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Shiloh (Nikkala thru Vespa)
Re: Morning
Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:55am

Nikki looked up at him when he said it could wait a bit, changing his bandages. She looked down at his hand rubbing her wrist. “Mine‘s not as bad as yours…” she said quietly, but then smiled warmly and looked up at him again. “It‘s feeling better, thank you, Averie…” she said, not about to argue with him. She knew better than to do that. He just got more insistent, and when it came to his desire to put her and Kiva first, she knew there was no winning.

Senn could feel Yuuri starting to stir despite his efforts to comfort her back to sleep. He wasn’t sure what had disrupted her sleep so, but it did have an air of something haunting her to it… like it hadn’t been just a simply nightmare. One had to wonder if the girls were sensing their father’s soul still out there somewhere, biding its time with dark intent, because they’d both been to the Vale themselves and returned. They were likely more sensitive to the stirrings of the other planes, both in the light and in the shadows.

Kahi smiled and took the ointment. “Thank you,” he said. He then sighed a bit as she said she felt the future was in flux. “It always is, Millie. We‘re going to fix things… change things. “ He moved to give her a kiss before getting up again, holding the jar of Zion cream in one hand. “I have to get ready, love. I need to get progress reports from the betas this morning. This is the first day of Rocky’s off time,” he said, since they alternated, out of fairness. “And you wanted to go see the kids this morning,” he noted, meaning Ri, Celluna and little Inara. “I can take Ri with me this morning, if you’d like,” he said, knowing it was best not to have him around his future self too often… and when they were together, baby Ri was always sound asleep as a precaution to ensure nothing negatively affected the future. It seemed a safeguard, just like with Ruby and Hunter’s baby. Baby Archer always fell asleep the closer he got to his adult future self in the castle.

Celluna felt Kahiri’s soothing touches and they seemed to gently rouse her a bit. She blinked a little, barely opening her eyes and feeling so content as she woke. “Ri?“ she asked. Part of her almost forgot she was waking no longer heavy with pup. Their little girl was happily sleeping away in the bassinette near them.

Topaz looked at the tonic in his hands and then at Fii as he was sitting beside her. She took it from him and sniffed it a bit. It had a familiarly sweet scent, of course it required Nocturne blossoms that only grew in her home, hence her kind‘s name… but they were indeed rare, blooming wildly only in very particular times and conditions… but here it seemed they could flourish under Fii‘s attentions. Even if it had smelled horrible, she knew she‘d drink it… for the baby. It was a concept she was still wrapping her mind around. She drank it and then placed the empty glass into his hand again. “Wasn‘t so bad…” she said quietly, her ears falling back a bit. She still had worries… fears… motherhood hadn‘t ever been something she thought about like other girls… Fii seemed positive that she would be good at it naturally, but she wouldn‘t really believe it until it happened. “You… been up long?”

“Morning,“ Eko returned when she finally woke. He watched her yawn and smiled. “Don’t feel rushed to get up… no reason we can’t just stay like this a little bit.. Or at least until our stomachs start rumbling.“

Tonka shook his head and chuffed at Suna a bit before he sauntered off back to his hut to cat nap for a bit after his morning with those girls, no doubt similar to his older brother’s plans.

Singo sighed and felt somewhat relieved when they left. He looked over at Suna and avoided smiling at her, but his eyes seemed to hold that hidden smile. He then moved over to the fire, putting more of the fish stew into a bowl and handing it to the cub sitting there, ruffling his hair a bit. “You need it so you can grow up big and strong and smack that tiger on the nose some day,“ he said about his brother.

Naiya tended to Breece. The kitten wasn’t all that demanding. All she wanted was a fresh diaper and a chance to nurse for a little bit. Of course, Kei was exhausted and still awake in the bed, probably unable to get up and yet probably unable to go back to sleep with Naiya off tending to Breece. After a little bit, though, Naiya came back in from the nursery, crawling into the bed and under the covers, snuggling back up to her husband. “She went right back out…” she murmured.

Bayla smiled a bit, her ears tipping back shyly when Sable assured her she only slept in the chair so Bayla could get her much needed rest. She then let her ears perk up when she asked about food. “Yeah… actually… I kinda am hungry,“ she admitted as she sat up a bit in the bed. “That’d be really nice of you, Sable. Thank you.“

“Shale…“ Maks moved to pull the girl in closer and gave her a gentle kiss. As much of a warrior the dhole was, he did grow up with all sisters, and so he had no qualms about being more in touch with his sensitive side, especially when it came to the girls in his life. “You being you is not going to hurt anyone. In fact, if there’s anything those girls probably could us… it’s a little bit of fun.“

Wynter curled up a bit before she slowly began to finally come around from her slumber, her tail wagging a bit, brushing against the front of Jarral’s body. She opened her eyes a bit, touching his wings some, pausing as she realized it wasn’t a blanket, but his wings… wrapped around her. She blushed a bit, even in her sleepy, heavy-lidded state.

