fuss over him he had always been the sort in the past to ignore most of his injuries but he didn't do that anymore with Nikki. Perhaps because it would break her heart if he ignored his own health and she lost him. He had someone to cherish and in return take care of himself for. As well as take care of her and Kiva.

Yuuri felt him pull her closer in her slumber her breathing shifted as she let out a soft sigh. Her tail stopped it's sharp slapping of the bed as she curled up into him a bit. She could feel his warmth and although she was blinking herself awake at the moment groggy and not at all happy about that dream she didn't say anything as he held her so snuggly. It had woken her…..why was she dreaming of him…he was gone. She hadn't had those dreams or any like them since shortly after moving in with Senn and now suddenly she was having them? Why? What was she subconsciously worried about?

"Mm better." She said as she shifted coming up to sit beside him and looked at him. "At least no foreboding visions last night….although I did have one….that didn't make sense to me." She said shaking her head and sighing. "It made me more sad than anything…..I'm not even sure what all it pertained to yet. But I think….the future we are trying to prevent….is in flux Kahi." She said meaning his….she had had a dream concerning Ryn….but she didn't understand it. She did however sigh as she reached into the drawer in the nightstand and turned his hand placing a small container in it. "it's Zion ointment." She said chuckling. "I had asked Sarah for it shortly after Ri was born. Lets just say your son is very adventurous as a pup when he started learning to crawl he went charging through the gardens and before I could catch him when and got his little tail stuck between a couple of roots and yanked." She shook her head. "Sarah applied that soothed him right down and sent me home with it." She said chuckling as she knew there little guy loved charging about on all fours.

Kahiri glanced down as he came around still keeping watch over her dreams and glanced over as Inara was still slumbering away. He reached up and gently ran his fingers over her hair in a soothing manner. He would just be happy if he could just figure out how to get Ryn to realize….this wasn't the right path he was on.

"It is." Fii said as he finished it and walked over to her moving to sit down beside her on the bed mindful not to bounce it on her or drop the tonic. "here you go." he said gently holding it out for her. "This will help the baby stay strong and healthy and help your body adjust to having the baby." he said gently smiling as he tipped his head. "And it's quiet popular with a lot of the expectant mom's in La'shire right now." he said looking at her. "Because there are so many hybrid families now….not all races mingle together well, the Nocturina balances it all out." it was why he was certain everything would be fine. "If it stabilized Eri's pregnancy and A Unicorn Dragon…..are polar opposites." he said a gentle pure unicorn and a powerful dragon. Yuuri would indeed pick up on something and be utterly confused of course she'd have to get her energy levels back up. Senn helped her exhaust them last night and she would happily go back to sleep but neither Fii or Paz knew they didn't have to worry about Yuuri coming around until later that night.

Kirie shifted and hummed a bit in her sleep stretching a little her eyes began to flutter open a bit as she brought her hand up and yawned. As she did though and blink a few times she focused and smiled. "Morning." She said a soft sleepy whisper. She was waking up but it would be so easy to go back to sleep too. Although part of her didn't want to, it felt wonderful to wake up right here right now in his arms. Safe, happy and natural.

Tokeru looked between all of them and growled then walked off. Growled at Suna who looked at and when he feinted at her in frustration back off when she let out one of her own that sounded more threatening then his did. Several laughed as he walked off.

Suna's tail swished behind her as she glanced over at Tonka with a look that said will you challenge too or behave this morning? She had been spending more time with Singo and he had been helping her before this learning how to fight how to stand her ground better and better she had to. She was the old Chieftain's daughter and now Chieftain. If she was going to gain the power the backing the support of the tribe to change anything for the better….she had to be able to hold her ground.

Kei let out a low rolling mrwl in his sleep as if trying to pry his mind back out of sleep to awake when he heard Breece some part of him aware that Naiya had moved. Of all the timing of course they would have spent the night exhausting each other with a baby who had the most perfect timing in the world. But he knew they both loved and adored Breece. She was precious to them both. He lifted his head blinking sleepy eyes and looking as if he needed a set of toothpicks to keep his eyelids up.

Aiyan happily laid down snuggling up to Zai and covered them both up before letting his head hit the pillow and followed his wife to sleep. His breathing deep and soft. He was tired as tired as she was and while she had kept up with him and he found it absolutely amazing he was also incredibly tired. She was probably the only one who could have ever kept up with the nymph in him and at times he swore there had to be a bit of nymph in her blood line somewhere!

Sable shifted and uncurled from the chair sometimes it came in handy being part Gatan. She did stretch though and paused. "hmm?" she paused and then shook her head. "It's not like that. You were so hurt yesterday and finally getting decent and peaceful sleep…I didn't want to disturb you and wake you….you needed it to heal." She said as she sat up. "I just figured I'd let you sleep and be close by if you woke and needed anything." Sable looked at her "Are you hungry Bayla? Kei made dinner last night and insisted on saving a bunch for you if you woke and got hungry. I can heat it up for you."

