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Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:55am

Delilah’s ears perked up curiously when Acerbus tried to prompt Lukken to say any form of ‘daddy,‘ and yet it never came. She laughed a bit before moving to get up out of bed, unraveling herself from her tail. She came over to kiss Acer’s cheek and then to nuzzle their son a little. “Well, you both have good taste,“ she teased when he said Lukken was like him, only wanting Del‘s attention. “Is Liora still sleeping?“

Twilight stirred a bit after a few moments, opening her eyes just a bit and feeling the ache from the sunlight. She closed them and snuggled in against Jupiter more, burying her face in his chest and then moving a hand to pull the blanket up and over her head. Just a bit longer… She knew they wouldn’t get to stay like this all day, but she hoped just for a little more of the morning she would stay right here in his arms. Before someone came around, which someone always did. Twilight didn’t know her coos had stirred Jupiter a bit.

Koi smiled and brushed her fingers over one of Mars’ cheeks, silently acknowledging the blush on his face. “I can’t either. I feel like every time I go, she’s changed something. It’s always better than it was before… but still… I feel like her little dressing doll sometimes,“ she laughed a bit. “But I’m sure you’ll love whatever I wear on our wedding day,“ she mused with a happy little coo. She knew she had to be careful not to let those out too much. She already had Mars blushing. She didn’t want to get him to a point where he’d be late for work! “We should head down… make breakfast then, before you go.“

Orion shook his head a bit. “My old man… again, as always. I guess it’s about time I leave the perch, but you know… hard to get out on your own wings when you’re only job all your life is being paid pittance for being a rookie Guard,“ he noted. Eros was a new recruit, too, but somehow he’d risen I the ranks rapidly, been given this special assignment by Lord Acerbus and Samson. He was always attending meetings with Mars and Donovan and the royals… but Orion had no idea why or how. He didn’t really mind either, because he’d just crash in Eros’ loft when these falling outs happened with his dad. “Hey, how much does a room here cost?“ he asked curiously. He then smell the waffled Pops made and his stomach growled. “Gods, those smell good,“ he said, looking over at Phere and looking her over a bit before looking back to Crys. “Wasn’t she a guest in the Royal Oak? You know her story?“ he asked, curiously.

Eros got himself cleaned up in Crys’ small washroom and then got dressed and rolled up his sleeping bag with his blanket folded and stuffed into his pillow case. It’d be easy to carry everything back to his loft, but for the moment he’d leave his things here and head out to grab a bite for breakfast. He was technically on recovery time now from his two weeks out there, beyond the safety of Unkindness, but he had this feeling that he’d be summoned at some point, if only for another debriefing on Aeon. He made his way down the hall and then downstairs to the main Inn where the others all were.

Vera got dressed into a pair of shorts and a long-sleeved shirt. She gathered her hair into a ponytail that seemed pulled a bit to one side so it could fall over her shoulder. She was about to leave her room when her ears turned back, hearing her crystal going off. She retrieved it from the dresser and rose her eyebrows a bit. “Holy Nour! Tria’s getting married? Tonight?!“ She looked up and then around. She needed to be there… but it also felt intimidating. She hadn’t said anything really when she left, and she hadn’t been back since that day… even if she checked in now and then with Fang and Tria mostly. She also had nothing to wear. She sort of forgot that her door was open, so Rio might catch her remark were he to be walking by or coming to see her.

“Believe it or not, Abbadon… I do have to. Because I can’t really handle doing nothing, or doing things that go nowhere. This, though… could go somewhere, and you might be happy because of it, so --yeah-- I do have to do it,“ Soraya said with a smile. “And Acerbus is trying to protect his sister from having her gift exposed, so I understand his reservations if he says no… but I also have a feeling he’ll ask her. We’re a lot alike, him and me, and were the roles reversed… were I in possession of the Oracle and he was trying to find his mate… I like to believe I’d do all I could to help him,“ she said with a shrug. “Besides… I don’t have to know her identity, or they don’t need to know that I know… I’d happily meet her behind a curtain or a wall… as long as she just tells me what she sees.“

Sandy giggled a bit with a playful little mrow when he sat up and put it all together. “Bath’s ready if you want to join me, sleepyhead,“ she purred to him, tossing her nightshirt at the panther before she disappeared back into the washroom.

Blake heard his name and stirred a bit, looking at his wife in his arms. He watched her feathers ruffle and smiled, lightly running his hand over them, smoothing them out again, trying to give her a gently touch so she’d relax her. He was in no rush to get up this morning or to wake her. She looked so beautiful and content. Last night had been incredible, as always, but it’s felt even more special than usual, perhaps because it was the first time she wasn’t on potions, which meant they were ready to work on a family. It was just… he had no words.

Nashy blushed a bit when she heard Serg laugh. She loved that sound probably as much as he loved her hoots, and in a different way than how she loved his growls like he made last night and this morning. She smiled and laughed a bit, too, when he said making love this morning was a good idea. She shook her head, “You won’t hear any objections here,“ she said, bringing a hand up to run though his hair as they laid together. “I think we should always start our mornings this way,“ she joked. Certainly ensured one got up on the right side of the bed!

Saffy laughed and shifted a bit to push Duncan onto his back as she crawled over him, laying on the puma-bear and kissing him a bit. She broke the kiss and smiled. “Don’t fight it too hard. I’m having a lot of fun with frisky Duncan,“ she teased, rubbing noses playfully with him.

Juno heard Torin waking and looked at him, shaking her head a bit. “It’s okay, Torin. You can go back to sleep,“ she said softly, not wanting to rouse him any more than she already had with the way she’d woken up. Her heart was still pounding. All her life, she’d stood up to her father… maintained a healthy fear of him… but she never shied away from confronting him or speaking her mind. She knew he’d do horrid things to her… the conditioning, the torture that he called training, the shunnings… but he’d never kill her. Now, were he to return some day, she wasn’t so sure. It felt like, somewhere, somehow, he was still watching her… waiting until something happened to let him return… just like Chaos and raiser did. It pust a pain in her chest at the thought.

Aspen could hear Tria in the other room, fighting with her crystal again. She’d been in touch with Vera one and off over this past month, keeping her updated on things going on with Fang and their little family. Of course, it had been harder lately, since Traitorin gave the Elvin lanterns to Unkindness, but usually, with patience, the messages got through to Vera. Didn’t mean the process didn’t test his adorable fiance’s patience regardless! He then looked back to Eri and smiled. “I know what you’re talking about,” he said, meaning the crepes. “I’ll put the order in for you, some light fruits and cream, a crepe or two… things that won’t bother your belly.” Aspen hadn’t been informed of what had been happening with Eri’s food, because if he knew, it was likely the prince, as well-adjusted as his rebirth had made him, would still show a dragon’s temper towards so insolence, especially when it threatened the well-being and healthy of his unborn child and his friend.

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