Keelin tipped her head back a bit, her ears having twitched at the sound of his voice. She smield up at him all sleepy-eyed. “Morning..“ she returned softly. “YEah… it’s so different seeing it from here… I like it.“

Zyna could tell from the tension in his wing that it hurt, and her ears tucked back a bit. She didn‘t like to cause Syao pain, but it would have been worse without her help, and a lot of the current discomfort probably came from his attempts to free it himself without waking her. She finally got the last few feathers free from where they‘d become wedged. She sat down on the be bed beside him again, brushing her hand over his feathers lightly as though to smooth them out, but also because it tended to make his wing feel better when he did this other times. The pleasure of having his wings touched tended to cancel out the pain or redirect his nerves from pain to something more pleasant. “Do you feel better now, too?” she asked.

Jin smiled back. “Morning,“ she returned. She curled up into him a bit, resting her head on his chest as he asked about breakfast. “Hmmm… blueberry pancakes and syrup… with bacon, not sauage.“ She was pretty certain the smell of sausage would just destroy her appetite, and yet she was craving the salty bacon to balance the sweetness of the pancakes and the tartness of the blueberries.

“Ah, right… the Jai’Tav,“ Sylar said. It was similar to a crepe, but it had differences that were very specific to Elvish cooking. He touched the crystal to place the order, opting to get some for himself as well, and some light fruit ambrosia.

“Something kept waking me up, too, though I’m not quite sure what it was,“ Liam admitted. “Oh, Daire left a message for you last night. I saw it this morning. He proposed to Meeka and wishes to marry her. He was asking if you’d be interested in taking her to get a dress today. Sounds like something you would enjoy,“ he said with a smile, knowing he needed to try to get some sleep at some point today, too, with how rough his night had been. He didn’t want her wasting away her whole day keeping him company when odds were he’d end up napping. And she adored Meeka, so it made sense she enjoy herself helping out the mink.

Ashe smiled and cradled the fawn in her arms. “Hello, little girl,“ she said, getting an adorable little bleet from her. Ashe had been shown how to nurse them before Rumi brought her back to their suite, so she slipped her nightshirt down and let the fawn start to nurse, her doe ears flicking a bit initially as it would take some getting used to still. “You weren’t kidding when you said she was hungry,“ she said.

“You say that like it’s a punishment for me,“ Rostan mused. “I’ll keep you company as much as you want,“ he said, moving to sit on the bench near the tub and smiling at her. “Feels good to be in the water, hmm?“ he asked. “I’ll be right back. I just need to order myself some breakfast… left the crystal out there.” he said, being quick to go get it and place his order, coming back in to reclaim his spot. “You want anything?” he asked.

Tala yawned cutely and stretched some in his tail before pulling it around her more like it was a furry blanket for the petite girl. She hummed a happy little whine in her sleep, but it seemed she was slowly starting to wake, her sleep not as deep and her snuggling showing she was a bit restless. The sunlight coming it seemed to be telling her senses it was time to get up. Tonight Seimei would be reverting to his Human form, because of the full moon, but right now he still had his tail and she seemed so comfy in it.

Odette smirked and laid the menu on the table. She closed her eyes and set her finger down, opening them again and then nodding. “Well, looks like I’m trying the Fresc Ma Jior. Sounds good.“ The Setter wasn’t afraid of trying new things. If she didn’t like it, the kitchen staff was more than happy to bring something else for her to try, as she knew well. This little game just made it so much easier to choose. “Lance and I started playing that meal game when the new chef came around and started making all sorts of daily specials for everyone to pick from…“ she noted.

Spartan’s ears perked up at the words. She’d said them before and so had he, but… they still sounded like a dream when she said them. A dream come true. He smiled and gently rubbed his sleeping girlfriend’s back. “I love you too…“ he returned quietly, so as not the rouse her, but he could see her lashes fluttering against her cheeks and knew she’d wake soon enough.

Lassa smiled a bit when he asked how she felt. “Good,“ she said with a sleepy joy in her voice. “Hungry, though..“ she added. She then watched him curiously as he seemed to get lost starring at the lights in the walls, then speaking in his native tongues, sounding surprised. She wasn’t sure what he was saying or if it was good or bad. “Trilander?“ she asked.

Vespa listened as Haru explained where they were and how they’d gotten here. “Oh…“ she said quietly and then looked at him, holding her head a bit as he explained what exactly happened to her and why she was feeling so drained and under the weather. Vespa looked sad… “Haru? What was it like to have a real mother?“ she asked. Raiser had her just to use her, not to love her the way Lavender had clearly loved Haru and raised him to be this incredible person… Yes, Vespa was free from them now, but… she also felt an emptiness in the wake of it… like… she was suddenly an orphan, but the concept was beyond her as she didn’t really know what it was to be orphaned.

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