Shale looked at him and nodded then moved and crawled up the length of the bed to the top beside him sitting down and curling up to his side. "Yeah…." She said softly. "I guess for once I'm trying to not be impish and impulsive…..I don't want to say something or do something to hurt those girls."

Jarral hummed a bit in her sleep feeling her snuggling up in his wings and it was sending these shivers of pleasure right through him that of course he might realize were going straight to somewhere that was behaving….except he was still asleep and La'shire found it absolutely comical. These two did all there seducing in there sleep.

Solan did wake though at the sound of Keelin's sleepy whine it was cute. But he blinked and slowly looked down at her all snuggled up in his wings like that and smiled. "Morning." He said sleepily and then glanced up. "Mm sunrise huh? Pretty." He said as he held her gently but the sleepy notes to his voice it was clear he was just waking.

"I'm not sure…." He answered her sighing. "I woke to a sharp pain in my wing….so I must have stretched them in my sleep…" He said trying to figure it out himself. "I'm glad your feeling better." He said glancing at her and sighing. "Seems….you see me like this a lot." he said burying his face in his hand mostly to bite down on his palm and stop a pained chirp as he had made the wing in that area quiet sore from all the tugging he didn't want her thinking it was something she was doing when he had done it to himself.

Keyon smiled. "Morning." he answered her back chuckling. "So anything my sweet wife would like for breakfast?" he asked playfully he wanted to order he something special and nice but….he knew pregnancy could be tricky when it came to foods. And he certainly didn't want to order her breakfast and have it trigger morning sickness or something like that. She was carrying triplets he didn't want to make it rougher.

Traya gave him a cute mock pout. But she smiled anyways and nodded. "Alright." She said she knew him well enough to know he was as good as his word. She did shift though and sat up sighing as she put her hand on her belly raising an eyebrow. "Well I'm not overly hungry but your right I do need to eat something…." she bit her lower lip lightly thinking. "Mm What is that one dish it was really light for breakfast you had them make a few days back…it was a pastry….but I've never had it before." She said honestly and it was quiet true….there were some dishes that they made in Rohdoran that were incredible and rich but….she was learning about after marrying him. That one….it had berries and cream a chocolate glaze that wasn't too heavy and not to sweet mostly because it was a dark chocolate.

Frau shook her head. "Mm no…more like the echoes of a bad dream." She said looking at him. "I have this….faintest feeling like something was shrieking in my sleep….I swear it almost reminded me of a dark phoenix song…but.." She shook her head. "Just as I heard it I woke so I'm not really sure what it was….it was just the sheer….vehemence in it."

Rumi chuckled and handed her Fio. "Sure she looks like she's hungry anyways." He said chuckling and then looked at Orrin. "And you little man look like your up to something." He said hearing his son giggling and sighed as he shifted the colt in his arms.

River smiled. "True." She said as she walked with him to the bathroom when they got like this her legs hurt to walk on. But the bath would help greatly. She walked into the bathroom and then sat down on the edge of the tub, lifting both of her feet onto the lip before moving to gracefully drop into the water feeling it rush up around her legs it didn't take long never did for her fin to appear but…."Ugh…." She said seeing the peeling all over. Then chuckled. "You may be stuck in here off and on this morning keeping me company Ros." She teased him.

Seimei blushed and his heart skipped a beat or two when she murmered 'I do' in her sleep. He smiled as it was clear to him even when she said yes and even now…that he had to be so incredibly lucky to have her love and that she wanted to be his wife. To him Tala was so sweet and innocent and wonderful there was nothing off or silly about her. She was beautiful.

Soliel nodded as she set the menu aside. "It does which is why I keep ordering a Caffe and going back to looking at the menu I can't decide what I want for breakfast." She said shaking her head. "I've never been so….indecisive….but the waitress's keep telling me that's a good thing this morning." she said as she sipped the coffee like drink.

Silvi sighed in her sleep and stretched a bit before moving to hug him a bit and nuzzle in her sleep. "I love you… "she whispered she was dreaming of him….of everything that had occurred between them her voice a soft whisper in the room and her eyes fluttered a bit as if not sure yet wither she was going to wake…or go back to sleep.

Trilander smiled. "Morning Las." he said softly gently as he looked at her. "How are you feeling?" he asked her as he laid there not in any real big hurry to move and his body was still playing the I refuse to do anything but lay there game. He did glance up at La'shire though as the castle's ceiling as all but….flashing crazy lights at him the pattern getting a touch chaotic before settling down when he looked and then she went and did……if he though about it when she wasn't resonating with him she was doing that pattern a lot since…when…after his first tie with Lass….slowly his eyes went wide as one light was pulsing softer inside another….."Aora em alto Limanprega?? He said in Lemurian…not to keep Lassa out of the loop on purpose more like questioning La'shrie without either getting Lassa's hopes up falsely or anything else for that matter he had to be certain what he was…well finally noticing…'Are you saying she's pregnant??' And he swore he got a frustrated YES in a rather bright flash. His ears tipped forwards back and then up as he stared at the swirling lights.

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